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Server Seeking / Re: Oldschool
Last post by hellomynameis - Jul 08, 2024, 08:18 PM
When I checked the skills section from their discord months ago, I noticed too many changes or differences for my liking.
Some of the skills were referenced to Kokotewa's database and how the Yanisro versions would be, not based on what they were like from official RO.
So no, skills from Yanisro is not without changes or nerfs.
Server Seeking / Re: Oldschool
Last post by distilled1 - Jul 08, 2024, 07:51 PM
Quote from: FishCrackers on Jul 08, 2024, 08:53 AMIm looking for a server with less or no custom stuffs and maps. Just pure ragnarok experience.
Me too.
I'm trying out this server called YanisRO someone else mentioned. Even though it's still in Beta and likely doesn't have a good population yet, at least the beta characters won't be wiped once it's out of beta, and at least there is nothing custom about it which I can't say for any other pre-renewal servers.

Based in Germany though, so might not be great latency for North American players.
I got 170ms ping playing from Western Canada. Not terrible.

If you want your FPS limited with the in-game !vsync option, just make sure you've gone into the setup.exe and unchecked this "Free CPU" setting, or else you'll be playing with the maximum FPS your graphics card is capable of, potentially overheating and exhausting your GPU.

Don't forget your /skip command after enabling !vsync to turn off silly frame-skipping.

Discord: Wh83csVy
Server Seeking / Oldschool
Last post by FishCrackers - Jul 08, 2024, 08:53 AM
Im looking for a server with less or no custom stuffs and maps. Just pure ragnarok experience. Renewal or pre is fine, mid or high rate might be good or low with great pops. UARO is great but life is hard qwq
Server Discussion / Re: Return to Morroc being mad...
Last post by gabreilla59 - Jul 08, 2024, 02:34 AM
Hey there /ok
Your dedication is inspiring, and I'm excited to explore the world you've created. Best of luck with your future projects, and thanks again for this generous gift. /no1
General Discussion / Re: About real money trading (...
Last post by naturall - Jul 08, 2024, 01:18 AM
enable rtm > generate items with gm commands > @kami/@b or another similar announcing the drop of an mvp card (optional) > sell them with a user account through rtm.

before, these types of deals were made through administrators and strong donors. i remember receiving offers from people from Arab countries to have access to items that were not on the donation list.

it can now be done openly through a users account.
General Discussion / Re: Autoattack or BotOn system
Last post by distilled1 - Jul 06, 2024, 08:34 PM
Quote from: orochimakoto on Jul 06, 2024, 07:34 PMThose who "no-life" Ragnarok Online before now have families and jobs, but sometimes wants to have that ragnarok fix

That's the only reasonable defense I can imagine for the attack-botting feature, but in my opinion, a better solution for players with limited time to grind levels and items is to simply play on a server with high exp rates (instant level 99 if you have that little time) and a server with higher drop rates.
That way you're not filling your server with "false characters", by which I mean you won't get a false sense of community and population where 90% of characters you see aren't players you can talk to, or play with, defeating the purpose of a multi-player online game.

Either way, at the end of the day, you didn't earn that level 99 character, or those drops your character now has. You didn't put in the effort to get those things. A program did, and just like no one is impressed by a player who got to level 99 at 10000% exp rates, no one is going to be impressed with your botted character.
Botting is almost always the worst potential solution or idea in online gaming.
General Discussion / Re: Autoattack or BotOn system
Last post by orochimakoto - Jul 06, 2024, 07:34 PM
It really depends on the person, to each their own as they say.

Personally, I like this auto attack feature. Those who "no-life" Ragnarok Online before now have families and jobs, but sometimes wants to have that ragnarok fix if you know what I mean... It just helps ease things up I guess.
Server Seeking / Re: LF > Newly Opened Server -...
Last post by v1c - Jul 06, 2024, 01:39 PM
Thank you, Distilled1. Downloaded and trying now in-game.
Low Rates / Classic mRO 1x/1x/1x
Last post by mrfizi - Jul 05, 2024, 04:37 PM

Soft Launch: July 5, 2024

Episode 6, Global Project (Amatsu, Kunlun/Gonryun)

Experience the real classic MMORPG!
Classic mRO aims to be a stable classic official-like server to play and stay.

- Main Website
- Discord Server

Emulator: Latest rAthena without modifications. (update every week)

Please read the SERVER RULES before playing!

⛔NO Autoloot/Warper/Job Changer/Healer/BG
⛔NO Stats/Skills Reset (unlimited skill reset until Base Level 40)
⛔NO Freebies/Guild Pack

✅But we allowed a dual-client maximum for everyone.

Server Rate
1x / 1x / 1x

Server Information
Server Episode: Ep 6, Global Project (Amatsu, Kunlun/Gonryun)
Available Classes: Classic 2-1, 2-2 (No Rebirth/Trans Classes)
Max level: 99/50
Max ASPD: 190
Instant Cast: 150 DEX

Server Specifics
Emulator: rAthena
Server Time: GMT+8
Anti-Cheat: Gepard Shield 3.0
Multi-Client: 2

QuoteBuild for the hardcore adventurers and for those who really love the real classic, official-like experience.
Server Seeking / Re: LF > Newly Opened Server -...
Last post by distilled1 - Jul 05, 2024, 02:18 PM
Quote from: OldPoring on Jul 05, 2024, 06:23 AMYou probably even believe in a love marriage with Soullinker :D
(I'm talking about Ragnagoats, Soullinkers on the server with denied multi client is a bad idea)

A simple example. The cheater plays in 2 windows, on the second window there is an Acolyte or/and Soullinker in virtual machine with VPN, IP is different. Standing in the town near Kafra.
Then - cast, heal, warp - repeat. Very effective
What can you claim? Players play as they want, they don't have to run after each other. You can't force them to do it. You can't prove anything. Cheater can even organize a Guild and accept all your slaves into it.

While this is technically possible, it's very unlikely to happen on a server like Ragnagoats because:
A) Most people don't bother purchasing multiple VPNs or IP addresses with vitual or multiple machines just to play a game like RO.
B) Most people who are interested in multi-clienting don't decide to play on single-client servers in the first place.
C) It's only a matter of time before a player gets caught multi-clienting because other players and staff of Ragnagoats can see this type of player behavior, and if it's suspicious or resembles multi-clienting enough, there will be a ban after the investigation.

Anyways, I hope OP has a good time where ever he or she decides to play. Ragnagoats is my recommendation, but even servers that put in the bare minimum and simply disable one IP opening multiple clients at the same time are going to be more enjoyable and fair for single-client players than servers which allow unrestricted, multiple clients.