Empire Classic Ro|High Rate|255/120

Started by EdongAdobo, May 22, 2022, 08:45 PM

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Empire Classic RO
The server launched on April 30 2022
I played  this server for a while and I wanted to share this to you guys  because the server is actually good!
And so that the community will grow
They do have friendly Gms and players  /lv

/oServer info /o
Max Level: 255/120
Available Classes: Transcendent & Starwars Jobs
Server Mechanics: Pre-renewal
Server Mode: PK Server
Server Location: Singapore
Base Exp. Rate: x8000
Job Exp. Rate: x8000
Quest Exp. Rate: x8000
Normal Card Drop Rate: 10%
MVP Card Drop Rate: 5%
Rare Card Drop Rate: 1.5%
Common Item Drop Rate: 100%
Equipment Drop Rate: 100%
MVP Equipment Drop Rate: x100
Max ASPD: 197
Max Guild Members: 18
Unlimited Ammunition (Arrows, Bullets, Ninja Tools)

/oBasic Server Features /o
+Automated events
+Custom Main town
+Custom Quest
+Custom PvP Room
+Pvp and Mvp Ladder System
+Gold Room
+BloodyBranch(MVP Room)
+Shared Zeny Account

General commands:
@alootid +(id of the item)

They're also planning to have a mobile version soon!

Interested? Visit our website at:

or join our discord at:

FB page