Prontera PvP Realm | Renewal 3rd Class Eps 17.2 | 200/70

Started by Valor, Dec 03, 2023, 10:55 AM

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Renewal PvP Battleground Realm Eps 17.2 Sage Legacy Pk Mode 200/70
3rd Class | Kagerou Oboro | Rebellion | Summoner | Star Emperor | Soul Reaper | Extended Super Novice
Server location: France OVH - Strasbourg

Just opened my home. Idea and adaptation comes from Warmane WoW-Blackrock PvP server where players given free tier A gears and grinding through battleground to get tier S. Here on Prontera PvP Realm, you are given an +11 refined enchanted end game gears. No pvm, no farm, just battleground and afk all day for pvp lover. Even when you are busy with your RL thing, you still generate our currency by just afk-ing in our city. Then later you can maximize your refine and enchant. Check our siege config for more information.

  • Kreiger von Midgard
    • The most common known ragnarok deathmatch scenario battleground.
  • Flavius: Capture The Flag
    • Each side tries to take the opponent flag and "cap" (score) it at their own base.
  • Flavius: Defence of the Ancient
    • Destroy enemy crystal. In order to destroy the Crystal, a team must first defeat the two Guardians of the opposing team.
  • Tierra Valley: Base Control
    • Each side tries to take the Neutral Base at the center of the map. By owning the base, you will generate team point to win the game.
  • The Death Pit: Last Man Standing
    • Eliminate all existing enemy until you be the last man standing.
  • Organized Duel Arena
    • Challenge your friends and enemies to battle 1 v 1 inside arena to proof who is the better player.
  • Modified War of Emperium 2.0
    • Similiar to Tierra Valley Base Control, win a war based on guild point generated by holding a castle, not by emperium last hit at the end of war.

Everything here is simplified, easier to obtain with pvp currency, easier to enchant with less randomness, easier to upgrades with much higher success chance.
Free you from stress on leveling and gearing up! Craft your master build and have fun with your friends in pvp battleground.

"Our doors are widely opened to welcome you all to our housewarming city. Your presence is indeed a pleasure for us!"

come join on Prontera PvP Realm, Enjoy!