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Started by Luna~, Sep 19, 2009, 11:25 PM

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I've seen this person post their applications all around RMS, so I added him to MSN and Interviewed him, and eventually hired him as a GM.

This is the application he sent me

MSN Chat Log

In-game screenshot

Recruitment thread lies:,11089.msg80741.html#msg80741,11030.msg80740.html#msg80740

This GM also thinks Swordmans have heal.
They attack players during WoE
I also told this GM not to do Endless Tower, and he did Endless Tower, killed the MVPs, and handed out the MVP items.

Man Of Emperium

I can corroborate re: (1) "accidentally" attacking players in WoE, and (2) abusing Endless Tower.

Even from my limited interaction with Moonlight/Concussion, it is obvious that he is no stranger to bending the truth, or outright lying (to both staff members and players). He denied the allegations against him, even when he was presented with Chatlogs, Screenshots, and other forms of evidence. Do not trust this individual with a position of responsibility on your RO server.


Wow, dang, sorry Luna.

Seems like y'all have got a lot of stuff on your plate lately :/
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The Whitesmith Extraordinaire



Becuase the good ones get sick of being surrounded by bad ones and make their own server.
The bad ones get hired because that's all there is.
And the new ones may be good until the oppourtunity arises to be corrupt and they can get away with it, then they become bad ones.

What more can you expect?
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Well a lot of the good ones have full time jobs too.
Proof or it didn't happen.
All server reviews are based on a reviewers experience.
This is how negative server reviews work.
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Quote from: Catalyst on Sep 20, 2009, 01:29 AM
Becuase the good ones get sick of being surrounded by bad ones and make their own server.

Sounds like me. XD


Quote from: Head Monocle of DOOM on Sep 20, 2009, 02:16 AM
Well a lot of the good ones have full time jobs too.

Quote from: LunaCharm on Sep 20, 2009, 02:35 AM
Sounds like me. XD

Word, although I do think the ones that are good, tend to leave RO because of various reasons, but none more real than needing cash to pay bills.

A few still linger, but, they tend to become trolls or slightly dark and sarcastice because they believed in people and ended up having their hopes that "people are a good race" got stomped into the dirt.

Course I'm only saying this on personal experience. I've been used more often than a porno mattress...and that's not pretty.

Sidenote: On topic. I think this person has also been applying for GM positions on eA. Not too sure, but the name and resume look awfully familiar, if I can find something I'll let yah guys know.
Read about the "Great Dramas" Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3


He/She gets my vote for GM HoS.

For a start, she/he put two different ages on those recruitment threads here in the forum, despite them all being written on the same day.  Secondly, 8 years experience?  She/He GM'd when they were 7-8yrs old?  I don't think so.

Don't worry Luna, I'm sure there's a decent GM out there for you somewhere.


well from experience, all of the "good ones" get harassed, surrounded by people, and get so many gm  kiss-assers that they tend get annoyed. i would hand in a resume to you if i was free since i see you everywhere and your very dedicated, but im tired of GMing =[ your an awesome admin, im sure you will find someone fast



I'm going to banned her for messing up with your server and advertising RareRO.
sorry about that.


So It's a girl? @_@ They were on my vent server and sounded like a boy.

Wow, so many lies.

I just wanted to warn you, so they don't do the same for you. ;)

If anyone wants their IP to check their GMs, PM Me. :)