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High Rate / Nostalgia Ragnarok Online
« Last post by NostalgiaRO on Today at 12:49 pm »
» Nostalgia Ragnarok Online is a high rate server that mixes the Classic and Modern gameplay of Ragnarok Online

»»» Server Database: "Singapore"
✓ Episode 16.3: Illusion of Frozen
✓ DDOS Protected
✓ 500 Base Level
✓ 170 Job Level
✓ 500 Max Status Level
✓ 196 Max Attack Speed
✓ Frozen Server
✓ Kiel - Based Server
✓ Quest, Party and Grinding Systems
✓ Lighthalzen 5 Dungeon Available
✓ 3rd Job and Expanded Classes are available
✓ Disabled Doram, Star Emperor and Soul Reaper Class
✓ Renewal Server with Pre - Renewal Calculations
✓ High Rate Server
✓ 10000x Base Experience
✓ 10000x Job Experience
✓ 80% Item Drop Rates
✓ 80% Monster Cards
✓ 10% Mini - Boss Cards
✓ 1% MVP Cards (With % Bonuses)
✓ 1% Rare Cards (True Cards)
✓ Gold Room
✓ Healer
✓ Warper
✓ PVP Room
✓ Mall Warper
✓ Broadcast NPC
✓ Kafra Employee
✓ Coin Exchanger
✓ All In One NPC
✓ Quest Items NPC
✓ Donate Items NPC
✓ Renewal Instances
✓ Hunting Quest
✓ Fishing System
✓ Modified Endless Tower
✓ Mini - Endless Tower
✓ Nostalgia Chamber
✓ Nostalgia Square
✓ Cursed Tomb (Instance)
✓ Frozen Realm (Instance)
✓ Forbidden Citadel (Instance)
✓ The King Poring Expedition (Instance)
✓ War of Emperium
✓ King of Emperium

✓ Official Server Links:

• Facebook Page: (Please Like and Share :heart:)
»  https://www.facebook.com/NostalgiaRagnarokOnline

• Website: (Register and Download Client Here)
»  http://www.nostalgia.ragnarok-online.net/

• Discord Link:
»  https://discord.gg/8pbh6dz

• Facebook Group:
»  https://www.facebook.com/groups/333497297720472/?ref=share
i had enough of those long wall of texts too. i hope i gave enough insight for your balanced consideration and decision making.
You started it. Literally.
Server Discussion / Re: New Classic Pre-Renewal Server Project
« Last post by Bullet on Today at 02:23 am »
Good Day Deja!.

Some thoughts on your specs:
We will start in Episode 5, follow the original release schedule with episodic release and episodic monster stats and spawn. Renewal and 3rd Jobs will never be implemented. Will there be homunculus, when? and how?
A timeline for the periodic episodic content release would be helpful. A what episode will be the final content at which point of time. What other content possibly considered to be implemented after final episode release and long period of stagnant.

There will also be no donation system whatsoever, no cash shop and no game-changing / breaking custom NPCs or @commands, which means absolutely no pay2win.
Respect this, but a transparency of donation received for minor/ limited value benefit would be ideal. like weekly limited bubble gum/ manuals/ for working folks. At least to fund for charity causes. see my comment on "quality of life"

i dont mind small donations for gums/ manuals to cope with my time constraint.
with good $ received and charity expenditure accounting transparency over decent donation items. i believe you can support time limited people like me and yet avoid being P2W or perspective of possible corruption.

All MVP cards are active and usable in PvM, PvP and WoE.
at 0.01%, if GTB is assumed killed every 80 minutes. thats 6,570 dead per year. Thats overestimation of 65% gamble success for once a year game balance breaking possibilities. I'm staying out of this due to wide range of conflicting community opinion on this. Although thats not how statistics actually work, but personally, I don't mind on a x1 rate server.

