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Server Discussion / Re: RagnaHeim!?
Last post by 5PYNX - Nov 24, 2023, 03:26 AM
well its like 3 clients you can open. Aint got a notebook or something? :o
Long Lost Friends / Re: Anyone from EternityRO?
Last post by Sachimi - Nov 23, 2023, 09:49 PM
Quote from: Deviruchi on Nov 06, 2023, 02:07 PMSounds familiar, was he a bard that just spammed the freeze song? 🤣

Wish I could remember, but it's been such a long time. Damn near what, 13 years?
Server Discussion / Re: So, Novaro is gone. What n...
Last post by Sachimi - Nov 23, 2023, 09:37 PM
Quote from: 2k2 on Nov 04, 2023, 10:34 PMYou gave the perfect example of a server with such situation: TalonRO/Talon Tales; where both server owners (Seiren and Boreas) are dirty and corrupt as f***, getting exposed multiple times with their shady activities, protecting big donators, allowing a group to actively RMT, providing @item2 to this same group and trying to shutdown anyone talking or digging anything related to this. And just like you said, they're not good people either, they're both known for their toxicity, arrogance and passive-aggressiveness, all traits of narcissism. You can blame all this on casual players that just blindly ignore all this just to have a server they can call "home", despite knowing a lot of really bad things happens behind the scenes. Even worse when these blind casuals keeps donating to the corrupt narcissists. Seiren openly protected the biggest donator on Talon when he was caught using nodelay and banned dozens of players for exposing the videos and screenshots on discord (after being ignored on report tickets) just to not ban the cheater. The entire Talon community witnessed the drama at the time, the evidences (before their staff team desperately tried to erase everything), and still just shrugged it and continued to play like nothing happened and the staff was a bunch of good people. Threads were created on Reddit at the time exposing all the stuff regarding this and guess what? Seiren contacted the moderators of RO sub asking them to delete the threads to "protect their image" and the moderators obliged.

Receipts? I missed this drama.

Quote from: Playtester on Nov 05, 2023, 04:38 AMIt's not like no server owner was able to make a server with the structure of EternityRO anymore and more like there was simply not the community anymore to make such a server.

I'm pretty sure a lot of servers had corrupt owners who stole donations, but okay.

Quote from: 2k2 on Nov 10, 2023, 11:07 PMWake up. RO is not a job. Stop seeing this game with money eyes. This is the problem with greedy and corrupt admins like you, Seiren, Boreas, [ADM]Loki/GM Cronwell/Rebelo, Lord J, Cookie etc.

It takes as much time to do (as an admin or owner) as a real job. Sometimes more, depending on your level of involvement. When I was an admin on Eternity, I would spend an average of about 12-14 hours per day online doing my job. Granted, I was doing admin AND regular GM work due to someonewhoshallnotbenamed causing the staff to leave, but still. I was not paid, and didn't ask to be until the players themselves brought it up.
Server Discussion / Re: Project Alfheim is back
Last post by amoryblaine - Nov 23, 2023, 02:21 PM
Its a great server for people that aren`t just for the nostalgia trip and will leave in 1 month. There is an insane amount of content, giant new patch just dropped with another on the way. Server is in a the same spot of 200-300 players(+900 mercs) and would be great if it grew again.

I don`t even know what to say if you feel locked from the server because you cant speak on main before 50. Why do you even want to speak on main? And even a new player would reach 50 after a full day of playing... I dont even understand the criticism.

It`s grindy, but there is so much content and with options its not hard for an experienced RO player to buy cheap mid rolled gears and do most of the content with weeks of play.

I guess it does feel dead, specially at some times of the day. But there is always at least 1 pub party recruiting at all times. When you get to know the people that make part of this small comunity you realize it is not so dead after all.

I hope more people give alfheim a chance!
Server Discussion / Re: RagnaHeim!?
Last post by iixe - Nov 23, 2023, 03:31 AM
Would test it if that client limitation bs wouldnt be there. Fck that
Server Discussion / Re: RagnaHeim!?
Last post by charlielovesu - Nov 22, 2023, 08:15 AM
I can't put my finger on it, but it feels really familiar.
Server Discussion / RagnaHeim!?
Last post by 5PYNX - Nov 22, 2023, 07:19 AM
So what are your thoughts about this server? Wondering why there isnt any topic about it at all. Would like to read some commends and options about the quality. I play there for around a month right now.  /ok
Low Rates / AdamantRO (Pre-Renewal 15x 15x...
Last post by fernandfermin2023 - Nov 21, 2023, 07:37 AM
Hello Ragnarok Players!

Are you looking for a long term Ragnarok Online Server that provides an enjoyable, hassle-free gaming experience? Look no further - our server is the perfect option! Our server offers a unique features, low latency connection, stable game environment, and active support team. We also offer frequent updates and special events to keep the game fresh and exciting. Join us today to experience all the fun of Ragnarok Online with none of the hassle!

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■ Drop Rates: 10x
■ Mvp Cards: 2x

======Server Information======
■ Episode 12 - Destruction of Morroc
■ Pre-Renewal
■ Max Level: 99/70
■ Instant Cast: 150
■ Maximum ASPD: 190
■ 2-2 Transcended Classes
■ Guild Capacity: 36
■ Party Capacity: 16

======Server Features======
■ Healer and Warper NPC
■ Job Change NPC
■ VIP System
■ Card Exchanger
■ Glamour NPC
■ Quest/Headgears NPC
■ Fishing System
■ Special Tool Dealer

======Game and Host======
■ Host Location: California
■ Dual Client: Enabled
■ Platform: PC
■ Adelay System Protected
■ Gepard Shield Protected

Server Seeking / Re: LF Server MR to SHR
Last post by jericpo - Nov 21, 2023, 06:13 AM
Hello there, you might want to try our server!

/no1 We are a high rate server that recently launched last April 2023
/no1 We have daily wars except on Wednesdays!
/no1 We have customized dungeons that you can only see on our server!

If you are interested, here's our full details:

Staff Edit: Link to advertisement only, do not copy and paste.
Rant and Rave / Re: Re: Apparently Orn (Projec...
Last post by yC - Nov 20, 2023, 05:49 PM
Cleaned up the topic a bit.  Bringing back admornstein's response to the situation by merging the post he made yesterday in the original topic into this topic.  This is only fair for everyone to get to read both sides of the story.

Regardless of the timestamp on posts, the first post is the response to the second post.

This is what we get when someone with no credibility, with half a dozen banned RMS forum accounts, bypass the forum rules once again to post his revenge on yet another server.

Then someone want to continue the story and repost the same thing.  Since we got a response from the person on the other side of the story, that shows the story isn't completely made-up so we let the topic stays.  As always, we let the reader decide and make their own judgement after reading both sides of the story.

StrawberryBagels is just a tool in this case.  The whole purpose of the account was created to repost.

The topic will be locked for the reasons below:

1. The original poster of this story = Gangztaparadise = Kushiro = Gekkot = many other alts in the trash.  So, consider the OP is gone.

2. The continuation of this topic will only turn into internet bullying as more people dig and dig deeper then add their own imagination to create stories for our readers.  For example (post removed), claiming someone is active in certain reddit groups with controversial content without actually showing what was posted is an attempt to paint a picture for imagination.  The structural nature and intention is questionable.  We do not encourage stalking into someone's life and openly comment on it.

This is as far as the topic can go, the whole story is there nothing more nothing less.  For everything else, it is internet bullying, harassment and stalking someone in public.

Our global rules do not allow this:

Internet bullying, stalking and threatening is not allowed.  Discussion promoting such activities will be removed.