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Server Seeking / Re: LFP> SEVER 2X ~10X
Last post by lister - Today at 01:51 PM
Quote from: NimbleStorm on Jun 20, 2024, 10:47 PMHello lister,

If I may recommend you to check out if you have not already. We'd be glad to welcome you  to:

Server Rates:
Weekdays are 5/5/3
Weekends are 7/7/5

Server Wiki:
You can access our wiki at:

Multi-client: 3.
Please note: we're currently working on updating our multi-client policy to encourage the gatherings of group play more and also ensure fair play amongst members.

Proxy Coverage: kindly refer to to see whether an optimal proxy zone is available in your region. If not, we are glad to provide a proxy server in your region. Soon we will be migrating to an AWS Global Accelerator to ensure smooth latency globally for every player that connects to Evolve.

While we may not be similar to the good old classic OriginsRO now known as Arcadia Ragnarok Online, we aim to please and our goal is to deliver content that is progressively rewarding as you journey into our friendly community.

P.S: We currently have ongoing milestone player peak events and you are eligible for cool-looking costumes!

We hope to see you on EvolveRO!

Good luck with your server search.  :D

Kind regards,


Quote from: SpaceFalcon on Today at 03:43 AMThey are mostly all socially awkward people playing for nostalgia, not to meet new people.
I can't fathom the thoughts of players that prefer static party play. You do the same thing 24/7 to 99, how are you not bored after several hours? It's like brainless activity and the more you do it the smoother your brain will deform.
Quote from: ForgotMyOldAccount on Feb 14, 2024, 05:16 PMI don't get people who prefer to play solo. You could just as easily run an emulator on your local PC or play a server with a very low pop, but most of the people who prefer solo play simultaneously want some huge economy. They only want to interact with others when it comes to the market, which is strange. You could make a single player RO with a simulated bot market and no real players and that should, in theory, satisfy this demographic. What's the benefit in playing an MMORPG solo?

They are mostly all socially awkward people playing for nostalgia, not to meet new people.
Server Discussion / Re: Return to Morroc being mad...
Last post by ADM Ornstein - Yesterday at 11:26 AM
What can I say about the leak that has not been said already?

I did contact everyone I could on regards of the matter, and even people who were not part of the leak had long drawn-out discussions on how they felt over it(sometimes even being extremely aggressive). I gave everyone a chance to discuss the subject in detail with me and did directly apologize for it, to the point as stepping down from my admin role of PRM's discord (which does have 6000 members). The leak was not taken lightly and was addressed in all ways possible. Moderators knew exactly how terrible it all was for me.

My worry in that regard was to not focus on the leak given the big deal for me that was making PRM's code open source. It's 3000h of work at the very least. Even if not to everyone's taste, there is a lot of actual blood, sweat and tears put into every corner of it. Making it public in spite of the -massive- requests not to do it from the community for reasons:

1- People rush it down, try to push it as a live version and fully working. The version shared was SPECIFICALLY a debug version of the code for Patch 1.2.2, which had features that were never pushed to live, including over 90 new items, some quests and even boss systems. This didn't stop people from pushing servers to live in 3 days with no proper planning and preparation and advertising it around while barely keeping it online. (And I just watch it and have my fun over the mess).

2-The Community doesn't deserve it. Which I 100% agree on. I didn't do it for most. I was called cult leader, reseller, cheater, liar, banned from multiple locations, called a fraud that bought all the code I have made, people said I leaked stuff on purpose and was even heavily doxxed to the point my wife was called at work by players b**** about things, which led to the server closing. All I did was provide a server I would like to play on, with no p2w monetization of any kind. Hell, surplus donations were even donated to a REAL orphanage (a thing I plan to repeat with Luna Obscura if the same happens), but you will find all sorts of reasons on why Im a terrible person from people who never properly discussed it with me, all of which I openly invite to talk to me on DMs over any issues (and invitation I extend to everyone here. discord is admornstein).

