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Low Rates / Legacy Classic - Classic 3x/3x...
Last post by cc.legacyragnarok - Apr 24, 2024, 06:24 AM

General Information
  🔹 Max Lv: 99/50
  🔹 Episode: 6.2 Ayothaya
  🔹 Rates: 3x/3x
  🔹 Card Drop: Normal: 0.03% - Bosses: 0.01%
  🔹 MvP Drop: 1x

🌐 **Website:** Legacy Classic Server
💬 **Discord:** Join us on Discord]
📝 **Register:** Create an Account
📘 **Facebook Page:** Check out our Facebook Page

Technical Information
  🔹 Server Location: Singapore[Main], London[Proxy], California[Proxy]
  🔹 Security: Gepard Shield 3.0
  🔹 International Community: English main language
  🔹 Party Cap: 15 members
  🔹 Party Share Level: Until 20 Level Gap

Server Features
  🔹 Party System:
      Party can get levels now. Levels can earn you points. Points can be used for buffs/utilities for the party.
  🔹 Accrual System:
      Some players are not that active and can be hard to catch up. With this, you get doubled exp for a certain amount daily.
  🔹 Nightmare Maps:
      There are maps that have stronger monsters than usual and unique items are dropped here. Are you up to the challenge?
  🔹 Hourly System:
      Rewards players' activity by giving points every 60 minutes and using them to buy consumables.
  🔹 Skill Balancing:
      Skill balancing is done every update so that there will be balance. It is also for players to be more creative on their builds.
  🔹 World Building:
      The actions of the community within our events affect future updates that are related to our custom sidestory.
  🔹 Adventurer's Tavern:
      Adventurer's Tavern comes along with monster, item, urgent, and promotion quests. You can be a ranker whatever your job is and can yield Adventurer Points. These can be used for variety of items and perks.

🔹🔹🔹🔹Recent Updates since Launch 🔹🔹🔹🔹
The server population is low but hopefully it will flourish again! See you in the server~
High Rate / StreamsideRO | Pre-renewal | 2...
Last post by Seiko - Apr 23, 2024, 07:01 AM
Join The Community:



✅BASE EXP: 8000
✅JOB EXP: 8000

✅BASE LVL: 255
✅JOB LVL: 120

✅MAX ASPD: 196

Server Discussion / 500/120 SHR SERVER
Last post by Weezyyy - Apr 22, 2024, 05:15 PM
Anyone up to make a 500/120 shr server (pre-renewal)? for these past few months all I see are 255/100 250/120 255/70 etc...
how about we bring back the 500/120 shr [2slots/4slots] no macro no auto farm no auto attack no ygg/heal just a pure roleplay/pvp server without it being too much customized except for custom headgears
Server Seeking / Re: I'm looking for a new way ...
Last post by Mal99 - Apr 21, 2024, 05:15 PM
@ TriStar

Honestly I have the same mind set RO is getting stale and I feel it needs a new way to bring a breath of fresh air to the game.

Forger and Brewer being a quest only idea with benefits sounds interesting but it needs discussions because most people are uninterested in complexity.

I feel every classes potential has been halted and removed for unknown reasons while others have been changed to something foreign for example Knight or the Rouge classes.

Some feel unfinished and a lot just underpowered with no explanation.

Enhancement with discussions with ideas the game provides already would be far more realistic to implement as people would be more interested in making an opinion on what it would affect especially how this game relies on the community.

Universal changes would be easier imo if it would help those who start Ragnarok Online rather than cater to the experienced as it's focused on making change slowly and more acceptable.

Imo the Game is fine it just needs adjustments that suits everyones needs in a way they can be happy and if not discussions could vary as it would make more sense to be benevolent in itself not just to force instead.

This is more of a rant lol sorry but you peeked my interest.
Long Lost Friends / Re: Anyone from EternityRO?
Last post by Lunalepsy - Apr 21, 2024, 09:18 AM
Quote from: Ty on Mar 25, 2024, 03:25 AMHoly s***, its been what, a whole 17-18yrs? cant believe I could find eternityRO nostalgia here.

