Nyro Ragnarok Server. Biased.

Started by wiechan, May 30, 2018, 06:05 AM

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Hi, I'm a guild member of Thea Aries in Nyro.

I'm also one of the banned players because of giving a bad review on facebook.
Here's some of the proofs that the OWNER OF NYRO RAGNAROK is biased to my guildmates, and me.
Creating a unknown weapon for our rival guild to win us, and giving the reason that we are bullying a lot of players in WOE (we are unbeatable for a long time)
Coding a max dmg for our rivals to try to win us (but failed)
Asking for donation 192 USD because he's lack of budget LOL cheap f*** dogface
and editing his favourite donator skill just because he donated a lot to him:/

Proof 1 : https://imgur.com/gallery/6Vz3kBR
Proof 2 : https://imgur.com/gallery/p3XC2uD?s=sms

Here's a statement from a GM right after he got banned.
His name is "GM Aehyn"

@everyone - here's a long statement.

i'd wish nyro the best of its future ahead under GM Yurika and whoever bound to be next GM's. Unfortunately it is bound that GM Yurika felt violated and betray by my action but what he did is more violated in terms of policy but well im not gonna blame ya for that its your server you can do anything that you desire - but grow up and be a man would you lads in my case i own up to whatever i do and resolve to settle problems via conversation first before you start to smash someone. i stole nyro content? please mate, i stole tons of things from other server and implemented on beta ro project that i planned to make in the future that doesnt means i will put it in when it was release in your case you ignored every advice was given from us GM's always preoccupied with personal matter to attend and left voice of players to be unheard of should feel proud of yourself. Well yeah mate, i done tons of things for nyro for Free of charge helping as a friend but in the end who betray us anyway right? you decide to man up and hide behind your screen instead of talking with us why except your flower us with rains of ban because of your might pride. how many ideas was push to extend will bring huge benefit to players that ya decide to ignored? money matter much to that extend well mate if ya follow the plans that was provided it'll shower you with more cash in the future. your server has no management yeah you did all the script and keep up the server but man how long will it last under that circumstances take an advice from a friend who been helping you in and out and pushing player to donate in a "unique" ways im not gonna show what we did anyways or what i did to push that extend what we did behind the scene as well will be throw aside since im not interested to pin-point the blame to anyone.
in the nyro throne under 100 player you are the god but remember anjo to donator eyes they are the god in your life start be humble to players and change yourself to be better even the server has a community that alone cannot be done much - by the way get yourself a life schedule its a hell of a mess but you wont read it anyway since you are to afraid to face me and talk to me in discord after you change my account forum password so you can keep my hard work guide i that me and my friends pour effort to test free of charge and help so on you wanted the guide right? at least ask permission first mate i would give you without a doubt and wish the success in your server but keep in mind. my own ign : Aehyn belongs to me i'd appreciate if you change everything don't be a child and start man up we not teens but almost 30's keep that in mind game are games in the end of life what your cheerish is everything you have. goodluck in nyro and your life well at least i man up to what i did and by the way one last piece of advice cheerish those who been supporting nyro your forgetful attitude on whatever player report always to be forgotten and bla bla bla we all have in life things to attend as well but set a time and date instead of afk-ing. welp i don't care much anymore i got many things to do in life as well the journey over a year plus has been fun to met lots of good and troll and scrubs player like myself. those who decide to stay in nyro try to help this admin of yours into a better person or else you all are on tight spot

GM Aehyn provides a lot to the server such as guides on forum, events and everything. But never gets credit for it, and after banning Aehyn off the server for some unvalid reasons, The owner of NYRO (GM YURIKA) still uses his forum contents (guide and others) ur a cheapskate tbh Anjo.

I still have proofs about me getting ban for giving a bad review but if you guys want me to provide it, I will.
and Anjo, if you see this. f*** YOU. Karma is a b**** isnt it?

