Started by Usagimimi, May 01, 2011, 04:09 PM

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They mix&matched from the old IntenseRO site, too. Those side buttons for voting and donation were on the older site (I think; I know they're from Intense somewhere, though)

Cheese Time

Lol, I do recognize the bars! Small catch you got there.


I thought we had topic about this?  Or this is the n+1 website that used the intense template ...


I think the designer is same

Noname ro have tried level best to make their site up to the mark with intense ro

Design is copied in some way but coding differs not fully copied i think
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Yup, another copy, mix and paste site.  Those buttons were on the side bar of IntenseRO's site as far back as the end of 2009 when I used to play there.  Quite funny.

Chemical Crush

Everyone wants to copy Intense's Site.  I kinda get why cause it looks okay.  But i've honestly seen better.

Then again its just preference.

Point being, people need to quit with the lame site theft.  Who would honestly take a server seriously if they rip from other servers.   It just makes me think you can't afford the server yourself.  So why bother?


Copied Material:

1) The "ON" button (which is used on Intense when WoE is in session)

2) The Server Time green bar (on Intense, it's an Alarm; they changed it to a Yoyo)

3) The "Log-In Account" Kafra button on the top-right

4) The entire Log-In bar itself

5) The "Players Online" blue and white bar at the top, where they crappily changed it to "Join" and "Us" 'cause they suck at coding

6) The "Register", "Vote Now", and "Donation" buttons on the left-hand side, which were taken from the 2009 Intense site

7) The "Connect With Us" bar in its entirety

8) The entire "News" template

9) "Fortress Lords" (which I doubt they even have lol!), "Gallery", and "Player of the Month" buttons on the bottom

10) The "So What Are You Waiting For? Join Us Now!" image

11) The arrow pointing up on the right-hand side - on Intense, it's the wheel donation shop; on NoName, it's for the WoE Schedule

12) The feather flash effect when hovering over "Home", "Forum", "Download" and "RO Info" on NoNameRO's site

13) The code :B

The entire thing is basically a rip through-n-through, the coding, the images, etc. It's not just a "small" catch :S it's the entire site with the exception of a few minor images that were probably ripped from somewhere else lol


In Intense some part uses js scripts but in no name it doesnt

My assumption is that they have just created animation different rest they have used the design very much arranged in a different way but the coding is very much different
My guild has joined the event to become world champions in the ragnarok world have you? Click here know more


edited my commentar


>how can we copy the homepage without any .PSD file
you recreate it in photoshop.. its not even inspiration anymore if you just copy the exact look and/or feel lol

also i dont see how having diff code justifies that you can just blatantly copy a site like that.. its painfully obvious


Don't try to fool was saying it wad the same designer, lol. Yhmwhy would never create something as badly created as your website, comparing to his other works, Ofc.

And, ok, we see that the whole website is not stolen because the code is pretty worse. But the general appeared was obviously copied and some buttons were stolen yes without being at least discrete, rofl.


Well I have seen this site and a lot of site who ripped our v2 website, but whats funny is this server even copied icons from the first website we had back in 2009. Glad we're making another one for 2011 and sadly I think they'll rip it again =(