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Server Seeking / Re: LF > LR 3x-10x Classis or ...
Last post by distilled1 - Today at 05:52 AM
Yeah man
I'm looking for this type as well.

At the moment, Payon Stories is fitting pretty well for me. Not 100% satisfied, but pretty close.
Like you mentioned for Timelines, there's a bit more customization and departure from Pre Renewal than I'd like in Payon Stories. Their custom events, custom Payon town, custom dungeon(plural?) with custom enemies and custom MVP in there, post-Renewal costumes, and post-Renewal client with some replaced BGM tracks.
Not much else customized beyond that which is nice.
To be honest I really like the zeny storage Bank in the modern RO client. That alone makes up for it feeling too Renewalish. Being allowed to trade your own Zeny between your characters is super nice.

Similarly to Ragnarok Timelines, Payon Stories has no bots there, no cash shop at all, and enhanced sitting SP/HP regeneration, but it does also restrict running multiple clients at once.
Seems like they're both not implementing transcendent classes for whatever reason. At least not yet.

What's your opinion on implementing Rebirth?
I like the rebirth skills and sprites, but not the Renewal ones.
General Discussion / Re: Autoattack or BotOn system
Last post by Bullet - Today at 12:53 AM
Quote from: distilled1 on Jun 11, 2024, 08:20 PMIf I ever see servers advertising these type of "auto" gameplay features, I immediately turn 360 degrees and walk away.
I would like to humbly suggest maybe should consider to turn just 180 degrees instead.
and perhaps add a sprint instead of a walk after that.
General Discussion / Re: Autoattack or BotOn system
Last post by Bullet - Today at 12:38 AM
Quote from: mrfizi on Jun 11, 2024, 02:17 PMGood day to everyone!

Let's discuss Ragnarok Online's new feature (non-official feature). People disliked bots in RO, however many servers, including the Ragnarok Lanverse, now use the autoattack/boton system.

Are these features good? Or did it ruin the true RO experience?
I'm for advocacy of bot powered private server.

Why go for bot enable RO:
1. configured correctly, it can give a low rate growth experience. Flexibility to opt in to play manually when free, and watch over the bot do the mundane routine tasks repeatedly.
2. experience the growth (slow pace of leveling, item collections) for busy people with time value and work life balance.
3. RO is old game, we already know how to play (mostly) but a new game (low rate) server does not necessarily recognize your past experiences and scale your rewards (per se). Your value of experiences will be pitted against other players in a game of "time spent". Bot balances out this, you are less likely to lose to players due to lack of time of play but due to your limit/ lack of RO experience/ knowledge/ and strategic decision.
Bot will take over the time factor hence you are not competing with time spent.
4. Inevitable facts of RO life- Game server "End of Life". In bot allowed server, any closure least affects your lost of quality time.

When not to go for bot enabled RO:
1. Dislike unresponsive automated player on the visual. (although not obligation for legit player to respond).
2. You want to compete (play) RO with time spent vs quality of knowledge/ experience. There are still traditional players willing to spent hours daily for grind and holding that as achievement value in current times.
3. Concern for computing resource. A poor configured game server (bot enabled) may tilt more toward rewarding players with multiple and good PC resource to run 24 hours. For example - Talonheim RO, currently requires xkore feature whereby game client (2 max) required to be open and active when running bots (2 acc max). The resource requirement is to avoid people using (free) cloud service to run multiple accounts. But its slightly resource demanding for old PC or laptop.
4. Lack of population. this niche will never reach the scale of mid population at this rate.

Common misunderstanding of bot enabled server:
1. Why bother making it low rate and both allowed? Why not just make high rate for ease of play and lack of time?
A high rate server will easily reach end game and many imbalance with drop rates. it removes the experience of slow pace growth experience of low rate.

2. Why bother playing if no time?
players personal choices of indulging classic games, and bot enabled RO gives this balance experience with respect to your work life balance.

3. Bot enabled RO is far from original experience and it "ruins RO experience"
So is all the custom (mid/ high rates, quests, warp npc, healer, gold room, etc.) and different mods.
We have substantial players with lack of logic and rational that can never heal their permanent trauma and scar of game server abused and destroyed by bots. Current bot enabled servers are more geared in configuration to carefully manage a balanced game experience far from past exploits.

A player with interest for classic RO
Currently at Talonheim
RMS review: Talonheim
Server Seeking / Re: LF> Bot Enabled Server
Last post by Bullet - Today at 12:06 AM
Quote from: mrfizi on Yesterday at 05:04 PMI found more than 3 server in RMS listing server that allowed openkore/botting. You can look at the list.
Dear mrfizi

Quote from: jbswitcher on Jun 11, 2024, 07:10 PMHello, looking for good server with bot enabled
Dear jbswitcher

you can Talonheim .
we are a small community of openkore powered game server.
we had more players joining and leaving due to population issue.

