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Started by VisionRO, May 07, 2023, 03:05 AM

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Are you looking for a new server to play? Well, look no further than the newest server is about to get online, Vision Ragnarok Online!
This game is sure to provide you with hours of fun and entertainment!

Vision RO is already open for all adventurers out there!
Everyone was so excited to explore the server!

🔥 350+ PLAYER PEAK 🔥

Here's what you can expect from VisionRO:
▪ Updated client and server files.
▪ Fully Functional WEBSITE that offers every detailed that players need!
▪ Lots of features and instances to cater to all the players wants/needs.
▪ Organized Events created and hosted by our GM's
▪ Unique Quest System / Custom Star Wars Jobs
▪ Balanced PvP, WoE and Battleground
▪ And many more!! So be sure to check it out!

✅ Join our Community!
Register & Download:
Facebook Group:

✅ Server Rates:
▪ Exp Rates: 10,000x
▪ Drop Rates: 1,000x
▪ Card Drop: 10% Normal, 5% MvP, 1% Rare

✅ Information:
▪ Max Level: 255/120
▪ Instant Cast: 150
▪ Maximum ASPD: 196
▪ 2-2 Transcended Classes
▪ Custom Job Enabled: Star Wars Classes
▪ Star Gladiator & Soul Linker are Disabled
▪ Modified PK Server
▪ Guild Alliance: Disabled

✅ Game and Host:
▪ Server Host: Singapore
▪ Proxies Supported: Multiple Countries
▪ Multi-clients: Enabled
▪ Platform: PC & Android
▪ Gepard Shield & Adelays Protected

✅ Features:
▪ Battlegrounds
▪ Achievement System
▪ PvP, WoE and KoE Point System
▪ MVP Blueprint and Shard System (Interactive)
▪ Custom Cards & Card Recycle System
▪ Battle Pass & RO-Plus System
▪ Automated Daily and Invasion Events!
▪ Custom & Renewal Instances Adaptation
▪ World Boss: Raid
▪ Storyline Quests
▪ Daily Quests (Interactive)
▪ Anti-Bot & Cheat System
▪ Anti-Titan & NoDelay GRF
▪ Lucky Pick, Lotti Girl, Claw Machine, Gachapon, Bet Game, Casino and Auction NPC!
▪ AND MANY MORE so you won't GET BORED!

✅ Server detailed Information
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Guild Migrate:
Guild Referral:

So what are you waiting for? Like/follow our page for more updates! I guarantee you that what you are looking for is here in Vision Ragnarok Online!