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Raw Ragnarok Online
« on: May 16, 2014, 11:19 am »
RawRO Rates:
Base Exp: 5000x
Job Exp: 5000x
Drop Rate: 2000x
default Equip Drop: 2000x   
Card Drop: 500x   
MVP Equip Drop: 1000x   
MVP Card Drop: 200x
Max Base Lvl: 255   
Max Job Lvl: 120   
Max Stats: 255   
Max ASPD: 195

Low skill delay
Intense PvP, WoE, Battlegrounds
Custom mobs, Maps & Pets.
600+ Custom Items.
Beginner zone
Intense PVE

About us:
- Active, knowledgeable, and Professional Staff.
- New in-game content added every maintenance.
- Seasonal events and games for your holidays!
- PvP, WoE, Battlegrounds oriented.
- Custom features, Quests, Games, Events, And much more!
- We strive on being challenging but rewarding.

And SO much more!

So come check us out today and join the fun at RawRO!


Website : http://raw-ro.com
Register : http://raw-ro.com/?module=account&action=create
Forums  : http://raw-ro.com/forums/

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