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Author Topic: ElpisRO - HighRate - New Server - Opening on April 17  (Read 1635 times)

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Offline elpis

Dear RMS viewers/members,

Thank you for clicking the topic, hopefully you will find our settings interesting and playable for you. The server is not yet open, pretty much will start as a basic server as we do not want to implement a bunch of stuff we don't know if the server community will like, from here we plan to follow the community and implement reasonable changes in the future.

So why don't you take a look below, see if the server fits your taste. Thanks!

Website: www.elpisro.net
Opening Date: April 17, 2014

In Summary, Elpis wanted to provide a server with fast leveling, instant mvp action, on a challenging drop rate system. No Big Sprites, no custom item effects(just costumes), No god items etc. A second home for those who are in need. A new hope. You can find more by reading below.


Host: Singapore

Server Type: PK Renewal

Base Exp: 10k

Job Exp: 10k

Normal Drop/Healing/Usable/Equipment: 50x

Normal Card Rate: 10k

Boss Drop Common/Healing: 20x

Boss Drop Usables: 50x

Boss Drop Equip: 10x

Boss Drop Card: 1.0x

Card Base Drop: 50x

Treasure Box Drop: 15x

Max level: 255

Max Job level: Official

Max Stats: 255

Instant Cast: 180 dex

Main town: Prontera

PvP Room: Izlude

New Player Freebies: Yes

Warper: Yes

WOE: Normal and 1 MvP Allowed

WOE Schedule(not yet implemented but will be 3 times a week minimum)

NOT PK AREA : anthell01, hidden dun, towns

MvP System: Instant Respawn upon death



below 230 level cant be pk


GTB effect 70%

AssASIN card effect = official/cloaking

No Bloody branch NPC or bloody branch that are gain in tresure box

no speed pots, no special usable items


party gaps 50 levels

no god items

no over sized pixelated costumes and equips

body reloc has 0.3 sec cooldown

no gold room