Solace RO and Dawn Blacklist Ver. 2

Started by Mitsuo2, Jan 17, 2010, 07:36 PM

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Mitsuo, please, do not post personal information on this forum.

As Final said, that person might not be the guy you're looking for.
And, posting personal information is not allowed.

And so you killed yourself,
but you killed everyone else around you too.


ah, I see.  Yeah that would be bad.  I removed the images...though their still up in Final's quote. =X


This is still going, and it's just a bunch of lunacy. Whether it's been Dawn or not doesn't matter, SolaceRO is right now one of those servers that shouldn't be listed because of the hazards. If it's not him, then why did I get a letter in his handwriting, that I've seen before? If it's not him, then who has access to his account now that he changes his password every two weeks to prevent people from accessing sensitive material? If it's not him, why did he put me in charge of the server only to never give me the passwords and logins even after myself and Riccio, amongst many others, asked him to do so?

It's not plausible that this wouldn't be him. Especially since he went in himself and edited the Flower Rings to make him and his brother close to invincible Soul Linkers, and his brother had a Combat Knife I'm 98% sure was spawned on Dawn's GM account.

But my point isn't to bash anyone at this point, my point is simply to say this: Put everyone out of the way and take Solace off the listings at the very least. He deserves at least that. Screwing with people's MSNs, giving people's e-mails out, sending me a letter, putting the blame on everyone who worked with him, editing Mitsuo's post possibly...If that's NOT enough to put him in the hall of shame, it should be enough to remove the listing. I don't see why you're all so hesitant.

At the same time though, I can't see why we're all so persistent. Dawn's a pompous donkey, whatever. Time to move on and get over it.


well it's be been about 2 days and no word from yC or anyone on the blacklisting/HoS of Dawn?


Atleast Solace has been delisted. Cant help but laugh at how people are now stating what I had since I got banned. Kinda ironic now oh well, guess I will never get dawn admitting that I was right. I heard he still hates me :3

I agree on addin him to a HoS or somethins though n_n;
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Definatly sounds like a GM Hall of Shame member. This topic is perfect backup for the case.

I support Dawn being added.


As I am getting continuous pms from Mitsuo2 pushing RMS to take action as to ban the listing & put the GM in HoS, I'll make a reply here as well in additional to all the replies in PMs to Mitsuo2.

First, corruption isn't a crime on the server listing.  The server listing is bounded by the Basic Server Requirements and Terms of Services.  The reason I gave attention to this case is because Mitsuo2 claimed his RMS forum account was hacked by the owner of a server that is currently listed on the site.  That is not a direct violation to both the BSR or the ToS but an unacceptable action done to the RMS community that would show the server is not trustworthy and thus deserve an investigation + further action if needed.

That being said, that mean a server listing cannot be delisted because the server owner hacks someone's MSN.  That's right.  Who know how many other server owners hack someone's bank / myspace / facebook / investment / wow account etc.  If it's not in the ToS and it's not related to RMS, we are not going to take action just because we can.  There are other respective departments in both the virtual world and the real world that would serve justice.

The description of the Hall of Shame seciton says: "This section is for reporting doubtful practice done by players or servers that is not in direct violation to our terms. Which means we can do nothing about it but you are free to let people know about the story."

So do not assume we will take action on things that are not related to RMS at all.

As for the Hall of Shame candidate, I simply don't add people there myself.  Relic & Xarale will be the judge.

Up until now, with information presented from both sides.  We fail to see sufficient evident that would allow us to go with any sides. 

Fact: Solace RO's webserver have an open proxy script running for months in which Mitsuo was evidently aware of it at the time when it was presented to him.
( -- March 2009)

Side A: Mitsuo said he forgot the existence of it after these many months.
Side B: No we didn't use it to hack Mitsuo.

We don't favor any sides so that cancels out.  Not going to believe any of that except the fact presented.  Anyone could have used the proxy script that mean anyone could be a suspect.

One could also question "Would I use a proxy on my own server to hack someone? there are plenty of proxies out there.  Why leave my server's IP for trace?". 

Well assumption should not be taken into account neither.  Read on.

Fact (presented):  600+ MSN contacts added to Mitsuo's MSN after he got it back.

Assumption A - Mitsuo: "I'm willing to bet every sing one of them is from Solace." 

Question Raised:  How does the 600+ contacts in your MSN show us that is related to the server owner.  We don't have a clue who those people are.  How can we tell who they are and if they are from Solace RO. 

Assumption B - Mitsuo: "Who else would care to only hack my RMS and MSN other than Dawn?  No one else possible has the motivation nor the resources to do it that would care if anyone else did care."  -- Your strong opinion against the server owner.  Not going to take into account.  All the "I know it's him ..." are opinions of your own that were not backed up with facts.

Taking a step back, the answer is the same.  It could be anybody that know your password did it.  Since you use the same set everywhere.  I am not going to assume you only played one RO server and used one RO forum.

With no further evident to support the case, nothing will be done.