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Author Topic: Frozen Ragnarok Online (HighRate)  (Read 2477 times)

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Frozen Ragnarok Online (HighRate)
« on: Mar 30, 2014, 08:19 pm »
/lv Frozen Ragnarok Online /lv

Website: www.rogaming.net/Frozen
Download: www.mediafire.com/download/jpn1gc7wnfmutcg/FrozenRO+v.1.1.rar
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/frozenragnarokonline

3rd Job Server
Instant Level
Hunt Server
Easy Quest
2x Monster

Server Information:
Base: 8000x
Job:  8000x
BaseLevel: 255
JobLevel: 120
Stats: 150
ASPD: 195

Drop Rate:
Common: 100%
Equipment: 80%
Normal Card: 60%
MVP Card: 20%

Respawn rate:
Normal Monster: 100%
MVP Monster: 10%

100% ATK & -100% ATK on Gospel
100% MATK on MindBreaker
Thanatos Card

3x Free Custom Headgear of ur Choice
2x Free Valkyrie Set
2x Free Deviling Card
2x Free Deviling Card
2x Free Tao Gunka Card
2x Free Ghostring Card
2x Free Moonlight Flower Card
2x Free Doppelganger Card
4x Free Turtle General Card

JOIN US NOW !!  /lv /lv /lv
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