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Server Seeking / Re: Returning Player With Very...
Last post by Mrkirka - Feb 23, 2024, 01:27 AM
So Payon Stories is writing 1x1x1x rates but its actually more, you can get lvl 75+ in 2 days easy lol.
Solo or in a party. The community is one of a kind, its very newbie friendly.

Its not filled with Custom or overwhelming stuff, just the basic - pure - RO experience.
Its a grind, but nothing compared to real 1x Server.

Very active bot checking on the server by GMs, no dual client allowed, also 0,0 donations.
I can understand that you say highrates are nice, but trust me i played 10 years on mid and highrate servers,
and Payon Stories / or lowrates can provide as much as fun, id say- even more fun- then midrate servers.

There are some little nice mechanics that let you enjoy it, without the need of getting 10 Cards in a day.

Quote from: ForgotMyOldAccount on Feb 19, 2024, 07:26 PMAs much as I love 1x rates, I agree with you that 1x rates are for nerds. A casual, newbie player like described in OP will most likely quit very quickly unless there's a large social aspect. Which, frankly, there isn't, considering how low pop all the servers are these days.
"will most likely quit very quickly unless there's a large social aspect."

On lowrate servers it all is about the social aspect.

I wish you all good drops! Cya
Server Seeking / Re: LF modern, social, and sen...
Last post by Mrkirka - Feb 23, 2024, 01:21 AM
Hey there,
Payon Stories is a lowrate server with costum rates. They are writing 1x rates but its more like 2,3rates.
Weekly custom events not by NPC, no Healer/buffer.
They dont have a Quest Board NPC yet but the server is stable, online over 1 year, 120 active players at all time, 300-350 with vendors.
Next WoE Season starting soon. The Server is very newbie friendly, the community is one of a kind.
Next updates will be Ninja/Gunslinger classes, also a little Buff in Assassin class.
Transclasses will also release this year, I think the Server has a lot ot potential, but its lacking some players.

There are some custom dungeons, some skills have been buffed to increase QoL, but its all balanced and the
Staff is doing a good job listening to the community.

Join PS (Payon Stories) now :-)
Server Seeking / Re: LF modern, social, and sen...
Last post by iixe - Feb 22, 2024, 09:19 PM
While i agree this is still a server search request and not basic discussion thread if his demands make any sense.
He will probably understand that lowrate servers with 1 client and no qol npcs have no interest in modding skills if he digs a little deeper. The common 2-3 may reply such as ragnagoats and he has to pick his poison.
Imagine successful social events AND tournaments on the same server these days..
Server Seeking / Re: LF lowrate with QOL, no va...
Last post by Blinzer - Feb 22, 2024, 07:21 PM
dm me for an interview.
Sprite & Modification Help / Re: Change Potion Effect
Last post by Blinzer - Feb 22, 2024, 06:44 PM
that's gonna be a yikes from me

i'm not even sure if it's possible, but maybe if you invert the names of the effects in your grf it'll do it for every item that uses those effects. if that doesn't work, you're gonna need someone better than me to help you. i only know how to add effects, not remove them.
General Discussion / Re: Ragnarok Online as a singl...
Last post by Blinzer - Feb 22, 2024, 06:18 PM
i'll just talk from a vanilla pre-re perspective.

solo vs party exp:

rag as a game is interesting, because the high tech skill cap actually gives soloing a competitive edge for many things. in terms of exp, solo play(as in: not staying in a group on a map, instead opting to hunt alone) is superior to the alternative in any vanilla ragnarok server with a warper and a healer available, that's just by design of the game. you gain exp faster because your map coverage is much faster if you split up, and fly wings are much faster map coverage than walking if you are good(over 2x as fast with extremely well trained reflexes). overall this favors choosing warp/healer being in the game, because it adds an extra layer of depth to the meta.

for mvp killing, "soloing" by having a bard+dancer+gospel bots is best(+lex bot for endgame mvps). that's technically 4 characters though, so it depends what you mean by soloing. to defeat your competition, the most damage has to be done by a single player, so simply rolling up with any party doesn't actually work.

