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Started by Xarale, Sep 26, 2009, 03:35 PM

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With all the reports we get on corrupt GMs here on RMS, it's due time that they be highlighted in one easy to access thread. This is also due to the fact that RMS allows a section for open recruitment. At times, these corrupt GMs stay under the radar long enough to get hired by an uninformed Admin, only to screw them in the process.

As a useful tool to help Admins make informed decisions on who they recruit from RMS, and for players to see the actions of GMs/Admins on servers they may be a part of, we bring you the GM Hall of Shame. With all areas of the forum, there are some ground rules that apply to this thread only, and we ask that all participants abide by them to the fullest.

As an additional note, the GM Hall of Shame isn't solely just a list of corrupt GMs, but rather a list of GMs/Admins who have generally committed shameful acts within the RO community.

GM Hall of Shame Rules

  • All entrants into the GM Hall of Shame must have a thread on RMS. Use good judgement on the dates.
  • When reporting a GM to the GM Hall of Shame, be sure to have a reference link to your thread. It will be posted as evidence.
  • ALL GM Hall of Shame case studies will be reviewed by myself. Please refer all your questions related to this to us and us alone, please don't bother yC with it.
  • A "gm he ban mi" is not sufficient for entry. Any posts of these type will not be tolerated and will end up with a verbal warning first, Moderator Action second for not following the rules of this thread.
  • Do NOT abuse this section for people you don't like.

We urge you to make good use of this thread for your own information and well-being of your respective servers. If ever in doubt, feel free to drop us a PM, 24 hours a day, and we'll answer any inquiries you may have.

Thank you,

- X.

(All credit and thanks goto Descent for the original layout & idea)

NOTE 1: This topic WILL be updated as necessary.

NOTE 2: Because website or graphic stealing is getting common, only those stealers that shown they have been contacted and refuse to correct their mistake will be considered a name in this topic. 

Listed below are the offenders with proof for reference.

GM Hall of Shame List

This list is current as of June 4th 2018.

GM Yurika - Admin of NYRO - Misuse of GM power, gave out godly gear to a player (in return for cash) in order to help them take down the server's top guild.
Nyro Ragnarok Server. Biased.

Yrvine (Former server owner of AbraRO, CaseRO, TalisRO, OnceRO, AspenRO & possibly more) - Creates short lasting servers purely with the intention of making some quick cash.  Servers run by Yrvine typically have a short lifespan, with his recent servers often closing down just 2-3 months after opening.
1. Yrvine summary thread/AbraRO thread #1
2. AbraRO thread #2
3. OnceRO thread
4. OnceRO thread #2
5. CaseRO thread

Taliban -

Shiftragon - Misuse of GM power, summons, create portals etc.!/

Tearbleu/Meep/Amemeep - Details:, plus the confirmation from his personal cheerleader, Uzam: Threatens to DDoS servers, attempted to sell an eAthena server for $48000+ USD, scams players out of money via donation system, all around nuisance.

HaZe - DreamerRO -$$$$$/

Akatsuki/Innocent - ExtinctRO - Tanking MvP's on his GM account, then transferring the loot to a 'legit' account.

Exile/Exile Recca - ExtinctRO - Secretly tried to sell MvP cards to a player for money.

GM Concussion/moonlight1k - Lying about his age, Attacked players during server WoE, killed endless tower MvP's on his GM account and handed out the items.  Claimed to hack a server in revenge for getting fired.  Uses blackmail to try obtain a GM position for his "sister"

Ancyker (was GM for Rebirth RO and ran Pagan RO) - Simply corrupt.  Likes favouritism + greedy.
3. Steal server from owner:

Lai - Various corruption calls plus others.

GM /\/atsume - GM Corruption, #allskilling legit characters, and so on.

GM (Juvia/ Zeira / Brenth) - Various acts of GM corruption.

GM Sphyx - Use GM power to help friend/brother/dual.

Lost~Dreams - -- aznvietkidd is later found to be Lost~Dreams and damaging reputation of another server.

GM Helios - Join server to steal content.

SkinnyBoy/Colin/Funsized/ of Lumina RO and Cawliflower/Cookie of Divinity RO/Everlasting Odyssey RO / Cookie in Hotshot GGRO
1 . -- Corruption on Lumina RO
2.  -- Cawliflower/Cookie identity revealed.
3. -- Record of lies and denial.
4.  --  Corruption or mismanagement on Divinity RO
5. -- Admits that DDoS'd other Servers
6. -- Hired as a developer to start the server, took control of the server, took part of the donation money as his salary without permission from the owner, shuts down the server.

Zelos - DCRO/SeasonRO/Various others - Also applied for RMS forum staff under different identity such as Lucian.

BonVoyage - Attempted to steal money from a players PayPal account -,18360.msg130840.html#msg130840

Versus (Serven RO) & Rain (Rival RO) - Various report made toward this server owner for banning players randomly on his servers.

Admin Noah of PureRO (aka. Peach) - Logged into another players' account without permission on another server with malicious intent. (deleting their gear.. etc) -

Admin of AndromedaRO [a.k.a. andromedaragnarokonline/KimurA/xongpapa/Roan PapaXong] - not paying and vilifying attempt of the work of a web designer

Ancient, Admin of EvolveRO - selling items for real money

------------------ Below this line are HoS GM reports where their topic link(s) were lost due to a forum upgrade for an unknown reason -----------------

King Ezl - BogusRO - Obvious art theft and just being a general d***.

Flang -,8707.0.html -,8706.0.html -,8710.0.html

cayatenoaldaba -,8515.0.html

Leximendola - Leximendola is Cayateanoaldaba. Be advised.,8948.0.html


Server Hall of Shame List - Graphic Division

This is a new division opened to record major graphic stealing.

This list is current as of August 24th, 2012.

Aerogaming (Adam) - Obvious art theft, takes credit to stolen work not done by him.

Kawaii/Athena - Website/content theft.

KazeRO - Obvious Site layout theft

FilthyRO - Obious Site layout theft