Server link : www.ny-ro.com
Server fb page : https://www.facebook.com/nyroragnarokonline/

Ign : sleepwalker

Now that you seen my ign, what can u do? Perm ban me again for a bad review? go ahead :p


haha lol nice screenshots sad person wakokokoko


So, you received that item back in Feb, according to the timestamps in your screenshot. I am not sure who is worse here. The GM for giving you the item or you for abusing it for several months. You both deserve the hall of shame. Lol


This is full of evidence, i wonder what the admin will say.....


Hi, It is not me but somebody else that got banned after donating tons of money to the server. The reason is, he stopped donating to a corrupted server :)

I have more proofs of the unknown item made for them, to win me and my guild, but still failed.
Anjo Tabios, the owner of Ny-ro.com server rented out the unknown item to our rival for $300 a month. proof : https://imgur.com/a/yEE2NT6

We, players of Thea Aries hunts for our items, spending hours, or days just creating an item, voting for votepoints, hunting items for other players for donation coins. All of our effort of building the best build for our chars and being the guild of the month for a very long time. and because of being guild of the month for months, not losing to any other guilds made you do this to us? Anjo? Lol.
Here's something the recent banned player conversation of me and him : https://imgur.com/a/BT3vTxr

As I said, I've been banned in game for a bad review on facebook (I can provide proof) and they deleted the page because there's tons of bad reviews and the Owner asked his family, friends to give good reviews and I've been blocked on their facebook page too !

What I'm saying is, the donator that got banned recently because he stopped donating is giving me all these proofs because the Owner is a corrupted, biased Owner that is greedy for only MONEY.

What should I do? Do I provide every proof I have?


Here are the proofs.

I'm calling out all of the banned players because our voices are not heard of how corrupted, biased this server is.

It's funny how I still have the owner of Nyro, Anjo Tabios messaging me on facebook saying "Hows the ban, crazy :v"
don't forget, the reason I got banned is because of a bad review on their old deleted facebook page !


Please, admin of RMS. hear me out :)


There was another guy giving a bad, truthful review on rms about Nyro.
Which is : https://imgur.com/a/YpvuDbn

well first of all, my real name is Alex Tan and that is definitely not me reviewing.

The owner of the server Anjo Tabios is so butthurt and paranoid that I gave him a bad review until the point he thinks everyone that gives a bad review towards his server is me. LOL!

This is the proof before I got banned for giving a bad review on facebook.
Proof : https://imgur.com/a/8efT0lD

His wife, isabelle custodio personally came to message me "nice server review. goodluck" and saying out my ign soon after that. which is "Sleepwalker"

after a few minutes, I got banned :)


extra joke repost : https://imgur.com/a/LMibIfB


tsk tsk, this gm realls has no shame for himself. What more is he's trying to delude the community by making the reviewer looks bad (just look at this server's review). Please yurika/anjo, or whatever name you goes by now, have a bit of shame for yourself! And for those who ever had a slight of mind wanted to try this server, I suggest don't you ever think about it. If you notice all the update he's been doing is to make people donate more instead of making people staying. As i mentioned in my review, job/classess in this server sucks, imbalance and not playable, most of them only rely on 1 skil(purple skill they call it). Other than purple skill, most of them has no function at all. I'm glad the truth finally has been revealed and now RO community can see how corrupted he is.


I was the top donator of this server recently. Anjo Tabios the owner of the server made over 2k USD from me. After i stop and refuse to donate he ip  banned me for no reason.
Heres my proof



I am still waiting for Anjo to reply to this thread.

All of the bad reviews of his server is the truth of what everybody needs to say, and all he can reply is move on after banning a player? What a joke.


Well, this one seems fairly easy based on the strong evidence provided.  I also just looked this guy up on Facebook, and sure enough the profile picture matches those shown in the screenshots.

Congrats GM Yurika, for becoming our latest addition to our GM Hall of Shame!

Quote from: wiechan on Jun 02, 2018, 09:48 PMIt's funny how I still have the owner of Nyro, Anjo Tabios messaging me on facebook saying "Hows the ban, crazy :v"
I kinda wanna see this.  Do you have a screenshot of this that you can post?

