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Started by PokemonAscension, Aug 17, 2022, 05:48 PM

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Launch: August 27, 2022

Server Information:
Max level: 99 / 70
Max stats: 99
Max ASPD: 199
Rates: 150x/150x/150x/1x MVP
Gepard Shield 3.0
LGP Plugin
2018 Client

Pokemon System:

Pokemon have a full stats system along with a leveling and evolution system

Learnable TM System:

With 492 TM Skills added from Pokemon Games, players can teach Pokemon different skills to power them up

Elemental Types:

Pokemons complete type system has been imported into the server to ensure accuracy and balancing when it comes to Pokemon VS Pokemon events

Pokemon Card System:

This would not be complete without our Pokemon Card System. Collect booster packs, farm cards and power up your Pokemon by collecting their card. The more cards you collect, the stronger the Pokemon will be when you summon them!

Random Options System:

Max out your character with our amazing random options system.

With Option Orbs to modify your items such as:

  • Reroll Orb
  • Randomize Values Orb
  • Add New Option Orb


While the random options provide some amazing maxing of your character for PVM, all the PVP and WoE related content will require players to have their options removed and become "PVP Compliant"

This ensures the balance gameplay of 99/70 for intense PVP & WOE & KOE

Pre-registration has now started, come join our growing community today!

99/70 | 1000+ Pokemon | Gym Leaders | Daily Instances | Random Options (All Items)