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Server Seeking / LF lowrate (3/3/3 - 10/10/10 ...
Last post by RanganarokPlayer7 - May 06, 2024, 03:55 PM
Saw a few recent ones but looks like they're all just copy-pasters praying they get the crowd of players still lost from originsRO, or inexperienced dev's that need to be double checking stuff a little more before startinga  server.

would love an origins or rise of midgard style server

Ideally looking for a server running a patch before satan-morroc

ty for any suggestions in advance.
Server Reviews / Re: Project Sunshine is truely...
Last post by RanganarokPlayer7 - May 06, 2024, 03:48 PM
insane how popular the server is with first time dev's that make mistake after mistake.

Party EXP bonus bugged since beta and releases still broken giving an obscene amount more exp than expected.

They advertise 5x quest exp but quests are providing 50x (Lost child providing 4.5mil instead of 450k)

I'm excited to see what other server-settings people find out were setup wrong as the server's life continues.
Server Reviews / Re: Project Sunshine is truely...
Last post by ForgotMyOldAccount - May 06, 2024, 07:53 AM

It's completely unfounded and pure slander that this server has some kind of backdoor RMTing GMs. You post no proof of your claims and just continue to slander without proving anything. The GMs just banned a whole guild for RMT last week.

@Yc I encourage you to stop allowing such slander on your website. People who make claims of GM corruption should be required to post proof or else you're just allowing these people to bully server owners.
Server Reviews / Re: Project Sunshine is truely...
Last post by AnnOhMallY - May 05, 2024, 11:39 PM
Quote from: Shuchou on Apr 09, 2024, 12:32 AMReborn was calling people m-r-ns, stupid, gay, Aaron's telling people to shut up and such but nothing was done

All you need to know to never bother with that server is that name.

At this point I believe those new servers where that name is always somehow involved are planned to open, get a new influx of new players willing to P2W and RMT, they bank on the fools and then they close the server and wait to open a new one or at least they go and talk to the owners of the new servers, they cut a deal with them that allows them to RMT without punishment, probably a % of their earnings.

It just amazes me people haven't put the pieces together, current private server scene is worse than the official servers or at best is the same, long are gone the days of actual good p.servers that offered good alternatives that were meant to preserve RO and not exactly to make money.
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Last post by Suspension - May 05, 2024, 07:17 PM
Quote from: Hawk Of Endymion on Apr 12, 2024, 08:50 PMTrying to understand the specific ask here; are you asking for specific  mechanics like fixed cast, crit changes, etc.?
OP most probably is a second account created just to "seek for the very specific server" that the other guy is opening next month.
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Last post by Ysanne - May 05, 2024, 08:05 AM
Thinking about trying it.
Healer, buffer and warper NPCs?
If buffer npc, includes soul link?
Low Rates / Spirit Online - 6x/6x/3x - Sin...
Last post by Fluxion - May 03, 2024, 08:53 PM

Spirit Online is back with a new version.
Short video of our first version here

Opening Date: 25 May 2024
System: Pre-Renewal
Current Episode: 12 ~ Nightmare of Midgard, Satan Morroc
Rates: 6x/6x/3x
Drops: 6x
Miniboss/MvP drops: 3x
Cards: Normal: 0.06% / MVPs & Mini Bosses: 0.01%
Quest Rates: x6

Instant Cast: 150 DEX
Max ASPD: 190
Max Level: 99/70 (Rebirth) 99/50 (pre-trans/Baby) 99/99 (Super Novice)
Max Stats Points:  99 (80 for Baby)
Multi Client: Forbiden
Multi Level: No
Party Cap: 12 players
Party Share Limit: 15 levels
Party Share Bonus: 10%

Emulator: rAthena
Support: English, French
Host: Europe
Proxys: Available soon.
Protection Anti-Cheat: Gepard Shield with LGP
Cash Shop & Donation: No

▪ Reset stats & skills
▪ Master Storage.
▪ Headgear to Costume (and vice versa)
▪ Change Cart 2 Quest
▪ Hat Dyer
▪ AutoCommand npc
▪ Stylist
▪ Cards vs Costume
▪ PvP room Champ vs Champ
▪ BG consumables usable only in PvP Room and BG.
▪ Automatic Events System
▪ Unofficial Hat Quest
▪ Plagiarism NPC
▪ Freebies NPC
▪ Coins system
▪ Automated event
▪ Custom Inn to receive buff for 15k zeny
▪ Quest warpa (only dungeon)

Mercenary: Disabled
Repeatable Quests: Disabled
God items Quest: Disabled

▪ Website:
▪ Discord Community:
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Last post by ciminod - May 01, 2024, 10:20 AM
I would love to try this as well. but upon checking this has portuguese language pack. hit me up as well when this is on english.
Server Seeking / Re: LF Low Rates Pre Renewal C...
Last post by NimbleStorm - May 01, 2024, 03:39 AM
Hello there! I thought I'd update you in regards to open beta changes. Given we've introduced more content, we are having to set the launch date back by about a week to ensure an optimal gaming experience for all!

We thank you for understanding and hope to see you for the Grand Opening!

Kind regards,
Server Reviews / Re: EndlessRO Honest review (i...
Last post by Sairek Ceareste - Apr 30, 2024, 10:43 PM
Quote from: merkthay on Apr 30, 2024, 10:36 PMSure, thanks for checkin it out, they will have a translation pack soon.  /lv

Double neat! Keep me posted, then!  /ho