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Author Topic: Gate-Ro Pre-Re E17.2/ High-Rate Server / 1k/1k/400x  (Read 2145 times)

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Gate-Ro Pre-Re E17.2/ High-Rate Server / 1k/1k/400x
« on: Sep 15, 2021, 01:01 pm »
What is G-Renewal?
It is the system of mechanics developed by Odin which consists of a fusion / fully adaptation of Renewal to Pre-renewal, it mixes mechanics from both Renewal and Pre-renewal in search of a balance focused on PvP, Woe, BG & PVE while aiming for an equality for all the jobs (4th jobs, 3rd Jobs, Extended), skills and damage formulas from both Pre-Renewal Renewal are used, many of the good things of the Renewal are used such as the diversity of Jobs, items, stats, tp etc. This is all fully adapted to a Base Pre-Renewal but it became so updated and modified that could not be called Pre-Re or Renewal anymore but a child of both, which is why it is called G-Renewal.

• • Discord Link: https://discord.gg/QG88yGgn47


Episode 17.2 (18 Soon)
✓ 250 Base Level
✓ 50 Job Level
✓ 200 Max Status Level
✓ 191 Max Attack Speed
✓ 127 Max Attribute Points in all Jobs (even Novice at lv 200)

Server Type: Full Renewal Adapted to Pre-Renewal (G-Renewal)
✓ Pre-Renewal » 1-2trans, Items, Monsters, Instances and Status Bonus + Skills Formula
✓ Renewal » Item + Equipment, Maps + Mobs + Instances, 3-4th Jobs + Expanded Jobs, 4th Exclusive TP in all jobs! + Skills Formula
✓ G-Renewal> All Above! /gg

✓ Mid-Rate Server
✓ 1k/1k/400x
✓ Normal Cards: 2%
✓ Mini Boss and MVPs: 1%

✓ Fall of Glast Heim
✓ Edda Bio Labs
✓ Old Glast Heim Challenge+Hard + normal mode
✓ Infinite Space
✓ Temple of the Demon God
✓ Endless Tower
✓ Nidhoggur's Nest
✓ Orc Memory Dungeon
✓ Sealed Shrine
✓ All Instances until 17.2
✓ All Illusion Dungeons!
✓ Dungeo F3
✓ Abyss Dungeon F4
✓ Odin Past
✓ Magma 3

✓ Race System: Vampire, Orc, Undead, Elemental, Dark and Light Elves etc.
✓ 4th Talent Points in all Jobs (Even Novice)
✓ Party Focused PvE/M
✓ Balanced 4th Job PvP. BG, Woe Ready! (check our youtube channel)
✓ kRO gear progression
✓ Championship Belts
✓ Bomberman BG
✓ Cross Server Events
✓ Battle of Admins

Server Links:

• Discord Link: https://discord.gg/QG88yGgn47

• Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/GateRagnarokOnline

• Website:http://gate-ro.com/

• Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpvImCU5l_DzfVbg9E4vZfQ/videos

Party Focused PvM

PvP Action

4th job showcases