3- There are 100's of servers around with blatant P2W practices, open RMT and admins acting out like they need heavily monetized cash shops to do anything or keep a server going. I'm all for good work being rewarded but the amount of dirt around is astonishing. You have core devs who ask for money from crazy things and bugfixes that should be default, people who don't leak your data on accident, they SELL your data on purpose all the time. They try to invade hosts and control panels to leak player data, take down servers, doxx the others and so many more things that everyone is aware of. You even have main staff of rAthena and developers with servers with fake player counters on servers,twitch bot viewing, ransom scripts and bloated systems and nobody bats an eye, yet I have been harassed daily since I even announced PRM back in the day.


Yes, my code is not professional. I'm a chemist by trade who started this entire thing with "what is rAthena" in early 2022 and here we are. Ruffled feathers of a ton of people for asking the hard questions and trying new stuff. Banned from many communities for calling out s*** directly. With support from my community and people around me I have no plans of stopping again and will continue doing the same:" making new stuff for people tired of the old stuff". This applies to both transparency, focus on player experience and design effort.

"YandereDev" code is a joke of an insult even considering how rAthena code itself is, as I received plenty of compliments for keeping proper commentary on some specific stuff, while navigation a maze of code with near 0 knowledge and getting where I was at: stable, running well with good results and fun content. I also specifically didnt make documentation public because I want people to either have fun with friends or properly put in the work if they wanna profit of it.

I believe I said everything I had to say with this. even if a bit ranting in this regard, some truths had to be said.

I made plenty of mistakes in life and in handling the server in multiple ways. But I still believe that making all my work open source may inspire maybe one or two people to do better and work hard, so maybe its worth it.

Now go and ask for anyone to do anything for free in this community and come back with results. I will continue being 100% transparent about everything I do and try to do what I feel is fair in a community that is completely profit driven who likes to s*** on anyone who wants to challenge the status quo.

Thanks for reading/skipping it.
Server Seeking / LF> Midrate to Highrate with r...
Last post by SkrelloR - Yesterday at 10:53 AM
Hello I want to play on a server with minimal merchants possible, server level can be from 99 to 300.
NA proxy needed pls i'm from South America.
costumes are cool

thx in advance /lv /kis2
Server Discussion / Re: Return to Morroc being mad...
Last post by Blinzer - Yesterday at 03:12 AM
Quote from: owlow on Jun 21, 2024, 09:42 AMOk so at least it's not just me who thinks he's insane for being so casual about leaking people's info.

On another note, there should be a trigger warning for the YandereDev code.

i'm pretty chill about it too tbh. you can acknowledge that there a massive consequences to a very minor action without freaking out and acting like it's the end of the world.

tbh there is no lesson to be learned, it's just an oopsie moment with not too much that goes into it. a lot of times in life the punishment doesn't fit the crime, that's just how it goes so ya it happens. sometimes taking a random step forward is just a step, and sometimes you fall off a cliff. same person, same mindset, intention, same skill. are we gonna start reading between the lines about what taking a step forward implies about a person now or are we gonna be realistic and accept that a step is just a step and just deal with the cleanup and move on o-o
Guides / Re: Creative Editing: Troubles...
Last post by Blinzer - Yesterday at 03:01 AM
bleu is my boi
Server Seeking / Re: LF > Newly Opened Server -...
Last post by lolwth - Yesterday at 12:39 AM
I'm trying Valkyrie Legend, it's fairly new I think they launched a month or so ago and they have no dual client. I'm enjoying that server so far
Server Seeking / Looking for new server (Renewa...
Last post by hebi89 - Jun 23, 2024, 11:58 PM
Hi i'm looking for New Renewal server (prefer renewal with 4th class) Episode 17.2 or above.
Server Seeking / Re: LF > Newly Opened Server -...
Last post by v1c - Jun 23, 2024, 10:50 PM
Quote from: Mammouth on Jun 09, 2024, 09:22 PMIf you're not in a hurry to join a server, I suggest waiting until September for the launch of Dayone. It's a single-account server with a unique 'robot' system, a type of tradable homunculus between players.
Priest +Sage player with 2 robot ( wiz and bard )

If you're looking for a server that is already open, there's Uaro, I believe, which is single-account with a large community.

Ah, interesting. Please keep me posted, will check it out.