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Server Seeking / Re: I'm looking for a new way ...
Last post by tristar - Today at 12:29 PM
Hi thank you for your reply.

Our opinions can be different that's fine.
I just want each class to use all skills we have rather than just spam AoEs.

For now I'm viewing RO as spamming game whoever got more money wins.
Ofc RO gameplay is unique too but I just bored to use same skills over and over.

Some classes like stalker need more options rather than just go full divest.
It's a lot of changed including creating new skills for certain classes.

I believed 3rd classes and 4th classes skills got CD I viewing them as an attempt to modernized RO but I want that to happen to 1st/2nd/trans classes too

Also I want crafting pots/weapons separate from alchemist/blacksmith classes and make them as quest skills which learnable by all classes not affected by stats but rather fixed chance and create various of professions such as food/armors(replacing slot npc)/accessories/headgears. We could take some 3rd class skills and giving to alchemist/blacksmith as compensation. I know all of those ideas come from Aion.

I think taking 3rd class skills and apply to 2nd class already happened with some server. But it's too shameful that server is bottingable which is red flag for me.

Still I think it would be great if we change some effects of certain skills or change quest skills into a lv10 skills with additional job level for example angelus as AoE Heals with CD or Holy Light as Holy bolt for an acolyte or cart revolution as lv 10 skill.

Stalker need some skills as an optional to full divest such as copy second skill and able to copy trans skills and usable with any weapons.

I would go as far as get rid of homunculus this pet doesn't do any good beside promotes AFKmist. And provides NPC who sell alchemist bottles for alchemist skills. Add options for blacksmith skills AoE or high single damage tree.

I know something might seems OP to you it's just some of my ideas I'm not sure if it would be good for most people as they might see as changing too much.
Server Seeking / Re: I'm looking for a new way ...
Last post by Playtester - Today at 11:12 AM
I wouldn't really agree that Aion's gameplay is better. It just requires you to press more keys but does not require more skill.

RO actually has way more depth than you might think if you start investigating how certain tricks work like killing the AI with icewall.

That being said, it's actually pretty easy to change all aftercast delays to cooldowns. You can just edit the skill_db file and set cooldowns on all skills.
Client Side Support / looking for RAG/SAK_SETUP file...
Last post by htind - Today at 08:42 AM
specifically 0726 from 2007 but I'll take anything I can get.

been trying to catalogue and save Ragnarok-related content and apparently much of it was lost throughout the years. rapidshare, megaupload, filefactory. official proxies. torrents. all dead...

any old timers saved these files? we should try and preserve the history of the game.
Do you guys think that Project Sunshine is actually Desryu? The guy who notoriously abandons his servers after 2-3 months? It kinda feels that way. He was admin of servers like Aspen Grove, Yoyo Tales, ROstalgia...
Long Lost Friends / jessiemarie
Last post by bluerei - Today at 05:30 AM
It's been years, I hope you're doing well! I miss our shenanigans killing Stings with our then-unpopular builds and never getting that pipe from Eddga no matter how many times he died. Our RO days are my most treasured ones of all the games I ever played.

If you ever find this message, I'd love to play with you again. Casual as always, no expectations - I know we all have lives to live  /swt

To anyone who recognizes us, please feel free to reach out! Been messing around solo on Payon Stories if you're feeling nostalgic. /heh


Server Seeking / I'm looking for a new way to p...
Last post by tristar - Today at 03:43 AM
Hi firstly I know this kind of server does not existed but maybe someone will interesting to develop one? Please be patient with me.

Since RO I've played a lot of games including Aion and I think Aion has best combat system ever.I'll explain why

In Aion you have to use every skill you learned since low level to kill a mob every skill has cd and you have to create a kind of rotation for it.

Currently RO problem is you just use one skill or couple spamming without CD make you feel zombie like like hunter only spamming DS as one skill or wizard spamming LoV and SG without ever use of other skills. And if you rich enough you can spamming white potions to withstand against all odds.

My purpose is we should remove cast delay and add CD to every skill for example wizard AoE should have cd 30s make them more powerful but high CD so they make use of bolts.Bard bragi should change to reduce CD of skills effect.GC pally has to use every skill in their skill build such bash magnum holy cross rapid smith makes skill require less sp but more powerful

The con of this change is all monsters have to change to natrual element. I'm fully aware that RO is not Aion and majority of people may dislike this change. Still I think a build that solely depend on one or two skills are stupid. I'm sorry if this offense anyone. I'm not a developer still I know this kind of change require ton of works. Anyway if anyone interested I'm gladly to discuss more about it :)
Server Reviews / Re: Project Sunshine is truely...
Last post by Metan - Today at 12:22 AM
Quote from: Whispered on Apr 08, 2024, 07:06 AMYeah i get it that infinite fw is a red flag for you, perfectly fine opinion, but don't have to be so butthurt about it. You can search back in discord messages and see that they announced they are going to have infinite FW waaaay before the opening, pulling this was never out of blue by any means.
All the more reason you should be worried about it. No; you should have been worried about it about as long ago as when they first announced it. One of the first pieces of info available on their own website is:
QuoteNo Pay2Win, ever!
On Project Sunshine, we are committed to maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players, and we want to assure you that we will never introduce pay-to-win elements. Your enjoyment and fair competition within the game are of utmost importance to us.
Their own words.
There are two possibilities here: they never intended to honor their words in the first place, and any further announcement about anything whatsoever holds as much weight as wind; or they didn't think infinite FW in cash shop, in a low rate server, amounts to P2W. Either way, it's enough of a precedence to know what may be coming next, and  I, too, would have quit on the spot, had I bothered to play this server. But the average RO player blinds himself to the writings on the wall and, come next slop server, he will migrate and face the same predicaments over and over again, hoping that this time it'll be different.
Server Reviews / Re: Returner's Appreciation
Last post by seth21 - Yesterday at 10:58 PM
Quote from: distilled1 on Yesterday at 10:12 AMIt's strange that the dev would customize anything if he or she is being that "pure" about the vanilla experience, but I wouldn't mind seeing some if you feel like posting a screenshot.

Most loading screen was drawn by the dev, idk how to get a sample of that pic but my game loads so fast I cant screenshot it XD
Server Reviews / Re: Returner's Appreciation
Last post by distilled1 - Yesterday at 03:56 PM
Oh sorry I'm completely mistaken.
That definitely sounds like something the Koko guy would do. Very noble of him leaving that kind of legacy. Thanks for bringing this up, Playtester.
Excellent database for us old farts there.

Still would be nice to see some sexo NPCs on Hata no Kokoro Online.
The skill changes look interesting and thoughful too.
Server Reviews / Re: Well Played RO honest revi...
Last post by merkthay - Yesterday at 01:34 PM
Thanks for the tips, i will make my own research.  /lv