Great job with the evidence, by the way.



Quote from: Xarale on Jun 03, 2018, 08:41 PM
Well, this one seems fairly easy based on the strong evidence provided.  I also just looked this guy up on Facebook, and sure enough the profile picture matches those shown in the screenshots.

Congrats GM Yurika, for becoming our latest addition to our GM Hall of Shame!

Also, I kinda wanna see this.  Do you have a screenshot of this that you can post?

Great job with the evidence, by the way.


thank you, but the evidence it was given to me by the recent banned player (which is the top donator) he should get credits for that. His name is Joseph Pancho
Yes, I do have the photo that he sent me that on facebook, but currently his facebook is somehow not searchable (I think) not sure if im blocked by him or not.

but here you go : https://imgur.com/Z5nDvT8

Also, because of his actions, biased towards us, mistreating us "Thea Aries" guild, such as banning my guild leader Bushido for a week for an unknown reason we still do not know at that time, and we knew there was something fishy going on, such as hidden updates and all. and because Bushido, our guild leader you can say the strongest ranger in Nyro. He tend to keep nerfing the job and making new items such as reflect for only range attacks etc etc. a lot more to say, but I think I've provided enough evidence for everyone to see.


Well, congrats. The GM is nwo in the hall of shame and nothing will change at all.

Thea Aries

Hello All,

I am apart of Thea Aries, and we all knew something was up when they suddenly became unkillable.

However at that point in time they denied all claims and our guild leader got banned for a week  for spreading "rumors".

This is such a shame as this server had so much potential if it was not corrupted and biased.

Thea Aries has always pushed for updates to close the gap between donators and hard farmers that put in plenty of hours.

This was not in the best interest of the GM Yurika, as only creating NEW items to unbalance the server more and as evident in the earlier posts that he clearly abused his powers to try take down our guild, as we have tested an insane amount of hours to create our unique builds that are both good for PVP and WOE.

It really saddens me that from this point in time this server will never be the same, it is tainted and there is no way back for GM Yurika.

How can you enjoy a server knowing that the GM Yurika is corrupted and if you cant even trust the OWN GAME MASTER who can you trust?

Anyways i just wanted to say as a member of Thea Aries all the above is true, whoever found out and put this public got banned such as our great GM Aehyn.

GM Aehyn isn't the nicest individual however he put this server first and created all the guides required to understand how NYRO worked.

Then to contrast you have this corrupted GM Yurika ruining it at the same time due to his own personal greed.

@GM Yurika, if money is such an issue why not just get a real job you loser?

@GM Yurika, all the people that work hard to donate.. this is how you repay them?

@GM Yurika, Thea Aries have plenty of donators too. Basically you a little back stabbing b**** and that is just the tip of the ice berg.

@GM Yurika, no one will trust you

I hope we can shed some light on the poor souls that have no idea on what is going on back doors.

Please share this and expose this corrupted idiot. I am glad he is on the hall of shame, this should be placed on the RMS NYRO page as well.

Have a good day.


A Facebook screenshot is easy to edit, any in-game proof?

Joseph Pancho is trying to buy my server, I disregard his offer, now he is angry:

Joseph Pancho is an event GM in my server before, I remove him because he is giving away items to his guildmates (Agony) and to random players + keeping 90k pcs of NDC in 3 normal accounts 3x 30k pcs NDC (NDC used to purchase donation in nyro server):

An item that he keeps in his gstorage and giving away (it's from his GM account give to normal players, SS from his guildmate):

Proof of he is giving away stuff in his guildmates:

Now they are making a story because I removed them from GM team, his guildmates are very angry to me, removing illegal items from their account + a death threat to me, here is the proof:

To sleepwalker, I don't care to you anymore, you didn't respect GMs, chatting foul words, using my son and daughter photos to impolite me.

PS: More proofs will send soon, just wait.