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Aqua Ragnarok Online
« on: Jul 13, 2021, 02:55 pm »

Aqua Ragnarok Online
255/120 High Rate Farming Server

This server has a brand new Custom RO World worth more than 6 months of content waiting for you to play aside from just WOE and PVP.
Plenty of quest to unlock more Gears, balanced WOE builds, we have so far the best PVM Content.

If you like farming and not into the traditionally RO grinding, come try playing with us!
We got more than 200 Custom Maps, 1000 Custom Headgears, and over 1000 Custom Monsters waiting for you to explore!

Join us Now at www.aquaragnarok.com

Join us Now at www.aquaragnarok.com
Discord at https://discord.gg/uszu5J2k9d
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Owner of AquaRO, highrate 255/120 Frost semifarm server.

trailer of my server