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Started by Eradicate, Apr 02, 2010, 04:02 PM

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I'm the original founder of StyxRO ( [closing] and I just recently found out that someone basically copied my server and weren't original about it at all. The server is StyxRO, ( They stole the name, obviously, and stole the website. They do have different features, but like wtf? They should've just changed the name and site. And no, I didn't sell my server or the site. I should've bought the .net domain ... but lol, who would've thought someone would copy the server name?

My picture of my old site that I posted on eA Boards:

Oh, just found out, they use the exact same forum skin as well. =\

GM Kaho (Admin) = stragy

I was planning on selling a website I made where I posted my StyxRO website screenie. I PMed him cause he messaged me if i could make him a site. In the pictures below, it talks about him 'stealing' my site. Said he has morals, but I guess he doesn't.

I recommend adding stragy and 'GM Kaho' to be added to the Hall of Shame list.

Posted on: Mar 31, 2010, 02:20 pm

Got a reply from him:

But look at this.. the email of GM Kaho is the email of stragy on eAthena:

More lies coming from his mouth.
Posted on: Mar 31, 2010, 04:37 pm
More discussion between Stragy and I:

When I asked for his "friend's" email:

He admits that he helped stole StyxRO's site, but I haven't been able to talk to his "friend" yet either.


No replies? Looks like an open & shut case.
For the love of god, people, stop posting topics about recruiting staff on this forum, or indeed any forum. If you really feel the need to publicize the fact you're incapable of running your own server, and as such, must rely on someone you know nothing about as a crutch, be prepared to deal with the consequences, as people who go deliberately looking for GM positions are most likely as dumb as the inept server owner in question, if not moreso.

People offering paid services may or may not be screwing you over, depending on the product. Web designers? There's quite a good few out there; many take time to do their work, and charge quite a bit as a result. Just be sure you're not getting someone elses' website, rebranded for quick cash. If you hire someone to do things such as install customs for you, give up running a server. You're wasting time and letting someone take advantage of your stupidity.

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I wonder why there aren't any replies. I was hoping this would create more drama and force them to quit/close lol. Oh well, it seems like they aren't doing that well anyways. Its pretty stupid to do what they did. Anyways, I do hope someone adds this to the Hall of Shame list. I put up good enough evidence. =\


Wow, that's pretty uh.. 'effed up.

I've had to deal with something like that before, though. I had a lot of personal scripts from an offline server not too long ago that I was stupid enough to give a "late" friend access to in order to test out some of her own. Not too long after that, I see a couple of my scripts on her online server. It sucks, but there's really not a whole lot you could do about it other than doing this, which I definitely give you kudo points for standing up for it. :D

But to be honest, there's only one reason most people do crap like that, and it's because they're usually jealous. They see something they really like, and want to so badly take credit for it. Just the chiz you have to deal with when you're creative.


Too bad that these things keep happening anyways, but not much can be done really... (except for 2 similar situations where cases were won over and the copier had to face hosting problems <3).
I just hope the person would realize that he should purchase his own design or design one himself.
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