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yea same. im just wondering how they will deal with mercenaries/god items
Server Discussion / Re: Development of a new server - Survey
« Last post by lungo on Today at 02:08 pm »
Rates are actually easy:

  • High rates- some people join and as fast they join they leave
  • Low rates- Barely anyone joins, most are retained but many leave too because the grind is unbearable
  • Mid rates- if it's too high it will happen exactly as with high rates servers so you need to go more than low rates but not high enough that it cheapens the experience

Rant and Rave / Re: Ragnarok Travels.. (Quitting)
« Last post by lungo on Today at 01:59 pm »
the screenshots show that tarahen initiated the hostility. no one got banned for asking a question thats a lie cause I asked the admin about it myself

this is trivial drama that no one cares about and that no one will remember

I think both sides were wrong and Rii has history of starting stuff too.

This thing could have been avoided but I'm done with this situation, neither side wants to hear the other and it justs keeps spiraling out of control and I don't want to be dragged into it, instead of talking and trying to get to and understanding both sides keep pushing, one side keeps doing stuff that puts them at risk of being banned and the other keeps banning...

One thing I can give the people that it is being banned currently is that they are right in feeling that the server feels like a dictatorship, I don't think banning people for trying other servers should be a thing at all, apparently joining certain discords gets you banned too (according to them) or at least that is what they are saying, if they are trying to "poach" people I understand the bans but so far I haven't seen any proof of it, would be good if the administrator J has proof of this to present it so we can at least know this people are not innocent as they claim.

So one side says they are victim but doesn't really provide something to prove they did nothing wrong and the other punishes but doesn't communicate anything either.

This whole situation is dumb and has become hearsay mostly on both sides, that is why I'm not going to take sides, neither side, I'm just going to stop posting about this situation unless some proof from either side is posted.
Server Reviews / Re: KokoRO, a great server no one knows about
« Last post by Oathkeeper on Today at 05:51 am »
Can't really comment on the server, but I will say their database is one of the cleanest I've seen and it really is a clean UI for the information provided. The admins I'm sure enjoy their project, but they honestly have a database and control panel that rivals FluxCP that has become mostly the standard (I'd honestly license it if it were available haha).
Rant and Rave / Re: Ragnarok Travels.. (Quitting)
« Last post by Eiponpon on Today at 03:27 am »
the screenshots show that tarahen initiated the hostility. no one got banned for asking a question thats a lie cause I asked the admin about it myself

this is trivial drama that no one cares about and that no one will remember
Rant and Rave / Re: Ragnarok Travels.. (Quitting)
« Last post by lungo on Yesterday at 11:34 pm »
Something needs to happen because I have heard of multiple people being banned some only on discord and some in both places (ingame and discord), apparently some just for asking why some people have been banned and for asking for an explanation.

The screenshots of the player Tahren demonstrate that the moderator Rii initiated the hostity and the server adminsitrator J instead of trying to de-escalate the situation made it worse, the player responds to the administrator attack and he gets banned ingame and discord. This behavior is really bad, as a staff member or even as the administrator you should not be provoking problems with the players or escalating situations like this, you can not really expect people to get attacked in any way and just stand there and take it without retaliating at you that is just insanity and where does that leads you? nowhere, right now the community has been hurt bad, just many people that were active and important members of the community being banned either on discord or both ingame and discord unfairly, if this players would have done some outrageous thing like cheating, exploiting, making some form of what you call "poaching" I would agree with the bans but I really can't support this measures.

I think if players should repsect the staff the staff should do the same to the players and recently I have noticed and increase in lack of respect towards the players specially from this moderator called Rii and this is the first time I see J involving himself in basically attacking/insulting a player as shown in the screenshots, I just hope he can see that this was wrong and it is just creating a domino effect on the community, some people even if not banned ingame will feel like moving to other servers etc. I so far tried to help to contact the administrator J to talk to him but haven't received any response, I'm trying to tell people to don't leave and just wait but this blow to the community was bad, I don't believe beyond repair but the staff needs to really come to sense and admit they did wrong this time.

I would suggest to unban all the people that were affected by this situation, I don't believe they deserve this treatment and I think the mature thing to do is to admit that both sides did wrong also Rii needs to leave the staff she really has just been the origin of too many problems in the community.

It feels wrong that this is tainting the server because the actual server is fine but the server is played by people and even if the server is perfect and the game is perfect the community is hurting right now.
RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Last post by Naruto on Yesterday at 08:47 pm »
Lol i know i dont post as much as before but now that everything is sorta done its just me working on my artistics s***

i wanted to work on my twitch channel so i made a thingy

although not sure how heavy those real static tvs are but im assuming that they weight, nothing but those twitch screens update in real time soooooooooooooooo fancy.

Got over 200 models in and ready for photoshop, and working on my skeletons... over 20 outfits but still looking over a few problems unfortunately

hopefully start killing something by the end of month but i know for sure we'll be doing photoshop stuff
Yes  /ok /ok

Having a good time on Travels and excited to see whats in store
Free Service Recruitment / Looking for Partner (Developer)
« Last post by Halfman on Yesterday at 07:12 pm »
I am looking for Server Developer, I can provide hosting for the server. Must be honest and not corrupt. Must have knowledge in creating server.
Rant and Rave / Re: Ragnarok Travels.. (Quitting)
« Last post by Eiponpon on Yesterday at 10:28 am »
I like the travels staff a lot. one of my fav parts. its one of the few servers where the staff is not one big biased insider cliche for the powerful players

you must not have been there long because people disagree with the staff all the time and dont get in trouble for it. on past balance changes I saw many directly disagree with the admin, saying this is wrong for this reason, and no one got in trouble for it. just do it respectfully

Banned for multi now? That's rich it keeps changing why I was banned xD Use to be botting, then changed to poaching, now multi glad to see how quick the blind knights of travels is to keep making things up to "defend" their toxic heaven. I was banned for leaving a review stating that at the time the server spent close to 60% of the day offline after launch, had lag issues, as well as renewal skills, gear, and mobs on a "classic episode 3" server. Plus the 3x server is still active better luck with your salty smear game next time.
if any of this were true you wouldnt still be so mad. rent free for a year now
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