mvping knowledge:


the tier list of each class for fastest MVP dps changes based off of how many alts you get. the correct sniper build beats everything in dps except for one very rare and obscure champion/creator build paired up with an additional lex bot, where efist does 999k and creators bomb for 40k+ at almost instant cast/no delay. it's also somewhat mvp matchup dependent, you kinda just have to know what is good against what. who the more snappy player is and rng will also somewhat determine who is going to get the kill.

champion is competitive against any mvp it can one shot with minimal setup, because you only have a few seconds to reduce the mvp's HP below half before he walks up to it and ends the fight. you lose to a champion against anything with < 300k health if you both start attacking at the exact same time and he successfully wings after efist without dying. the champ suffers greatly against mid hp targets like rsx due to needing way more time to set up your buff bots, compared to sniper/creator that can just walk in and immediately start dpsing. then when you push up to monsters like randgris, a champ with well timed lexfists becomes the strongest dps.

creator acid demo can do a looot of damage to some mvps, pushing on the door of 50k-60k a second completely solo if done right, and can actually somewhat compete against champion's 999k efists with a full setup. its main weakness is that since it only has 9 range, closing that gap and your cast time can cost you the mvp. for higher tier mobs, ranged characters can attempt to manipulate the mvp by mixing up their skill timing to get the mvp to target the champion and hopefully get him killed, reducing some of the dps while he gets ressed and such. the main thing creator has going for it is that it doesn't need gospel to get going.

my sniper does a flat 20k a second or about 40k with thanatos card as long as the mvp is anywhere my screen. anything that can beat 40k a second beats sniper in an even match, that's pretty much it. you win by being better than your competition, outranging them and being quicker to the trigger for lower end mvps, and for higher tier mvps manipulating your DS/SS timings is mandatory to get the mvp to retarget your competition and get them killed, because if you just hammer away brainlessly you will just be setting your competition up for success. champion is highly monster-frame dependent to avoid getting killed post-efist, so screwing with his timing is pretty much your only defense. creators are more tricky to deal with, since they have full control of the fight once they start bombing, so your goal is to prevent them from having a good opening to begin with.

honorable mention is stalker vs great demon baphomet and a couple of others, which has a pretty unique setup. reflect build is eehhhh. i think mid tier players use it a lot ever since the big boiz quit, but it's not really top tier. i've never seen a reflect stalker outdo a champ against randgris, but i guess it requires less setup(i believe it was the soul linker thing that triples monster damage received and the priest to bring it back) so that could be a point in its favor? i remember it's pretty luck dependent with the sonic blows. it's been too long for me to remember this specific detail about those few mvps that it's competitive on, i haven't played in 12 years boys.

why do i bring all this up? because this is why a lot of people play the game solo. it's one of the few games that actually cracked the balance between solo and zerg rushing. and it feels satisfying, because the skill/knowledge ceiling is as high as the moon.
Server Reviews / Well Played RO honest review.
Last post by merkthay - Feb 22, 2024, 11:30 AM
I've been playing for about 2 weeks, but it's already enough to know everything about it since it's extremely small. There are some issues with it since the administrator personally told me that the server is "ready" even with so few features, and I've seen everything. There are two servers, one 255 and one 999; I'll be talking about the Thanatos server (999), so here we go:

Basic information:
- WP-RO is level 999 with a quest (Rebirth) from 900 to 999, 1000x/1000x/10000x rates, MVP Spawn 10X, and MVP spawn every 1 hour. Leveling up is easy and without difficulty; there are 2 beginner items that ensure you don't have to do much to level up. Multi-client and Farming BOTS are highly advised by the server staff.

- Usually has around 10 players, most of them auto-farming in the gold room. I could only talk to 1 player in my 2 weeks of playing. The server is listed as English-speaking, but most people can't talk to me in English. They speak some Asian language.

