Episode 19.1 Renewal

Started by LuffySab, Sep 15, 2022, 12:26 PM

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Hello, thank you for opening and reading this advertise.

We are a brand new Renewal server based on stable progression of latest Ragnarok Online content.
Our rates are 200x200x20x | Episode 19 | All 4th Jobs + Expanded and latest skill improvements.

Our goal is to stay stable with this end game at least 2 years before adding new future episodes.

MMO4th Homepage
MMO4th Discord
RMS Link

1 Minute ingame = 1 Cash Point

Server Features
  • EXP Rates: 200x200x
  • Drop Rates: 20x
  • MvP Card: 1x
  • Instance Party Bonus
  • 2022 Client
  • Episode 19.1
  • All 4th Jobs + Expanded
  • All skill improvements
  • All kRO cash items farmable
  • Less walking more playing
  • Gepard + Anti AFK Farming system
  • 50k zeny = 1 Cash Point
  • Referal System = 1000+ Cash Points
  • All basic custom NPCs, warper, healer, buffer, job changer etc.
  • Episode quests auto skip up to 18.1
  • Constant ingame events
  • Unique World Boss system
  • Weekly ranking rewards
  • Over 2000+ unique costume headgears
  • PvP/BG and PK enabled on MvP maps.
  • Very progressive with end game guarantee at Episode 19 for at least 2 years.

Don't be shy to talk to us in our discord, hope to see you!