God Items will be available through the original quest system, as it was on the official servers to provide an incentive to play competitive WoE and also hold castles, instead of just taking them and playing GvG.
WoE will be disabled until the player base is big enough to support a competitive WoE for at least 1 castle. First there will only be one castle active, we will increase this number as the player base grows. The castles will be active in a rotating system, so even with only one active castle at a time, there will be the possibility to create God Items.
Classic WoE setting, within the context of Malaysian official server and other low rate private server personal experience, is a recipe for power balancing & community politicking disaster.
1. the portals leading to emp room often bottlenecked with pre-casts, the few seconds portal change immunity does little help to counter this issues. the bigger guilds exploits this advantage due to this specific feature(issue).
2. strong guilds do not break the emp to win a castle immediately, theyre often kept in "hostage" to avoid economy value lost and taken only if the defence is severely breached or its close to the end of WoE session. the continuous battle for emp and castle switching hands within a war loses its purpose especially the disparity of the bigger and smaller guild is wider.
3. God items/ treasure rewards is indeed a very effective strategy to garner interest for playing. But the reward imo has high potential to snowball an already strong guild to be stronger and causing wider disparity of power between guild. it will instead in near future will only cause toxic and disinteresting game to considere.

1. implement a separate, custom GvG weekly event similar to WoE SE portal-less.
2. a 5v6 or 8v9, etc, only GvG. Guilds to register their available roster of player to participate. if a smaller guild registered 5 players and a bigger guild registered 10 players. it will be a 5vs6 within that specific map. the map and GvG should be similar to MOBA system. Each has a base(emperium) to protect, each with their set of attacker and defending. Number of times enemy emp is broken within the time limit awards certain points with tournament bracket style. it can change to a weekly round robin with monthly winner if the number of participating guild grows too big.
3. reward should be valuable to solicit effort and interest, but should not be permanent. perhaps a god tiered equipment with rental style good for 10+ days? Also separate rewards for each participating members with individual zeny economy contribution?

•   Maximum number of active clients: 2 (not counting an active autotrader)
•   Maximum number of game accounts: 3
•   the reasoning here is that there was no multiclient ban on the European official server. There was only a ban on account sharing, which means you could open as many clients as you wished.
•   The number of accounts was limited by how much you were willing to pay. As our service will be completely free, we limited the maximum number of clients and accounts to achieve two main goals besides trying to emulate the original server experience:
•   We don’t want a player to be able to buff his character with an infinitive number of chars far beyond anything the game developers intended
•   We don’t want there to be the possibility to create an infinite number of autotraders per player.
A complete, clear and concise rule is very important. I lost access (banned?) to a recent server I played due to vague rules and poor decisive enforcement. How do you identify 3 game accounts to a single person? only one email address/ phone number should be used by one individual person for registration which limits to a max of 3 accounts? If there is 2 clients each with 2 PC running over a same network, how do you identify if 2 individuals playing or one individual "multi-computing" circumventing your rule. Can you identify 2 different computers? or will you only see 4 clients for 1 network? will you assume 1 individual with 2 PC or how do you go about it? sorry for too many questions on this. had a bad experience and dont want to waste time again.

Personally, multi-clienting will break alot of balance. A pure forger will rely on his alt TU priest solo grinding. instead of a battle smith with a mix of solo and party effort. Low (forging chance) supply encouraging healthy economy. I totally understand being solo hurts alot especially with little time to play (to find party) but uncontrolled multi-client is going to break (alot).

We know that in 2020 players expect more in the aspects of Quality of Life contents than they did 16 years ago, which is why there will be some, if very limited, Quality of Life content:
•   @-Commands: @autotrade, @noks, @time, @blockenemy
•   The new Battle Mode, where you can drop down your hotkeys and see all your assigned skills and items.
•   Every monster which spawns naturally also drops its card
•   fair Item Even Share setting in party

We have the official server rates (1x/1x/1x).
i've been active recently in forum simply due to looking/ waiting for another classic server.
the reason im not joining(or still playing) any other server because im specifically looking for less than a year inception. reason: im working adult with life balance looking to play casually yet competitively (GvG in mind). I dont see x1 server an issue because everyone is going to face the same growth, growth is journey, where the fun is- not the destination. 1 year+ old servers has too many established players and gives me little room to compete with available time. The problem with new servers, for people with work-life-game balance is that, there is always over-active players growing and establishing too fast with huge gap with less active or newcomers. I think a regressive experience/ item gain% can help address this. A 2~3 hours per day gameplay (or 14 hours per week) quota per account could be balancing? if player played more than the quota hours, exp/item rate will regress to perhaps x0.5/ x0.1 etc depending on the over hours spent? in the spirit of keeping the game competitive to busy players yet accustoming to players with alot of free time to allow them to continue playing or encouraging life outside.

even if its possible or youre considering to implement this, im not sure how segregate the active hours in town for socializing/ vending/ vs dungeon grinding. This was not an issue official servers back then, because almost everyone (me to) botted and the growth rate was very constant. Those manual grinders take on difficult to bot areas/ boss hunting for value for their time. Might as well make your project x0.1 rate with account limited bots  /heh.

