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Server Reviews / Re: KokoRO, a great server no one knows about
« Last post by Mune on Today at 11:47 am »
I have been a member of the kokoRo community for just over a year now and I must say that I have rarely seen people who put so much heart and soul into a project as our two admins do.
Every little problem is tackled, and for as long as it takes.

As the OP already mentioned, kokoRO has an incredibly clean database. Improvements are always being made here, which also have an effect on the flow of the game.
The server certainly owes this in part to its community. We have some very affine people in the area of programming, who are also always involved in processes.

To stay with the community: As Ralgando already mentioned, we have a very small and hard core. 1 rate and no cosmetic/skill adjustments only appeal to a small group of enthusiasts. We also don't have any events.
Accordingly, it can be difficult to get a certain item.
Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and farm yourself.
Nevertheless, it is one of the friendliest and most helpful communities I have experienced to date.
From helping out newcomers to "can you come online quickly and craft 500 blue pots for me?"

If you really want to play Ragnarok like we did in our youth, then this is the only server that really reflects that experience.
Rant and Rave / Re: Ragnarok Travels ban and lies.
« Last post by Katakato on Today at 10:30 am »
I can't claim to know anything about the goings on of Travels, but I will say that I avoided the server as soon as I saw their website and spent a few minutes reading through it. I couldn't help but feel like the admin was just inflating his own ego to a massive degree. Like sure, it's cool that you have a Aegis server that you're running, and have the hardware for. Therefore you've got none of the emulation bugs that Athena or Hercules have.  /o

That doesn't mean you have to write a literal essay about how "bad" the emulators are. Some servers don't have the resources to run an Aegis server, money or otherwise.  /...

Either way, between that website and rumors I've heard about the admin there (J, I think they call him?), I made the decision to not try Travels. Seems like I made the right choice.....  All the copy pasta "X player has been banned for poaching, I dunno what they're talking about" replies are sus too... /hmm

Either way, I hope you're enjoying whatever other server you're on. I just wanted to let you know that I'm with you on calling out this nonsense (one random stranger though, not very strong right?  /heh ).

Good luck in your future endeavors, maybe I'll see you around.  /no1
Rant and Rave / Ragnarok Travels ban and lies.
« Last post by Helirose on Today at 10:10 am »
I played on Ragnarok Travels for a good few months, and it was great.

Then a few friends got banned. I won't go into this, it's been covered and it's not my story to tell but sufficed to say I am certain these bans were unwarranted. Now, I'm not one to participate in drama or engage with other people's issues, but I questioned the stability of the leadership and whether this server was where I wanted to spend my time because of the likelihood of losing friends or worse, my own account, so I started browsing elsewhere. No problems at this point I'd simply lost faith in my current server and decided to try out other places - it happens, life goes on.


After trying a few different ones, I started playing a new server with some of these banned friends. In fact, a lot of users felt a similar way and ended up through word of mouth on this server. This communication was private, had nothing to do with Ragnarok Travels and occured away from the Ragnarok Travels server and Discord server. All of a sudden, RO Travels disappears from my Discord list and it seems like I'm banned on there. Well, that's strange, isn't it? I haven't broken any rules, I haven't been advertising or indeed even mentioned a different server there or in the game. Then, lo and behold, my Ragnarok Travels game account is inaccessible and it seems I'm banned there too. Once again, no rules broken. There's also no evidence or indeed even any communication from the GM team at Travels to notify me of this.

Finally, I decide to make a Ratemyserver review. I made the review as honest as I could, crediting the server for it's game play and functionality but marking true to my findings and feelings of dealing with the administration in light of the events that happened. My review and the resulting comment from the GM is as follows:

Edit: added in plain text as image not working. It's available on RMS for all to see, though.

(click to show/hide)

Unfortunately, the comment from the GM here is a lie and further, it is slander. I am not associated with any other server in a leadership or administrative capacity, I have not advertised for any other server and I have certainly not 'poached' any users. I simply made a personal decision to try elsewhere.

I would welcome any evidence the GM has (other than heresay and guesswork) to back up his claims of 'poaching' and to substantiate the reason for this ban because it's an utter falacy.


NB: My hand has been forced on making this statement publicly as I am blocked from both the RO Travels game and Discord server and there is no other communication channels available via the website. I also wanted a chance to clear my name for the record as I am not in the habit of breaking rules or deliberately causing issues.
Server Discussion / Re: Development of a new server - Survey
« Last post by loki266 on Yesterday at 07:04 pm »
I think a server with Zero mechanics is an underused concept that is poorly explored at the moment. I only know of two Zero servers right now and I wouldn't lie to say that I would love to see more Zero servers popping up.
Server Discussion / Re: Play 2 earn RO server
« Last post by Oathkeeper on Yesterday at 08:59 am »
The RO community has been historically plagued with scams, pop-up servers used as a cash grabs, and other unfortunate things. Even if you have good intentions, I fear that monetizing the game further only brings more distrust and potential harm to the community. At the end of the day, no one really has the right to monetize the game except the copyright holders. Everyone who owns a private server knows that in the back of their minds. But the problem is, we don't have to facilitate server models that lend themselves to scamming our community. Again, I'm speaking more broadly as crypto and NFTs, while interesting from a financial technology perspective, are riddled with bad actors.

