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Author Topic: RO Battle of Midgard | Pre-RE | EP 13.2 | 99/70 | 1k/10x/10x  (Read 2597 times)

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Welcome to RO Battle of Midgard
This is not your typical High Rate server! Come and explore the official high rate server you'll ever play!
Tired of a very easy HR server? come and take the challenge! play with ease and challenge your gameplay at the same time! Try us now!

Grand Launch - October 8, 2021 (Friday) at 8:00 PM GMT+8 PHT
OBT - October 1-3, 2021 at 8:00PM GMT+8 PHT

👇Useful the links below!👇
👉Start Playing - https://bit.ly/ROBM_Playnow
👉Download here - https://bit.ly/ROBM_Download
👉Register Account: https://bit.ly/ROBM_Register
👉Official website: www.ragnarokbattle.net
Join our discord here 👉https://bit.ly/ROBM_Discord
Join group 👉https://bit.ly/ROBattle_Group

📗Server Information:
Episode 13.2 - Into the Unknown
Mechanics: Pre-Renewal
Global EXP: 1000x
Global DRP: 10x
MVP Drop: 10x
Equipment DRP: 100x
Normal Card: 500x
MVP Card Drop: 100x
Max Level: 99/70
Expanded Class: Available
Guild Cap: 36
Alliance: Disabled
Max ASPD: 190
Instant cast: 150 dex

📚Server Features:
Available on Android devices.
Protected by Gepard shield 3.0
Advanced mitigation DDOS Protection.

📖General Modification:
Disabled God Items
Metamorphosis has been disabled from Mi Gao’s skills.
Asura Strike can be snap dodged.
Bolts removed from Elemental Sword.

Disabled MVP Card:
🚫Ghostring Card
🚫Fallen Bishop Card
🚫Deviling Card
🚫Angeling Card
🚫Maya Purple Card

📝NPC Availability:
Stylist NPC - NO
Job Changer - YES
Warper - YES
Healer - YES
PVP Warper - YES
Card Remover - YES

📋Server Extra Features:
An hourly Playtime Point system
Battleground 3.0 - (Soon)
Daily Login Rewards
Online Lucky Reward
Quest Manager
Hourly Shop
MVP Shop
Event Shop
Costume System
Enchantment System
Item Collector
Card Exchanger

📉Modified Loots Price:
The following items are sold -50% to -80% to keep the economy stable.
All prices are subject to change without notice.
Mastela Fruit  –  2,000z
Royal Jelly  – 1,200z
Pearl   – 1,000z
Ruby  – 1,000z
Opal  – 1,500z
Sapphire   – 1,000z
Sardonyx  – 1,000z
Zircon – 1,000z
1carat Diamond   – 2,500z
2carat Diamond  – 6,000z
3carat Diamond  – 12,000z
Crystal Mirror  – 2,500z
Witherless_Rose  – 7,500z
Frozen Rose  – 7,500z
Stiletto           – 3,500z
Undershirt   – 2,500z
Skull Ring   – 2,500z
Gold Ring   – 5,000z
Silver Ring   – 4,000z
Diamond Ring  – 7,500z
Crest Piece  – 700z
Crest Piece   – 700z
Crest Piece   – 700z
Crest Piece  – 700z
Munak Doll  – 1,000z
Stone of Sage   – 20,000z
Ragamuffin Manteau   – 7,000z
Green Salad  – 0z
Red Blood  – 100z
Crystal Blue   – 100z
Wind of Verdure  – 100z
Green Live   – 100z
Box of Thunder  – 100z
Box of Gloom   – 100z
Box of Resentment  – 100z
Box of Drowsiness   – 100z
Box of Storms  – 100z
Box of Sunlight  – 100z
Giggling Box  – 100z
Box of Panting  – 100z
Professional Cooking Kit   – 1,000
Bomber Steak          – 1z
Steamed Ancient Lips  – 1z

📈Modified Drop Rate:
The following items are modified to fix the drop rate and keep the economy stable.
Diabolus Armor - 10%
Diabolus Boots - 10%
Diabolus Robe - 10%
Dark Bacilium - 10%
Valkyrie Armor - 10%
Valkyrie Manteau - 10%
Valkyrie Shoes - 10%
Valkyrja's Shield - 10%
Bison Horn - 10%
Variant Shoes - 10%
Combat Knife - 10%
Bloodied Shackle Ball - 10%
Proxy( Shadow Garb ) - 10%

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