I'm supposed to quit and spent time with my new hobby but here again, another temptation!
will register an account and have fun with OBT. looking forward to your clarification on game account/ multiple client/ same network query above before deciding to settling down.

other suggestions:
classic RO, in its originality has its shortcomings/ bugs. To avoid/ minimize customization will only amplify it.

1.somewhere within this forum i saw a discussion of how classic RO grinding was majorly focused in specific places like depending on episodes,
spore>yoyo>muka>hode>wolf>mystcase>increase soil>stal golems>anubis(solo multi-client leech s***)
customizing flat exp per HP across all monster with "premium exp" bonus for difficult/ low spawn rate monster can help spread the option. Sometimes I'm bored to hit the same wolf till ages but no decent value for exp monster worth exploring the maps in the world. Exps should be for high risk high return and encourage map exploration and adventure.

2.on a recent x1 server i played, i saw an interesting brief case of explanation of how much a hunter would typically lose economically killing abyss knight on the damage/ arrow cost vs benefit. I realized how much x1 rate can bring to economic/ class game balance and support sticking to it.

3.Old payon all the way please. I've seen supposedly classic server starting with the new remodelled ugly payon /wah

4. @autotrade 12/24 hour expiry. to keep the market clean, fresh and active.
Hi Tokeiburu, i want to learn how to use your script. I can't use it and im new to this kind of stuff so if you see this kindly teach me or send me a guide on how to make a name above the mobs. Thanks!
Can we keep this topic for actual server recommendations etc? I am pretty sure I saw other threads dedicated to this drama already  /hmm Quite frankly I don't care.
i had enough of those long wall of texts too. i hope i gave enough insight for your balanced consideration and decision making.
On our current server, I think the average age is 25. Even if this is an old game, I think that there are still a lot of new players coming by because of the introduction of old players. Also, famous streamers get a lot of new players to play Ragnarok.
Server Discussion / Re: New Classic Pre-Renewal Server Project
« Last post by Deja on Yesterday at 09:26 pm »
The open beta on retRO Online has started!

We would be happy if you visit us and get an overview in the open beta.

In the open beta we regularly adjust the rates to test any content.

For more information visit our website at https://retRO-Online.eu.

Greetz Deja  /lv
RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Re: ROpocalypse - The Untitled Project
« Last post by Naruto on Yesterday at 05:48 pm »
Well I got that out of the way actually i had these prepared I just decided to take the same route as every other game...

Feels like maybe theres a template i would want to follow for armor and clothing... sounds like alot of work to set up and not necessary right now

Soooooo next up ill be getting the character creation organized and going over my code

You may be thinking oMG this guy has prepared content for an entire year

Nah... You dont wanna see all my practice work.. But at this point its all cake and chocolate

Lets not jinx it.........

Can we keep this topic for actual server recommendations etc? I am pretty sure I saw other threads dedicated to this drama already  /hmm Quite frankly I don't care.
High Rate / Aqua Ragnarok Online
« Last post by kaeyih3 on Jan 14, 2021, 02:59 pm »
Aqua Ragnarok Online

🔥🔥2021 Server🔥🔥
Come join our newly Launched RO 2021

x10000 Base Exp
x10000 Job Exp

Drop Rates
50% Normal
30% Mini Boss
105 MVP

Heavily Customized Server
Customized Balanced PVP Woe
Customized Cards
Customized PvM Contents
Not your ordinary everyday RO.
If you like explorations in content, join us.
Starting Freebies
Streaming Program Available
Guild Package
Solo Package
Unique Original contents
Hourly Auto Events
Lots and Lots of PVP, 2 guilds ready WOE

Website: Aquaragnarok.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aquaragnarokonline
Discord: https://discord.gg/bRXcPNwD

Trailer Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omF0r8g-c-E&t=69s&ab_channel=aquaragnarok

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