Voyage RO - How to sink a promising server.

Started by ilphithra, Mar 20, 2011, 01:24 PM

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That's just plain disgusting. And how did he expect not to get caught?


Never, NEVER use the same password on a RO server that you use anywhere else. I just had a case of ragnaturn admin logging in and deleting chars from players that moved from that server to LRO and used the same pass. Honestly, it doesn't scare me that people would try to steal money using players passwords info as well. A valuable lesson everyone should learn in the easy or hard way:

1. Some servers do not encrypt passwords. They either don't know how to change a "no" to "yes" in the login server and CP conf, or are not worried that someone hacks in and is able to select player info and GM accounts or are officially trying to use your information. AVOID.


Wow... I'm gone 2 months due to real life issues and come back to see this... I never thought things would get so low...
When trying to go to the CP, Firefox blocks it and screams "hacker page" at me. I wonder what happens to peeps using IE or other browsers that don't block this...  :-X

Sorry for the necro  btw... :-\
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I know something fishy is going on in this guy =))