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Sprite & Modification Help / ESMA SPRITE EDITING
Last post by nathanmarq - Jun 07, 2024, 10:41 AM
as the title says, i need to find esma animation to turn them less annoying on WoE.

thanks in advance.
Server Reviews / Re: Talon Tales of Honesty
Last post by Felione - Jun 07, 2024, 09:02 AM
Very accurate review, and really hasn't changed since I left the server. GMs still not listening to players, vets are still toxic in discord, weird decision making based on NO ONE's opinion, it's like I never left. The grind seems infinite, and the issue with the grind is now worse, because they nerfed drops, so they're really trying to push their donation items. You forgot to mention that it's quite difficult to earn the zenny necessary to acquire the gear, to get started with the infinite grind. It's all just one big disaster which hasn't changed since I left. For anyone looking for a server with pre renewal mechanics, look elsewhere. It's just awful, and I wasted so many years convincing people to stay and making them feel at home. Not worth your time, wasn't worth mine.

One other thing: For the longest time, they created a hierarchy of players, who named their price to run you through end game instances, so you can acquire your SQI. They then made it harder, so that the people who did obtain their SQI, were the only ones who can get through the instances. It's insane how they actually listened to like 10 people on discord, and thought - yes, isolating the majority of new players is a good idea, and appeasing those who have almost everything to stay, is the right choice. Unbelievable.
Server Discussion / Re: Who is DDoSSing EvolveRO: ...
Last post by Anatoly - Jun 06, 2024, 03:47 PM
Oh someone still living in past! cant remember that anymore!  /ok

Server Discussion / Re: Who is DDoSSing EvolveRO: ...
Last post by mrfizi - Jun 06, 2024, 12:19 PM
2024 still playing with DDoS?  /hmm  /swt
Server Discussion / Re: Who is DDoSSing EvolveRO: ...
Last post by Herpderp - Jun 06, 2024, 11:32 AM
Maybe the same guy who DDOS'd the first EvolveRO years ago?  /hmm
Unlikely though. My guess is someone bearing a grudge because the Admin was totally corrupt and @item MVP cards on the first evolveRO.  /heh
Server Seeking / Re: LF lowrate (3/3/3 - 10/10...
Last post by duduu - Jun 04, 2024, 03:26 PM
I'm currently playing on Project Sunshine and I'm having a lot of fun. There's always leveling parties so level wont be a problem
Low Rates / Adventures RO | 2 1/2 years on...
Last post by AdventuresRO - Jun 04, 2024, 01:29 PM

/no1 Promotional Video: Youtube

Adventures Ragnarök Online proposes to combine the nostalgia that we all feel when remembering our past adventures with the adrenaline rush of discovering a new way to play. Although we take the base of official servers we have customized some aspects, adding new features and modifying some others, as well as rebalanced features that we felt were outdated for the current gameplay or that would greatly shorten the life of the average player.

▪ Open since: 11/26/21
▪ Server Language: International
▪ System: Pre-Renewal with adapted Renewal content
▪ Current Episode: 13.3 ~ El Dicastes + Biolab F4/Byalan F6
▪ Rates: 10x/10x/10x > Floating Rates Weekends: 12x/12x/10x
▪ Cards Drop: Normal: 0.10% / MVPs & Mini Bosses: 0.01%
▪ Quest Rates: x5
▪ Quests repeatable: Enabled

▪ Instant Cast: 150 DEX
▪ Max ASPD: 190
▪ Max Level: 99/50 (2nd classes) ~ 99/70 (rebirth/expanded)
▪ Max Stats Points: 99
▪ Multi Client: 3 accounts
▪ Multi Level: 3 levels
▪ Party Cap: 16 players
▪ Party Share Limit: 15 levels
▪ Guild Cap (WoE): 12/16 players

▪ Emulator: rAthena
▪ Language: English
▪ Support: English, Spanish
▪ Host: Localed in EE.UU.
▪ Proxys: Autoproxy for all continents/regions
▪ Protection Anti-Cheat: Gepard Shield 3.0 / Hard delay applied

▪ QoL Features:
▪ DB Hocus and Cultivation Rooms
▪ Cash/Kafra Shop Tier S Headgears
▪ MVP Competence: Free for all
▪ Additional MVP Instance System
▪ Stylist: All official kRO styles + 1000 custom colors/styles
▪ Healer NPC: Implemented
▪ Episode Progression: It will advance sporadically adapting content from Renewal to Pre-Renewal System
▪ PvP Room
▪ Reset Stats/Skills NPC
▪ Reset Stats/Skills Potions
▪ Daily & Bounty Missions System
▪ Mentor Help System
▪ Automatic Events System
▪ Gachapon Machine Rewards
▪ Achievement System
▪ Random Options System
▪ Reward for hours played
▪ RMT Coins Transaction System
▪ Warper NPC (Discovery System)
▪ WoE & Battelgrounds with exclusive Rewards
▪ Latest official costume sprites and lot of high quality custom gears from popular anime and videogames
▪ Adaptation of skills to the Random Options meta
▪ Adaptation of repeatable Item quests to the amount of 50 in all cases

