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Server Discussion / Re: Project Sunshine DDOS
Last post by Playtester - Mar 31, 2024, 04:06 PM
I saw it happening often when promising servers are opening. It's like a first test how well the owners are prepared to handle such situation.

In a way it's an honor, it means someone sees you as a threat.
Server Discussion / Re: Project Sunshine DDOS
Last post by Metan - Mar 31, 2024, 11:59 AM
Indeed. It doesn't automatically mean so and so server(s) are behind this; it could be one guy who hates the admin's guts, or people who felt like testing it and maybe have a giggle or just love spreading chaos...

Either way, getting DDoS on launch and apparently today still (site fails to load most of the time, the one time I was able to says Map Server is offline) sure raises an eyebrow.
Server Seeking / Re: Looking for New Adventure
Last post by NostalgiaRagnarokOnline - Mar 31, 2024, 10:42 AM
If you are looking for a better not better than another but will give you a good economy even a non-bias community try NostalgiaRO
Try Nostalgia Ragnarok Online, a Newly opened server that will give you a better Ragnarök experience.
Server Seeking / Re: LF lowrate with QOL, no va...
Last post by maxico - Mar 31, 2024, 04:12 AM
You should try HataNoKokoro RO (HataRO ^^)
the server is pre-ren server with exp rate x7, drop rate 35x, and mvp rate 10x.
the server is also only single client server with lots of costumes.

the GM is very friendly and listen so players inputs regrding the development of contents in server.
feel free to check out the server ^^
Server Discussion / Re: Project Sunshine DDOS
Last post by yC - Mar 30, 2024, 11:09 PM
First, I'll have to rename your topic so it wouldn't look like an advertisement.

For your question, sometimes DDOS doesn't have to do with what you do at all.  It could be IP history or someone find your server is vulnerable to attack, lack of protection becomes an easy target etc...

Server Discussion / Project Sunshine victim of DDO...
Last post by bigloss - Mar 30, 2024, 10:22 PM
Project Sunshine launched yesterday and has been plagued by DDoS attack. Which server owner is behind this? 🤔
RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: Aste Grf v2024
Last post by ragnarokallpro - Mar 30, 2024, 10:20 PM
the discord link is invalid. maybe you forgot to set it to no expiration but the GRF is great.
Server Seeking / Looking for semi low-mid rate
Last post by huwaat - Mar 29, 2024, 12:12 PM
30x to 200x
no nerf s*** (when you say x5 of drop on normal no adjustment of any sort to other normal drops, mvps should be x1 = .01 to cards or best disable or limited use)
plain original of almost everything (when there is Qol, do not add if you are just gonna nerf an item or skill)
no costumes (which is the reason i believe nerf happens - create costume out of original gear is fine)
hopefully have many people
no single client (minimum 2 client) - hoping to have restriction on multi clienting on high end mvp maps [Rise of Valhalla have successful done this]
2nd job if progressing to transcend (no 3rd or 4th job) - preferably trans server stuck on any episode with trans is ok
no custom items to very minimal custom item
with @autoloot and other usual commands from the old mid rates before the genZ era
active bg - I missed the old LuminaRO/NeuRO/WoonRO - though not mandatory, since i do not expect this anymore i cannot find any that isn't lagging on my side of the fence
i do not care if have or none (repeatable quests, mercenary)

Asia location player here. Thank you!
Mid Rates / Nostalgia Ragnarok Online - Mi...
Last post by NostalgiaRagnarokOnline - Mar 29, 2024, 07:41 AM
New Server will open later at 11:59PM

Basic Info:
Max base level: 175
Max Job level: 70
Based Exp: 30x
Job Exp: 30x
Drop rate: 3x
Weekend Double rates
MVP Card disabled and change to Sealed MVP cards
Max ASP: 193
Max Stats: 130
Max Zeny 2B

Server Features:
Homunculus AI Mode System
Mini Endless Tower
Devil Square
MVP Map = PK Enabled
Daily Login Rewards
Job Changer
Craft gear NPCs
PVP Mode with Dota announcements
Guild Storage System

Facebook Page:
Discord Server: