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Server Seeking / Re: Seeking No dual-client servers.
« Last post by Lai on May 04, 2021, 02:53 pm »
Like the ^reply, that's why in new Limit Ragnarok server, we have 1 PC = 1 Client restriction by Gepard :D

Makes it much easier and more clear.

Tbh, many server rules of many servers are quite conflicted practically.
Server Seeking / Re: Seeking No dual-client servers.
« Last post by Insomnia2000 on May 04, 2021, 11:45 am »
Why not give a server a try that doesn't attempt to ban dual-clienting, but rather attempts to address the reason dual-clienting feels necessary in the first place?

Asgard Legend's goal is to revisit RO and address issues at their core rather than taking a quick-n-easy approach that doesn't actually address the issue nor work. Sure, you can slap a ban on multi-clienting and be done with it, but as anyone who has played on these servers knows, people just whip out a second old PC to bypass it. Instead, actually take a look at why people want to dual-client in the first place and alleviate that need. You don't need to ineffectively try to ban dual-clienting if there's no benefits to running dual-clients.

For just one example of many ways this is accomplished, players don't need to dual-client for Increase AGI's faster movement speed if all players have an inherently faster movement speed and Increase AGI's effect is changed so that it doesn't increase movement further.

I know this isn't a discussion topic, but based on this response here...
We have no way to check that without violating their privacy. So we just trust that they don't.
You have no way of checking if someone has two PCs or not and it's not uncommon for people to have multiple PCs. In my opinion, it's futile to try to ban multi-clienting because there are tons of ways around it, let alone a decent chunk of people just having access to 2+ PCs anyway.

I can tell you that at Asgard Legend, we don't ban dual-clienting; however, most players just run one client when they play because we've addressed issues at their core such that there's no need to run multiple clients in the first place. Give it a shot and see!
Server Discussion / Re: Project Pokemon - Unique Costume System
« Last post by PokeROGaming on May 04, 2021, 12:02 am »
Not sure what your doing exactly but on my server I removed the garment slot and replaced it as a 3rd accessory slot

Made me think about how limited weapons were

using the same method you could replace 1 of the hat slots and have access to even more weapon id's
then use the original weapon slot as a hat slot instead

... but i mean might be an ever better way to do it ....

Sorry, I am a little bit confused to your system.

You removed the garment slot, which I am assuming is the costume_garment slot? If you do that, you remove all of the Robe costumes like Arc Angel Wings, Fallen angel wings, Xmas Tree, adventurers backpack etc.

Replace the hat slot for a weapon id? but then you lose the view ID of an upper/mid/lower? Weapon sprites are all character based and don't take up view_sprites of the headgears.

RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Last post by Naruto on May 03, 2021, 02:24 pm »
What i think about my foilage folder

probably going to take a nice long walk someday and get my own
Server Discussion / Re: Project Pokemon - Unique Costume System
« Last post by Naruto on May 03, 2021, 02:22 pm »
Not sure what your doing exactly but on my server I removed the garment slot and replaced it as a 3rd accessory slot

Made me think about how limited weapons were

using the same method you could replace 1 of the hat slots and have access to even more weapon id's
then use the original weapon slot as a hat slot instead

... but i mean might be an ever better way to do it ....
Server Discussion / Project Pokemon - Unique Costume System
« Last post by PokeROGaming on May 03, 2021, 03:45 am »
Hello RMS,

Today I would like to share my Costume system design. I have seen many different systems, but I do not know if anyone has done it this way before.

Project Pokemon Unique Costume System Design


The current systems I see available that servers use are:

1. Traditional costumes that are made one by one, they fit in their respective lower/upper/mid slots

2. Dynamic system - Where players can input an ITEM ID number and their costume item transforms into that item

3. Conversion based systems where regular headgears are converted into costumes via command/NPC

Traditional systems are great, they are excellent for the economy/trading markets. When talking about implementing 2000+ Headgears, the implementation process becomes tedious and the time it would require to sort the headgeras into lower/mid/upper would be a large consumption of time.

Dynamic systems are very flexible and the ability to choose any headgear style you want (Custom and iRO styles) is a simple process of just inputting the ITEM ID and transforming your costume placeholder into whatever you want. This also eliminates the slot limitations and you can now slot headgears wherever you please to come up with a variety of combinations. Implementation is also easy for the developer to add in thousands of customs without the need for much adjustment and descriptions.

I've come up with a bit of a hybrid of both. I value the economical value and trading market as a way to promote and maintain a healthy trade server in which the traditional costume system offers. An item that is tradable and high in demand, is going to feel rewarding to obtain or trade for.

My hybrid system involves equipping the item and then prompting a menu to set the costume in its respective slot as demonstrated in the video. This system allows players to choose a variety of different headgear combinations while having tangible costumes to trade and obtain. Due to the nature of the system, we no longer need to worry about sorting the headgear positions the items need to slot in. This saves huge time as a developer when it comes to implementation. There is also no need to inconvenience the player by heading to town and talking to an NPC to change looks. The item can simply be equipped normally with the option to set the slot before placement. This method also allows for all new clients to take advantage of the item linking and cash shop preview options. All these costumes you create can still be previewed before purchase.

I am always looking to improve my systems, if anyone has seen other systems available or have ideas in regards to creating a better costume system, I would love to hear and discuss it.

