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Ok so there is this server Psycho-RO that  STOLD and is using a lot of our server files on their server. Many of these are copyrighted. They took and are using 1. Our Copyrighted website done by jigs-gfx. You will see the copyright on my website. They also stold our GRF and use our files / client. You can tell because I downloaded their server, and they use OUR servers .xml and .ini since it used a custom name for the hexed client. And their admin is not good enough to be able to properly hex a client without using ours. They also copy cat our ideas. Aside from the pokemon pets/ mobs our Events / mob drops/ maps/ scripts/ and item names? We did not get GRF Encryption until a few weeks ago, we have had more custom added features which they do not have access to getting anymore. SO all they have is from a month or so ago when we started beta testing.

NOTE: I am the ONLY person with access to my server and files. They have had help in using scripts similar to ours. When I saw them in game they are very similar but do not function the same way. We use SRC edits and seems they don't know how to do that. Or hex a client, as you will see under.

Let's start with the POORLY ripped website.
Here is my website:

And here is the POOR rip from Psycho-RO:

NOTE: Our server has been an ongoing project and have not fully publicly released. Which shows on our population. Before launching these guys already did using  our info.

Ok now I will show some examples of the item uses from our database:

Example of one of our sets:

On their page now:

NOTE: Jasc is the name of the other founder of my server. He owns Society RO and we are both in a joint network. But he is not an admin / gm in my server. That set was just a gm set.

Now I will demostrate the GRF rip from my server using their GRF:
My grf names: ElysiumRO-1.grf and ElysiumRO-2.grf... Psycho GRF's: PsychoRO-1.grf and PsychoRO-2.grf.
The 2nd grf was where we stored palletes.
Here you will see our .xml file... named elysiumxml and its hexed to work with our custom client. You will also see the name of our main custom town map elysium. and one of the starter maps profoak near the bottom. I know the GRF builder does not show the grf name. But anyone can download their client and see for themselves.

And a few more of our custom maps.

And in here you will see the .ini file also hexed to our client.

Here you will see that they used as much info to match as possible. I will first post their server using /where for map info, and @mi rayquaza to compare them.

Psycho-RO server:

My server:

If there  is any other info you want me to provide let me know. But this is a poor example of a cloned server... and complete rip of almost every resource, including ideas and event names/ scripts.


Why do you have to cover the name in the main site image for Psycho-RO?  You can post their link it doesn't matter we know what we are doing.  It isn't gonna attract people to join them.

Is that their main town on that empty space you are on?  Where are their 104 online?  Can you find them?

You need to contact them and their host to resolve the issue.  Did you try?  Any reply?


I'm guessing they're "smart enough" to not use Elysium as their main town.
Tsk at their actions of ripping of a server... to an intense degree. Converted from Flux to Ceres lol for the website.

Well, I hope everything will turn out well on your end, Armani. yC offered some good suggestions if you hadn't try them yet. Best to contact their host to take this issue on, and perhaps they will suspend the website hosting until they get their own website design.
I don't know what you can do about the client files, but more players know about your server than theirs. I don't really see an advantages to join theirs over yours. Though, it's questionable as to how they ripped off your scripts in-game... You can copy server side files? Just heard about copying grfs but not really scripts before.
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I am not covering the image... In my Chrome browser the java is done poorly I assume and it goes Over the image? Try going on their website. They use Prontera NOW as main town, if you look at their screenshots on their RMS page (here

You will see in one of them they had their main town as ours, with similar NPC positions. I will post a few more screen shots of several in game features I found. The players are all merchants and @afk chars in town.

And about communicating with them I attempted to by communicating on the owners facebook (he linked it on his site) and on forums. No response. And I do not know who their host are, or how to get the host to take any type of action? Anyways I just believe its unfair for them to have the privilege to advertise and be listed here on not only Copyrighted material but even ripped client/grf/pretty much everything. Yea we might have advantage over them and are not fully launched. Just trying to point out what should be fair and justice. I know the ToS here has no protection against copyright such as a website. But how about using other servers grf? client? If nothing can be done then oh well.

@Yukino: They did not rip our scripts... They have had help in building them as close and similar to ours. Il pm yC with the screenshot as the person that told me has helped them with scripts did not know about us and the server being totally ripped.

Psycho Mall Example:

My Mall (Map released after encryption, if not they would be using it by now I'm sure)

Psycho Event arena:

My event arena:

Here is a screenie of their main town btw, since you asked. I could find not any other players around in other maps. so not sure how it adds up to 100+. And rarely anyone is actually online. On the website click Information/Who's Online. You will see a lot of 1/1 level and with names such as "asdasd" If you log on now im sure it looks the same. I took this screenshot just now, and looks the same pretty much as this morning when I took the others.

Their Job Change quest arena:

Our Job Change quest arena:


Someone ninja edited a website EUHEUHEUHE


Cool, now he's hotlinking to images from our website =D

I should totally make hotlinked images turn into a huge TalonRO banner~


Quote from: DeePee on Feb 04, 2012, 09:10 AM
Cool, now he's hotlinking to images from our website =D

I should totally make hotlinked images turn into a huge TalonRO banner~
Don't forget to add a thx for advertising us in the bottom of the banner!!

PS - Do it for the lulz and screenshot ;( [yeah, found the hotlinked image too UEHUEUHE]


Who would have the patience to copy an exact server from NPcs, to GRFs, and ripping a java/flash site? >.>


Who forgot that ninjas are everywhere!!

Ninjas are everywhere


To be honest I LOL'd more than got angry at the poor job.... But there is a lot more they attempted to do. And I think they are copying our every move sinve we have not released yet and they have I suppose? But Their scripting is not good. And I'm not afraid they are ruining our server since it does not compete with the real value we have. But they did spend some time trying to become us I assume, and If you go in game he has automatic broadcast like every minute or so asking players to Donate. Over everything else.


So I just noticed they just changed the website layout. And re installed their forums. Not sure if they did it or the well known scriptor that had helped them set up. And was hosting their site I think. Told me if they did not change it he would terminate forums and site. So I think he did


That's good then =D. Good thing you contacted that person.
Hopefully, something changes in-game as well.
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Well yea that's one thing done.  I wonder what made them changed. 

The reason we cannot take action on non-original content is because stealing one image is a a steal while stealing everything from website to grf is also a steal.  There are plenty of servers using sprite/graphic from unknown source, some of which might not have permissions from the authors.  We cannot choice to take action based on what "we think" is important.  The amount of damage done from stealing one image vs the amount of damage done from stealing a whole website/grf is unmeasurable and mean differently to different people.  We cannot say "oh your whole grf is stolen I'll ban them" and then to somebody else "oh that's one file in your grf forget it we aren't gonna help".  It isn't fair to judge by neither quality nor quantity.  So we'll have to leave our-self out of these issues. 

Moving this to Hall of Shame.  The pictures better stay online and un-expired ;p.


Funny, they use our Info from my home page. Even on the new website. Wow they don't understand the idea of being original.

Pre-renewal Source edits (Slow walk speed of defender removed / Tarot Card no longer
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its fine, I contacted jigs about the original design. You have a server infinitely better than a copy cat, so I think jigs probably sent him a message on copying his design.