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Author Topic: The return of AvalonRO - 4th Job focused on MvP and PvP  (Read 1549 times)

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Offline Sandalphon

The original AvalonRO was launched in 2005. The original concept was to provide a high-quality RO server, always at the edge of Ragnarok Online content. Thanks to PK Mode, high-speed gameplay design and a dedicated playerbase, we've grown into one of the finest RO PvP communities in Ragnarok Online. Our mainline server ceased operating in 2014. Since then, we've kept our community together through small, seasonal servers that were mostly played by members of the old community, with little outside advertisement. Over the years, we used these servers to improve on our formula and balance for PvP.

With the public release of the initial 4th Jobs, we decided to return to the open Ragnarok Online scene with a new server. Once again focused on MvPing, PvPing and updated content.
For our new server, we've made a conscious decision to design our game to be easy to get into. Not only for those who may be new to 4th Jobs, but even for old players who are not familiar with Renewal at all. Our goal is to introduce the world of Modern Ragnarok Online to fans of the classic game.

Unfortunately, PvP is not something you can obtain easily on modern RO servers. Either the PvP scene is dead, or the developers treat it as a separate piece of content, or even a mini-game.
For us, the ability to attack players and contest resources is an inseparable part of the game. We believe that player relationships, alliances and enmities, are the fundamental cornerstones of MMORPGs. As such, there is no distinction between PvP and PvE zones. You are safe inside cities and unsafe anywhere outside of them. It's that simple.

If you're still reading this and our premise clicks with you, here's our basic information.

x1000 EXP
x100 for Equipment, capped at 10%
x100 for Cards, capped at 1%
x10 for everything else

Official values for Stats, MaxLvl and BaseLvl
Max ASPD 196
Pre-Renewal cast formulas /w Instant-Cast at 150 DEX
Normal Ores(Ori/Elu,etc) behave simultaneously as Enriched and HD. They are the only method of refining
PK Mode enabled
Healing items have increased weight. You have a limited potential for self-heal that can be carried in item form

Our website and in-game language are in English. However, our community has always been international. We'd love to receive players from all nationalities and backgrounds.

Open Beta started April 22, 2022. This beta ends and the normal operation begins May 6th, 2022.
Content for the Open Beta is just episode 14.2. That means the Classic Game + New World + Brasilis and Dewata. None of the Renewal Instances except Hazy Forest.
After release, we will put out Renewal Instances and content in chronological content. Our goal is to not overwhelm old players with dozens of new instances and dungeons they know nothing about.
We are working with the latest rAthena. This means we have full implementation of 4-1 and 4-2 Classes.
Expanded 4th Jobs(Ninja, Gunslinger, Taekwon, Super Novice, Summoner) are available for jobchange but will have no skills, you can only access the Trait System. We will add Expanded Jobs as they become available through rAthena updates.

Our approach to balance is quite simple: Low Damage, High Spammability. We use global damage reductions that only affect PvP/PK Damage to keep the damage numbers low.
At the same time, we get rid of delays and reduce cooldowns. This will give you ample opportunity to engage enemy players, counter attack and turn the tide of combat using your entire skill kit.
Skills that have very large AoEs or that don't require targeting suffer from PvP reductions that are even more severe. As such, the skills that work best on monsters are not necessarily the same that will work best against players.

We've traditionally kept our game servers using donation systems. For our new server however, we will be relying on a VIP System instead. Considering the competitive nature of our design, this choice appeared to be the most fair. Our VIP System gives +50% EXP, extra storage space, lets you skip access quests for entering dungeons and gives unlimited access to mounts.

NPCs and Commands:
Player commands do not influence gameplay, with the only exception being Autoloot commands. We don't use @go, @warp or anything that directly influences your character. You must use our custom Warpra NPC to teleport around the world.
The Warpra System is a simple NPC available on all towns. It can teleport you to dungeons and fields. However, you must unlock each and every location by first traveling there by your own means.
We have a standard Healer. It's important to note that this Healer also restores AP, meaning you can full buff yourself before going out to the field. You only need to worry about recovering AP if you're in a situation where you cannot return to town to refill your AP.
We offer a wide range of free cosmetics. You can then enchant these cosmetics to further customize your character. The whole system is free and unlimited. Think of these as Freebies that stays useful forever.

If you'd like to give us a chance, here's where you can find us:

Word of Caution: Our old domain was avalonro.net. We let go of it and someone has taken it and set up a phishing website, pretending to be us. if you google for AvalonRO, that website will be the first hit. Don't click it. Our new domain is avalonro.info
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