I hope yC continues to take a general stance against this kind of emerging server model.
Server Discussion / Re: Play 2 earn RO server
« Last post by arcadaplay2earn on Yesterday at 07:16 am »
We are not saying your server is a scam.  We are trying to protect users from getting into something that is more than just RO.

By introducing a crypto currency to RO server, you are potentially exposing inexperienced trader to buy / sell / trade crypto.

Say for example, when you open an investment account or buy any investment product in the legit way.  The seller (usually the bank) is regulated and must ask you about your experience with various investment strategy and your risk tolerance etc.   

Now for players that joined a RO+crypto server, they can earn this crypto coin as suggested but they are also open to buy, sell or trade them in the same platform. 
As big as Bit-coin with a $600~800 billion market cap can go up or down 15% in matter of hours, nobody can say these RO server farmed coins are safe to store value at any given point in time.  Some servers I saw created their own coin which is even more dangerous.  One day it might worth $100 a coin, next day it could be $0.0001.  So like any newbie trader not knowing the risk and never heard of "rug pull", who can guarantee they won't get greedy / put their life savings into the coin / use the coin as a gamble?  This is like opening the door to the casino and RMS is responsible for that.

Let's just say I prefer not to deal with the consequence so it is better for RO stay as RO only.  Not to mention crytpo currencies are banned and/or illegal in some countries.

I appreciate your answer, I will try to explain the most detailed as possible and in case you have doubts do not hesitate in contact me by email at [email protected] or discord channel link in our website!

The general idea to merge a private server model with token distribution is nothing new, we are just trying to do it properly and having support by a real staking pool operator willing to increase his following base.

You can all the details in the proposal at the white paper page: https://arcada.games/white-paper.php
If you still insist not listing our server we just can feel sad and remove the links to write a review in rate my server as we have today. The website is yours and you can decide what's acceptable or not but before submit our server, I read the rules and couldn't find anything that can forbid us to be here and be known by the community of RO private servers. /no1

There's no other way to see if the model will work or not but trying and having support of community is something important. We are in open beta now and the response from community even slower its being constant. We are livestreaming everyday at Reddit and you can check how its going.

Say for example, when you open an investment account or buy any investment product in the legit way.  The seller (usually the bank) is regulated and must ask you about your experience with various investment strategy and your risk tolerance etc.   
Let me clarify this point, you are judging us based on what you know about cryptocurrencies but this is not related at all our project.
  • Nobody is selling any crypto, players can buy at their will outside the game.
  • The tokens are drop inside the game, players decide if they want them or to leave, these will be burned every 5 days if not redeemed
  • If the crypto is banned in some country this is not our problem, we trust our players to do what they think its better to them
  • The tokens aren't sold again, they are distributed as they play execute actions inside the game

THank you anyway, your website is a valuable tool for all Ragnarok players. /kis /kis
Server Discussion / Re: Development of a new server - Survey
« Last post by wLink on Jan 17, 2022, 11:45 pm »
99/70 mid/high rates revolve mostly around WoE/BG community and servers kind of die by themselves once that community loses interest, either because of burnout or because they keep/started to lose WoE. Which is sort of ok for some owners because they can start a new server and get profits from donations again. The grind is still there on many of those servers despite increased rates because donation items end up being expensive unlesss of course, you decide to use your wallet instead.

With low rates it's always a grind but at least with some servers I have decent degree of confidence my characters and items will still be there in a few months/years.
Server Reviews / Re: Ragnarok Travels (a real review, and why I love it)
« Last post by Eiponpon on Jan 17, 2022, 06:27 pm »
yea same. im just wondering how they will deal with mercenaries/god items
Server Discussion / Re: Development of a new server - Survey
« Last post by lungo on Jan 17, 2022, 02:08 pm »
Rates are actually easy:

  • High rates- some people join and as fast they join they leave
  • Low rates- Barely anyone joins, most are retained but many leave too because the grind is unbearable
  • Mid rates- if it's too high it will happen exactly as with high rates servers so you need to go more than low rates but not high enough that it cheapens the experience

Rant and Rave / Re: Ragnarok Travels.. (Quitting)
« Last post by lungo on Jan 17, 2022, 01:59 pm »
the screenshots show that tarahen initiated the hostility. no one got banned for asking a question thats a lie cause I asked the admin about it myself

this is trivial drama that no one cares about and that no one will remember

I think both sides were wrong and Rii has history of starting stuff too.

This thing could have been avoided but I'm done with this situation, neither side wants to hear the other and it justs keeps spiraling out of control and I don't want to be dragged into it, instead of talking and trying to get to and understanding both sides keep pushing, one side keeps doing stuff that puts them at risk of being banned and the other keeps banning...

One thing I can give the people that it is being banned currently is that they are right in feeling that the server feels like a dictatorship, I don't think banning people for trying other servers should be a thing at all, apparently joining certain discords gets you banned too (according to them) or at least that is what they are saying, if they are trying to "poach" people I understand the bans but so far I haven't seen any proof of it, would be good if the administrator J has proof of this to present it so we can at least know this people are not innocent as they claim.

So one side says they are victim but doesn't really provide something to prove they did nothing wrong and the other punishes but doesn't communicate anything either.

This whole situation is dumb and has become hearsay mostly on both sides, that is why I'm not going to take sides, neither side, I'm just going to stop posting about this situation unless some proof from either side is posted.
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