Was a wiz & bard for Power & Benriya guild if not mistaken, was a noob supporting char, but i really enjoyed the international community in the server. Made tons of in game long lost international friends too, all the way from SouthEastAsia to US,UK Europe, Aussie etc2.

Could spend tons of hours idle chatting in Prontera/geffen/aldebaran with strangers/parties/guild. Missed the crazy big parties spamming in glastheim majorurous farmin. Enjoyed watching Epic guild showdown between NaBz, Gold Saints, BerZerker, and etc2, post PVP sessions and all the guild drama, pride, flaming and s***.

Can't believe there's still a forum discussing this and happen to google it.

Just started in UaRO recently, feeling all the nostalgia from days past. Although, couldnt find such great, helpful and friendly community from back then. =')

Despite the server closing after so long, it was a really fun and happy server, great childhood memories too. Just wanna say, am Thankful for all the GM's and the great community in EternityRO!!


I feel the same way. Good times!
Low Rates / Yggdrasil Ragnarok Online (x12...
Last post by elayneygg - Apr 20, 2024, 07:41 AM

Yggdrasil Ragnarok Online es un servidor de RO que data desde el 2009 y que tuvo años de duración. En esta ocasión nos volvemos a embarcar en esta aventura con todos ustedes para que revivan esta experiencia de Ragnarok Online.

Ahora mismo nos encontramos desde el Viernes 19/04/2024 en modo Beta, donde solo unos pocos seleccionados de los mas de 50 postulantes están probando y disfrutando nuestro contenido dándonos grandes criticas positivas. El proyecto se lanzara de manera oficial en el mes de Mayo, sin día confirmado aun, ya que dependemos de la finalización de la misma Beta.

El objetivo de YggdrasilRO es y siempre sera, dar un low rate con el mayor numero de facilidades sin perder su esencia. En el staff de YggdrasilRO comprendemos perfectamente cual es el publico de hoy dia del RO y cuales son sus tiempos y ocupaciones. Queremos brindarte la mejor de las experiencias siempre que nos des la oportunidad  /lv .

Nuestra web:
Nuestro Discord:

La información de nuestro servidor aqui  /ok
Server Reviews / Re: Returner's Appreciation
Last post by PLVgg - Apr 19, 2024, 10:19 PM
Low Rates / ~WorldRo~ 10X-10X-10X (Floatin...
Last post by AnonMan - Apr 18, 2024, 02:55 PM
WorldRO is a fairly new low-rate server that has been up since December 2023. Quality of life is the name of the game here with plenty of helpful NPCs and systems to help you get that dream build and easygoing play style that you always wanted. Some of the features include:

  • Floating rates that start at 10X and change every 6 hours to a max of 15X. Rates are always 15X on the weekends.
  • Stat and skill resetting with the ability to save stat sets for quick swapping.
  • TONS of quality of life NPCs including healers that Bless, Improve AGI, and identify all with a single click. Not to mention card recycling, warper, quest headgear, multi-refiner and many more.
  • Infinite ammo! No more running back for more or worrying about weight! Just equip one single piece and go crazy!
  • Tool dealer with gym passes, enchant scrolls, field manuals, and bubblegum for all your hunting needs.
  • Automated events every hour and hourly rewards for being logged in.
  • No botting or dual client allowed.
  • So much more than I can mention!

There is a cash shop but it only includes costumes, refined Ori/Elu (which you can get from hourly rewards), some pet tames, and other things that aren't overpowered.

If that doesn't convince you, then let me tell you about the community. I haven't met a single person who wasn't willing to help out new players or anyone in general. Everyone tries to be friendly and make it a welcoming place so you can reach your goals. Come and see what we are about!

Guides / Re: Fast DirectX 9 lib for lap...
Last post by Esperite - Apr 16, 2024, 01:13 PM
Looks nice and looking forward to trying this when I get my new 3k laptop. Has anyone else used it yet?
Server Seeking / Re: I'm looking for a new way ...
Last post by Blinzer - Apr 16, 2024, 03:53 AM
DM me on discord.