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Solari Ragnarok Online




OFFICIAL OPENING DAY: October 23, 2021 at 5 PM (GMT+8)

Register now and join in the fun http://solariragnarok.com/

Basic Information
🔥 Episode 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown
🔥 Classic / Frost Server / Quest Oriented
🔥 Pure 2-2 Transcendent Class Only (No 3rd and 4th Jobs)
🔥 No 3D/Custom Wings
🔥 Base/Job Level: 255/120
🔥 Rates: 8000x/8000x/1000x (modified)
🔥 Normal Cards: 12%
🔥 MVP/Boss Cards: 5%
🔥 Rare Cards: 0.50% (Kiel, Thanatos, FBH, Gloom, Ifrit, Randgris, GTB, Amon Ra, Maya Purple, and MVP LHZ Cards)

🔥 Random Options System
🔥 Improved Monster Arena
🔥 Improved Goldroom
🔥 Implemented Refine UI
🔥 Improved Token Hunter Shop Rewards
🔥 MVP System
🔥 Jobs Improvement
🔥 and many more...

Game & Host
🔥 Multi Client: Enabled
🔥 Gepard Shield Protected
🔥 ADelays/Anti-SpeedHack
🔥 DDoS Protection and Mitigation
🔥 Server Location: Singapore

Basic Commands:
- allskill, alootid, autoloot, autoloottype, autotrade, changegm, changeleader, duel, accept,
- invite, leave, go, hominfo, homstats, homtalk, iteminfo, jailtime, load, mobinfo, noask, noks, party,
- pettalk, rates, refresh, request, showexp, showzeny, storage, time, warp, whodrops, whereis

Custom Commands:
@restock add <itemid> <quantity> : Add an item to restock list.
@restock remove <itemid> : Remove an item from restock list.
@restock list : Show current restock list.
@restock reset : Reset restock list.
@restock help/h : Show this help menu.
@restock : Get restock items from the storage.
@settings: Toggles channel announcements as well as other in-game setting commands.
@instancesetting: Use for initial set-up of the @cd/@cooldown/@instance commands.
@cd/@cooldown/@instance: Shows the status of your character's instance cooldowns.
@battlestats: Gives detailed information about your current battle statistics.
@whosell <name or ID>: Displays the list of vendors selling a specific item.
@whobuy <name or ID>: A command to search buying stores.


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