Server is Giving out Credits for writing a Review

Started by jhenhell, Oct 01, 2011, 01:20 AM

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I was writing a review with the server that I am currently playing when I saw this:


That's ... actually the same as telling me someone give them incentive for review without showing me a screenshot or url. 


Btw, the writer is the owner of another server lol.  Plus that owner was banned twice because he broke our terms.  Now he is having a third server under a different name but it just got banned too because he uses multiple accounts to write review on his own listing this time.

This is exactly why I demand proof before action.

Hey hmm you look familiar ...


No wonder.  You are the owner I am talking about.  Why don't you simply stop abusing the review system and the forum already kid?

First you managed to get Scary RO banned twice for breaking our terms of services.

Then you wrote this fake review and be the fake reporter yourself to try to get another server banned like yours.

Then while I investigate into this matter I found that you are the owner of Vish RO and found your other reviewer accounts that you use abuse the system.

It's enough already.  Back fire can be dangerous.

I'll give you 24 hour if you have anything to say, just because I want to hear something funny.  After that this fake account of yours need to be gone.

Look, it only take a person half asleep to spot the relation and then dig deeper.  The reviewer is called phaw16 who wrote a review for Vish RO on Sept 23:

Then wrote a review for Spooky RO on Oct 1st.  But look at the Vish RO forum or whatever the name Phaw is everywhere as Admin.

Of course our forum IP tracker and site data mining confirmed the whole story but for your privacy I won't give any details on that.

I am gonna give some ss so you can delete your review or it will be gone anyway since it's fake.

This belongs to the Hall of Shame.  Making up stuff and faking report is unacceptable, I can't believe anyone is trying to do this in such a way that is so .... bleh no comment. 

Just in case you will remove your ss in the first post, i'll make a copy of it below too.  Just for laugh.