Midgard Tales | Episode 20 The Immortal | 200x200x20x | 4th Job Renewal

Started by LuffySab, Aug 26, 2023, 03:37 AM

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Looking for a long-term stable server with high quality updates? Begin your Midgard journey with us!

Recent release of Episode 20, we need your help Stop Rasgand from merging with Nyar, and prevent him to break out from barrier to invade into mainland of Midgard. Question remains...who is behind creation of Rasgand? Why are some Iwins turning aggressive? How to gain eternal life? Explore and enjoy!

Get instantly to Level 200 and receive a full set of equipment ready to dive in!
This feature gives everyone easy and quick access to try our server without feeling the need of heavy time spending, before you decide if you want to be with us or not.

Base EXP: 200x
Job EXP: 200x
MvP Bonus EXP: 200x
Quest EXP: 200x
Item Drop Rate: 20x
MvP Card Drop Rate: 1x
MvP Bonus Item Rate: 1x

Max Hairstyle: 42
Max Color Dye: 699
View Range: 20 Cells
Homunculus/Pet Friendly: 20x
Homunculus/Pet Rename: Enabled
Vending Tax: 0%

Mechanism: Renewal
Episode 20 The Immortal
Classes: 4th Job
Rebalances: Latest kRO
Max Level: 260/55
Max Client: 1 per PC
Max Characters: 15 + 5

Game Play
Item Use minimum Delay: 300ms
Skill Use minimum Delay: 100ms
KS protection: 10 seconds
Party Share: 50 Levels
Death Penalty: 10% EXP Loss
PvP/GvG/BG reduction: 99%
Minimum Auto Bonus/Spell Rate: 3%

Feature Highlights

Many ways to get Cash Points:
  • Literary a server were you can get Cash Points by just playing.
  • Exchange from NPC 50,000 Zeny to 1 Cash Point.
  • Every 1 minute spent in-game rewards with 1 Cash Point.
  • Random AFK check rewards with Cash Point.
  • Receive free Cash Points when referring other players.

Less walking, more gaming:
  • We have gathered most important features close to each other, allowing players to walk lesser and dive directly into the game.
  • Key feature such as Illusion Dungeons and Nightmare Dungeons are all less than 5 seconds walk from center of Prontera.

PvP is the true end game:
  • Our goal is to create a very intense and dramatic PvP environment for for those who seek blood from other players.
  • Many PvP events to fight and collect Player Skulls in arena.
  • Weekly War of Emperium with unique rewarding feature for all participants.
  • Incredible good balanced reduction system to prevent 1 shot kill when both players are having matching gears each other. (Defense build works here.)

Constant fun events, achievements and costume:

  • Our ingame events are continually happening with good variations.
  • Unique World Boss event that allows every participant to get something out of it.
  • Daily Achievements, were you can fulfill and farm achievement levels without making many characters.
  • Over 2000+ costume headgears, and monthly implementation of newest ones out in the market for you to dress your character to attract all eyes.

Diverse game play, chill and win:
  • Fishing? We have it! Very unique system too, easy to learn and good catch, possible reward is one of the most wanted materials.
  • Mining? We have it! Different types of mining sites for you to choose from, and the materials mined are unique!
  • Farming and Housing? We have it! Everyone reaching level 200 gets an exclusive instanced Home where you can cultivate your own Silvercat Fruit tree for daily fruits!

Website: https://www.midgardtales.com
Discord: https://www.midgardtales.com/discord

See you in Midgard Tales.