Zeira / Brenth / Juvia (Atlas ro - Aeva ro)

Started by Wolf_King, Nov 10, 2016, 02:50 AM

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this is the first time i've ever felt the need to rant about a private server

back to the migao thing even tho it's long gone. It should be said that i spoke with several GMs about it before guilds started to abuse it. General answer is that no one seems to be able to contact someone who can fix/juvia . So guess what, it was possible to abuse this bug for several weeks and only when guilds started to make it the dumb way with server lag/dc it was finally noticed but still took a week to be fixed. (easy official statement: they were getting ddos'ed  /heh).

at this point, i should have decided to quit that server already, in the end hopes of good+crowded woe/bg kept me quiet as i had obviously profited from the exploit aswell (if they dont care to fix it, i guess you can just continue to use it). their claims that they banned abusers is obviously not true, i know for a fact that they actually banned some randoms that just happened to kill mi gaos and didnt even spawn them.

All of the AHK story its just truly mindblowing how a GM / GM team thinks disabling AHK is a smart idea on a midrate with normal spam heavy settings. Truly no one can get around this hardcore protection (jk, everyone who can script anything can do a simple click spam on his own and probably the same basic bots that you could use with AHK).
However, once again you still might get some decent woe, since they reverted this there was no damage done. It only showed what was known before, that this whole team is full of clowns.

Now to the last part of my journey on this server. We basically spawned MVPs with abra on random maps and just at the right time there are people on the map. I guess its easy if you use GM recall for it  /no1. However, since these are mostly pinoy gms i guess they are bad at the game, so its literally impossible to lose mvp's like that. Still shows that these GMs will most likely abuse their powers with other stuff aswell.


In the end, i dont expect much from midrate (donate) servers, but this one was special with the amount of s*** happening and still being successful. To all guild leaders, you should think twice about if you want to continue on the server, even if you are botting zeny/eq, you are still supporting the server by buying donates with zeny.

@juvia/ GM team: make sure to also pass me the date of first woe, so your players gonna be able to see this message  /swt http://i.imgur.com/98JN7Wg.jpg


It been a while and I am happy to see Zeira / Juvia / Brenth is registered in hall of shame now a****** totally deserves it)
And i found this


yes he did control the market. the donate headgear cost $5 - the most expensive box on the donate shop stayed 20m or less it never went past 30m zeny
what was the point of deflating donates? so people would donate more to obtain zeny. The high-end gears costs 60m+ or more. To top-up your character in his server without farming/botting would mean that you would have to spend more than $100 to obtain high-end gears.


wow Brenth/Juvia etc. got inducted to tha HOS before Yrvine/Leaf/Talis but I guess "better late than never"
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There are people who making some bad reviews for his new server but this one accuse on higher ends.
I hope he will come up here and give screenshots


lol..    /swt

I heard this place hasn't even had an official WoE setup yet, that it was 'testing' or something? How? It's been open for months haha

Not really sure why people haven't woken up yet, and realized that they're being misled.


I was on the server since launch till mid December, carefully watching and listening.

As far as I can tell, there is no admin corruption.

There is, however, a lack of experienced GMs. From letting the Increase Soil bug go for so long and their exploiters largely unpunished except one soul selected to sacrifice as an 'example', to their autopot fiasco, there's been a lot of laughter at this server and it was deserved.

Last I could tell, the GMs wore themselves out listening to the community about small stuff and put slugs on the keyboard to deal with everything else, hoping one day that the slugs will press the right keys in the right order enough to complete some of the missing, advertised features.

I'll check back in five years and see how those keyboard slugs are doing, maybe they'll have WoE implemented at last.