- Has no economy; there are no items to sell, and there's no reason to sell items. The admin gave me a complete set for no reason when I started playing and left a review; however, the server is NOT DESCRIBED AS FULL PVP. The quests are very unbalanced, with 5 or 6 being extremely easy (40~min farming) and others taking more than 20 days to complete (75+ MVP cards) there is no logic applied on the items/quantity.

- Some things have no description, and the server lacks any depth in systems; all systems are extremely simple, like quest > final item. There is no significant progression other than grinding for unbalanced quests.

- Very, very limited custom items and ULTRA unbalanced donate items (Theres only valk set for non-donators, but asprika and sleipnir for donators).

Currency: Zeny, TCG, Proof of Donation (PODS), PVP and GVG coin. (other than quests theres no use for that)
PVP: Never saw an actual battle, top PVP is with 56 kills and second is with 38 kills.
GVG: Weekend
Quests: TOP-MID-BOT customs (Very limited), TOP-MID-BOT customes (from Ragnarok online and custom ones) in more than one place. Accessory (custom), Weapons (custom), Charms (custom) all charms and customs do the same (+2% atk and mtak) theres no depth in customization, only bottom basic stuff.
Information: There is a lack of information on custom stuff, you need to search each item in npc's. All the info are discord based with very few in-game information, BUT theres a guide npc incoming.
Conection: Its been kinda hard to connect, i need to try at least 4x until it goes. (Since its Asia server and i am in america)
Server Seeking / Re: LF lowrate with QOL, no va...
Last post by Mammouth - Feb 22, 2024, 11:18 AM
Hello, I'm currently working on a server that seems to match your requirements. Let me explain:
It's a low-rate server, but with a stack drop system (1 poring gives 3 jellopy), card drop rate is 0.10, equipment drop rate is 0.30, there are no deslots, no enriched &  no HD ori/elu, and mob spawn rates are increased by 50%.

In terms of quality of life (QOL), you'll find classic mid-rate NPCs such as Plagia, buffer, endow, SL, etc. (unlockable for the account by paying with XP), including job changer and Warper (City/dungeons unlocked by visiting them). But the main, entirely new feature of the server is the possibility of being accompanied by an intelligent Robot, which you can equip / build stats for like another player. This even allows support players to drop their stuff or create parties more easily. (The robots are not clumsy; they generally play better than players, except in rare complex cases.)

We've added a hardcore aspect with the total loss of the base XP bar upon death. This lost XP, which is stored in an NPC, allows you to buy life insurance, costumes, or other items to help you in progression.

There are no pronounced customizations in terms of skills/stuff. Costumes will have a low chance drop from all monsters in the game, and hats will be obtainable through quests or monster drops. There's no cash shop or VIP system, and never any bubble gum or XP books.

The server will soon open in beta (currently in alpha). We're already well advanced in the project, and it's totally playable, so if you're interested, don't hesitate to come and say hello in-game :) (There will be a wipe at release
Server Seeking / Re: LF lowrate with QOL, no va...
Last post by PowRO - Feb 22, 2024, 03:37 AM
You can try out PowRO - Archangels. Here's our info:

* Main Page:
* Completely free of p2w. I fund everything, this is my passion project so I don't take any donations.
* Rates: You can choose between 1x and 25x for base exp, drop rates are 5x, but can increase to 7.5x if you're playing on 1x rates.
* Max Level: 200
* Renewal Server
* Customs: Cosmetics (auras, headgears, and wings), Systems (weapon masteries, etc), and many custom instances. A s*** ton of QoL changes. Everything is on our wiki btw.
* Current population: Ranges between 20~35 at night. Hoping people give us a try...
* Open since May 2023.
* Hosted in Canada.

I hope you give us a try, but if not, then I hope you find what you're looking for!
Sprite & Modification Help / Change Potion Effect
Last post by dogemaster - Feb 22, 2024, 01:53 AM
May I request to edit the effects of red potion, yggdrasil berry and blue herb when using them?
What file to edit in GRF?
Thanks /no1