I'm looking for a new server to play on.
My time as a father is now more limited how it was years ago when I had the time to play 10+ hours a day, so I'm looking for a server with decentish rates (10~20ish) and some custom npcs like healer, job changer but nothing too crazy like lv 4 dungeon warps or buff npc.

The server can have donations, but not those that are OP like equipment. Id prefer costumes and stuff like bubblegum / manuals / gym ticket ect, something that dosent break the game.

Also please dont suggest me a server that launched in like 2018 or something, kinda looking for a new experience that dosent have a super burned out community that only plays for themselves. You know what I mean.

Thanks!  See ya on the new server :D

Woon Seasons | Mid Rate | 99/70 | Pre-Re | Rates 75x75x50x | Earn $ by playing the game.

Website: http://s2.woonro.com/
Discord: https://discord.io/woonro
Register: http://s2.woonro.com/?module=account&action=create/

〉Hello everyone! /bo

My name is Nihad. If you don't know who I am, I am a game developer and active in the RO scene since before 2009.
My first big project was WoonRO back then and while it hasn't been my only project up until now it's always been the one where my passion is.
WoonRO had received a lot of good feedback and some of its features had been used by many other Ragnarok servers afterward.


〉WoonRO Season Information

WoonRO Season System is a near-identical copy of the existing WoonRO server.
Seasons are an optional, recurring game mode that allows you the opportunity to start fresh every few months, leveling a character from scratch without previously earned items, levels, and zeny.
A great positive of the season system is reliving the initial progression and seeing a character grow in great strides.
Seasons are separate from each other, and it might seem intimidating that your character will have to start fresh.
None of your efforts will be wasted, however, as all your endeavors within a season — characters, items, levels, donations, zeny, etc. — will be rolled over and merged with the non-seasonal WoonRO server once the season concludes.
This system can be found in various popular big games such as Archeage or Diablo.

The season is scheduled for revision after 6 months. The decision on what to do with the Season will be determined by how active the community is and/or a community vote.
A server merge will require all servers to be taken down for a few days.
Our intent is to preserve all character data so that effort is never lost.
The next Season will launch after 6 months independently from what happens to the previous Season.  /no1


〉Server Information
Below you can find all basic information regarding our server setup.

〉Ranking and Rewards System

Each month there will be a ranking system based on the points accumulated.
We will give real money rewards for the top 3 players and in-game rewards for the top-ranked player for each eligible class.
There will also be a grand ranking system that will be set for 6 months after the server launch date with cash rewards for the top 3 grand ranking players and the top-ranked player of each eligible class.
Eligible classes will be listed in-game in the ranking system.

Getting points will be simple and for the most part automated.
  • You will be able to get points from PvP, MvP, BG, WoE, KoE, Zeny and other places.

〉Season Rewards

Overall Rank 1 = 200$
Overall Rank 2 = 100$
Overall Rank 3 = 50$
Transcendent Second Class (2-1 + 2-2) as well as TK, Ninja, Gunslinger = 10$ each.

Rewards are exclusively given out via PayPal or gift cards like amazon etc.
Otherwise, you are also able to get it in in-game currency instead.

Join us now!
Website: http://s2.woonro.com/
Discord: https://discord.io/woonro
Register: http://s2.woonro.com/?module=account&action=create/

The full topic with server Information can be found in our Forum.
Server Seeking / Re: Seeking No dual-client servers.
« Last post by Wosi2 on May 02, 2021, 05:17 pm »
Hi there.

Check out retRO online on the low rate list here on RMS:


Rates are 1/1/1, the server is modeled after the classic euRO server and it really revives the good old times :)

There is absolitly no dual clienting.

At the moment it is Episode 5 with episodic skills, quests, Monster stats/ spawns and a official episodic release. Tomorrow Episode 6 will be released.

No donation what so ever, so no pay to win.

Come join us :)
Server Seeking / Re: Seeking No dual-client servers.
« Last post by Imperial Regalia on May 02, 2021, 04:09 pm »
There are many great low rate servers out there, though among them all we believe Ragnarok Travels is the only low rate server in the world with a true multi-clienting ban. Similar servers allow multiple game accounts per player (I've seen anywhere from 3 to 9 game accounts on servers advertising "single client"), double count venders (playing and vending at the same time), do not verify master accounts, and allow shared guild accounts full of support characters. Servers with these characteristics unofficially allow multi-clienting (because it is good for business), despite claims that it is against the rules.

Ragnarok Travels features official mechanics, we mean it no multi-clienting, no donation gear, and an episodic release schedule that allows you to experience the awe-inspiring progression of the game. Ragnarok Travels strives to be the most pure rendition of Ragnarok Online ever offered, and is committed to providing the authentic journey you never had but wish you did.

• Currently Episode 7 - Legend of the Lost Village
• Official-like emulation that isn't run on rAthena or Hercules emulators for a more authentic, true to life Ragnarok Online experience.
• Complete and total multi-clienting ban, giving players a sense of community. No more wondering if someone you run into is a slave or bot. It will always be a real human.
• Powerful, seamless in-house security created just for our players.
• No donation gear.
• Episodic progression, stopping before renewal.
• No game breaking/ruining commands or NPCs like @autoloot or job changers.
• Episode 8 coming soon!

Further Readings
The Problem with Rates Above 1x
Don't Settle for an Imitation


Good luck on your search!
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