You can reach out to our discord for help.
Server Seeking / LF > LR 3x-10x Classis or Pre-...
Last post by BlockDragon - Yesterday at 09:12 PM
No bots,
Minimal Cash shop (cosmetics, name change, stat resets are ok, exp books are not)
Minimal customization.

I'm currently downloading Ragnarok Timelines, but at first glance it's more custom than I'd like so I'm open to other suggestions.
Server Reviews / Re: Talon Tales of Honesty
Last post by Ravenblade - Yesterday at 09:10 PM
Quote from: Felione on Jun 08, 2024, 01:27 PMThey were VERY quick to close down and randomly offer a costume that was rare on their shop, just so they can keep some of that money. :D


This server is very disappointing now really. There's a lot of issues that they need to address and yet they are prioritizing in working on that FaceWorm Instance now. Just a lowkey buff to the SinX Class once again for farming Karvo (Which is a key ingr in creating Poison Bottle) and a new Garment which is actually super good for SinX class once again.

Whew! No wonder why everyday, people are quitting. Just last night, someone quitted and had a massive gears giveaway to everyone. Current server population now on a daily basis is around 620+ in the morning on SEA time and around 700 in the evening. 500+ is just an autovend. This is sad.

Server with a good potential. But now becoming a disappointment and stagnant.
Server Discussion / Re: Return to Morroc being mad...
Last post by yC - Yesterday at 07:26 PM
Accounts created with fake IP, no matter the content, we will remove the account and posts.  Another one of those deleted.

Because that tell us the user has no credibility and has something to hide.  It is a serious security risk to our system if we allow such action.  Why is it so hard to create an account with a legit connection?  Multiple account is not allowed in this forum btw.  We do not want to have forum users posting as different persons but is actually talking to his/her own accounts, being cheerleaders of each other etc.

Quote from: mrfizi on Yesterday at 04:59 PMYeah! I don't know why from past 3 to 5 days ago. Every post in forum are from new account.  /hmm  /swt

If you see post with hidden links (can be at the lower right corner or in signature) or post that quotes another message and say something random but if you look carefully you can see a link is implanted into the quoted message, please report the post.  We have these every few days.  Thank you.


For Ornstein's full message and further update, I'll include the discord message link so anyone interested can go there for any follow-up:
Server Seeking / Re: LF> Bot Enabled Server
Last post by mrfizi - Yesterday at 05:04 PM
Quote from: jbswitcher on Jun 11, 2024, 07:10 PMHello, looking for good server with bot enabled
I found more than 3 server in RMS listing server that allowed openkore/botting. You can look at the list.
Server Discussion / Re: Return to Morroc being mad...
Last post by mrfizi - Yesterday at 04:59 PM
Quote from: yC on Jun 12, 2024, 06:12 PMFake IP and trash talking is not allowed, don't understand why anyone would do that.  (Removed)

Yeah! I don't know why from past 3 to 5 days ago. Every post in forum are from new account.  /hmm  /swt
General Discussion / Re: Autoattack or BotOn system
Last post by distilled1 - Yesterday at 05:01 AM
Quote from: iixe on Jun 12, 2024, 11:35 PMWhy do you try to make the one client play basicly a law when not even officials had this?
Always wondered what people like YOU are smoking when coming up with such ideas. Majority of servers lose their population within the first 2-3 months and one client policies never helped at all with this problem.

Anyway, Im not familiar with the BotON feature at all. What does this function do exactly?

Sorry if your attempt to make a successful server has failed, but most people who make private servers fail because they don't know what players actually want. They believe making copy-paste servers with a few random gimmicks are going to work.

In what way am I trying to make multi-clienting against the law? Because I wrote "DOWN WITH MULTICLIENTING" in my signature? That's just how I express my opinion on how terrible I think multi-clienting is for a sense of community, and nothing more. I encourage single-clients yes, for good reason.
Official servers in the golden age of RO didn't need rules against multi-clienting because, like I said, official servers were subscription based back then and most people didn't bother buying more than one account at the same time.
Most RO players back then were kids or teens who didn't have the money to waste on multiple accounts, or multiple devices, and virtual machines weren't well-known. The character interaction was much better because of it.
I think we all witnessed how crap SnoriginsRO was, allowing and encouraging multi-clienting to the point where no one interacted except via the global chat channels and forums. You'd just see trains of same-player-controlled characters on auto follow roaming around. It was completely soulless and immersion breaking levels of stupid to the point where I personally never want to experience again.

If you enjoy that style of RO, so far removed from the social experience it was meant to be, that's fine, but many people consider it stupid. Get over it.

Quote from: iixe on Jun 12, 2024, 11:35 PMGolden times are over. Be happy that at least a few lost souls still host servers in first place.

...yeah I literally just implied that it was a thing of the past. Can you not read that?
I AM happy that some of us are still enjoying RO. I'm currently trying out some nice single-client servers with a great sense of community. Feels great when you're in some cave or dungeon and people around you are actually talking and interacting, asking to party, asking your level, giving advice to each other, etc.