▪ Facebook:
▪ Instagram:
▪ Youtube:

▪ War of Emperium First Edition: Enabled
▪ War of Emperium Second Edition: Enabled
▪ WoE Guild Cap: 12 for 1.0 / 16 for 2.0
▪ Party Cap: 16
▪ Alliances: disabled
▪ Secondary Guilds (MB/Provoke/SS/Etc.): disabled
▪ Multi Client: disabled inside WoE Castles or BG

▪ Website:
▪ Discord Community:
Server Reviews / Talon Tales of Honesty
Last post by Ravenblade - Jun 04, 2024, 11:03 AM
Hello RMS! Hope this post don't get deleted as this is an eye-opener for everyone who is looking for a server to stay with a very good community, friendly GMs and actually a well maintained server.

So without all of those dramatic introduction, let's go ahead and drop our honest review about Talon Tales (a.k.a Talon RO).

To start off, I've been playing this game since 2016. Been on and off to the server and with that you can tell that I've loved the server because of its unique SQIs (Super Quest Items - a custom feature of the server) and PvM Instances like Ancient Tower, Game Master Challenges, Mystic Tower, Distortion Tower, Battle of the Nine Instances and many more custom PvM Instances. There's nothing I can say regarding all of these custom features. All regards to the efforts of the GMs who made this all possible. Which what made us all stay and play the game with our own group of friends up to this point.

Early Game

When I started playing this game, it was a disaster as a newbie to the point that I wanted to quit already after a few months because of how hard the grind is from going to level up your characters, slaves, and to endlessly grinding zeny for your gear progression not knowing that all zeny grinding spots are nerfed in drops (Gefenia for Mastela and Rings, Mavka and Iaras for Crystal Mirrors and Witherless Roses). They say the Eden Headquarters are there to help you in your progress, sure, but it was not really enough. But hey, I managed to endure all of those because I was able to join a group of people which helped me progress a lot in terms of how I should play the game as a newbie. With that experience from 2016, and comparing it now, 2024, and nothing had changed, I can say that it's not really newbie friendly especially all active players now are all fellow Veteran Players who are already in the End Game. If you play as a Newbie here in this game, you will most likely solo everything which is still doable but depends on your patience. It will be very hard for your to look for a leveling party to build up your character and etc. A GM is already working on revamping the Eden Headquarters and we have no idea on how they are going to revamp it in order for it to be more newbie friendly? Or we don't know what their goal is. But isn't it too late?

Mid Game

I think this is the point where all new player just simply quit the game. Why? Because of endless zeny farming. And remember, zeny farming spots are nerfed. So after struggling already in the early game because of how grindy the character leveling is, next stop is to grind for zeny like there's no tomorrow. There are a few mini games that you can join like Bingo, Monster Race or you can even join Game Master Challenge Instance just to earn 100 Talon Cash (roughly equivalent to around 1.1m-1.3m atm) which I also doubt if a party will allow a newbie to play with them. Luckily again for me, I have a group which helped me progress with this. But as a solo gamer, you will just end up farming zeny endlessly until you'll be able to get your SQIs which costs around 90mil for Sleipnir and around 150-250m for your SQI Weapons. Mid game stage is where you question yourself if is it worth it to continue playing or not? If you are playing with your friends, you are very lucky. But as a solo player, it's miserable. Again, it depends on your patience. Most people doesn't like grinding anymore in 2024. So far, this is all I can say.

End Game

Current state of the game, STAGNANT. Once you reach End Game, all you just do is repetitive instances, daily betty (Alternative to voting system) and just farming randomly in maps. You can farm raw zeny in nerfed maps, sqi ingredients, farm instances, farm in yearly events (Summer Race, Halloween, Christmas, and etc), all the same and nothing really new since I've started playing the game. BoTN (Battle of the Nine) Instance is slowly dying as of the moment because of GM Lance not showing as a GM anymore or who knows if he already quitted as well. They recently just added their own version of the famous Old Glast Heim instance but it's focused on the Melee Classes to complete the Instance (especially, Route 2, which is more rewarding) - We will talk more about this in the game balancing section below.

So as a Veteran Player, I just log in to the game to do the Daily Betty and just do AT/MT/OGH Instances and nothing more. Sadly, there's nothing more for me to do. Sometimes I do sqi ingredients farming but it bores me a lot already. It's been almost a year since our last BoTN. That instance reunites players/friends and we are really looking forward to it but sadly I think it will not happen again anytime soon.

WoE/PvP/BG Scene

WoE here is dead at the moment. PvP sometimes is active when players do talk trash to each other, they tend to settle it in PvP. BG sometimes is active but most of the time dead as well. With WoE, they introduced a Siege Coin rewarding System which will reward winning guilds - castle takers for Siege Coins where you can buy useful items for WoE, BG or PvP. Sadly, it was abused by players but can you really blame players for abusing it? I mean, this is the product of a bad system. Players got banned because of this but I think GMs are unbanning them after taking back the illegitimate coins they got from abusing the system. For me it's a waste of time. Just completely remove the reward system or just disable WoE in the server.

BG in the server has a very good game modes but there's 1 game mode that kills BG sometimes which is the Triple Inferno. I think BG players already suggested it for removal before but I'm not sure why it's not being implemented. There are custom BG Gears which I think did not get thoroughly tested before coming out into the live server. A custom BG set which allowed people to go max range reduction gears which made some classes unkillable. Then later on, released a shield that furtherly reduced the damage of Asura Strike (Which already has 8secs cooldown in this game by the way). For me, it's not really balanced at all. And I think whoever the GM that mainly does the WoE/PvP/BG side is not really fit. It clearly shows his/her lack of knowledge about the said area.

Since WoE is dead, sometimes the WoE community who loves WoE just organize a Draft WoE. This community event is not supported by GMs at all. I've been part of the Draft WoE once but did not do it the second time around because during the Draft WoE event, the WoE-GM a.k.a GM Blackstar sneaked out and broke the Emperium during GvG of Draft WoE Guilds using his player account for no good reason. See screenshot below:

I mean, the WoE community is trying hard to revive WoE in the Server which has a lot of participants and has been very good during 2018ish but then again it was just ruined by a GM. Though, they still managed to create another Draft WoE the following months but did not care to join at all already.

General Community and Game Balancing

Generally, community is very friendly. They are very helpful with newbies but we can't really control those people who loves to troll sometimes. Part of the game.

Discord server can be toxic sometimes. As for the current state of the game, a lot of veterans are already complaining about on how stagnant the server is. Voicing out their frustrations to the point where GMs tend to kick them out of the discord server for good if they do it over and over again. I mean, if they can't take criticisms, what's the point of player's pov in making the server great again?

From my observation, these frustrated vets are high end players which doesn't like the idea of how the game is being balanced by the GMs. They feel like their point is not being taken into consideration. Because it's obvious that these GMs are favoring a certain class to shine right now, namely Assassin Cross Class which happen to be the favorite class of the GM I mentioned above. Coincedence? It's up for you to judge. Though that BSGM defended that it was a "Team Decision", I'm not really sure as well how Seiren approved all of those changes.

PvP or PvE, SinXs are OP classes as of the moment in Talon Tales. Having a "thanatos effect" in Soul Breaker skill in PVP for the Twin Fang is a disaster. Reported a lot already but still no action. And OGH Hard Instances dominated by the SinX class as well by melting the MvP (Himmelmez) to cancel out mechanics. No party in the game finished OGH Hard Route 2 EASILY without using SinX classes. This has been discussed over and over and over again in the Discord Channel, but I never see any solution to it. Though they always defend that SinX didn't do a thing in the past especially in Instances (AT, or GMC or other instances) because of its nature as a melee character, for me the one to be blamed should be themselves because they created these instance to run in a range setups.

As for game balancing, it's always a hot topic in their discord server. People tend to attack each other already because of how stupid sometimes their ideas. And sometimes, these people who suggest stupid ideas are the one being taken consideration by GMs. (Don't lie if ever you are reading this GMs of Talon Tales) . I remember a certain individual before who doesn't really play the game or just plays casually, suggested def decay and it got implemented, same with the flee decay. There are many more to mention but I just narrowed it down to the dumbest one.

A lot of nerfs happened because according to Seiren, everyone became OP when they introduced the new SQI bonuses. Nerf is not always the solution. Though we understand you are trying to balance the game but why not just make the environment more challenging instead of nerfing classes, sqis or builds? I mean, nerfs will blow people away or make them quit after investing a lot in their gears. Just make instances, monsters or use renewal maps and balance it to pre-renewal environment. Everyone will be happy.


Talon Tales has a very good potential to still be one of the best servers out there. 15 years without a wipe with a consistently good host though population is already decreasing due to server being stagnant. And sometimes, again, stupid patches and poor decision making by the management or whoever owns the Server (Not only in what needs to get implemented in the game but also people around your so called group of friends who help you manage the server). A lot of my friends already quitted the game and I guess soon I will leave the server too.

The server is lacking a dedicated developer who can actually get things done. As mentioned by Seiren, he really cannot put more time on the project anymore because of irl priorities. So I guess it's time to hire real devs out there because frankly your current developers are not really good.

Also a very good consideration to take into is to hire someone that will tell you what's wrong and not just someone who will blindly just say "YES" to everything you want. This way, they can tell you what's wrong with the server and let you think outside the box.

Hopefully we can see a new episode on the server. Though I already know that the next episode is renewal-ish. Just balance it to match the pre-renawal trans setup that you have on the server. Hoping this will bring people back.

A long review. But thanks for reading.
Any violent reactions from GM Puppets? I know who you guys are. I will not waste my time replying.
Server Discussion / Re: Who is DDoSSing EvolveRO: ...
Last post by Stunsi - Jun 03, 2024, 04:42 PM
Hey, dont worry. This stuff can happen when a new server is becoming popular. Most big servers have experienced this multiple times. Server seems to run good DDOS protection, so i would say just hang in there. The owner of evolve seems like he has a great understanding on it too. Remember, a lot of DDOS attacks want you to get fed up and leave, so don't let it get to you <3