FilthyRO or KaosRO?

Started by InuyashaPlush, May 11, 2010, 06:25 AM

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Yes i reported to the admin.  >:(
But he not replying in my YM.

Maybe he feel guilty i guess ? ???


Quote from: zakwan on May 11, 2010, 10:34 PM
About the stealing case..
I just about to report it to eathena..
But eathena is down right now?

Ill be using IPB on my main KAOS website
We still developing KAOSRO , KAOS RYL server , KAOS maple server

for now RO using SMF forum only

eAthena won't do a damn thing about it.
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Oic..  :)
Ok then  ;)

Its ok since they took down their website already


Quote from: zakwan on May 11, 2010, 09:09 PM
Im the Admin of KAOS RO
I bought the website about $150
Last time i ask Filthy Admin for some help and he access my ftp.
So..he took my design eh?

Edit :
Btw KaosRO forum Down..Reinstalling SMF

...why the hell would you give out FTP access to someone you don't completely trust? That's just asking for it.


I guess he's desperate to get some help? or its just filthyRO's admin has a +1000 Convincing Hammer :P


You can get help without giving out your freaking FTP. This is exactly why so many servers are being "hacked".




Don't really want to diss KaosRO or RevBytes site template, but it's not even that good...Why steal it when there are tons of better ones.  Maybe FilthyRO thought they would get away with it by stealing an unknown server's template?


Stealing is stealing.. even if its a crappy template or not :)


lolx..come spam at their forums..  ;D
so fun >.<


Quote from: zakwan on May 12, 2010, 10:23 PM
lolx..come spam at their forums..  ;D
so fun >.<
Yey for awesome server owner who spams others forums!! Wooo +1

Ah, fun times on RMS~   (Added more~)
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Quote from: zakwan on May 12, 2010, 10:23 PM
lolx..come spam at their forums..  ;D
so fun >.<

Definitely not the mature thing to do :< Sure, they were immature and stole your template, but +1 them by not spamming and dealing with it professionally.


this is nice topic btw

im gm dakin of .. filthyro =))

and yes... a beautiful lolx.. sorry but i need to delete ... your all post in our forum

and not more :D

- link removed- [ Flux Intergrated + CMS ]

WEBSITE VIEW ? - link removed-

thats the full template of KoasRO Website Feel Free to use it ...

- i more .... and i do more than and more :D

[ and now currently spreading it :D dont ask me why ]



At DudieMan: ................................................ Lol what? Are you guys getting revenge by posting that download link? That's pretty low. I don't dare download it (in case of viruses), so someone else can check XD. You people should just buy your own website design or make one yourself. It's pretty obvious who stole what. You people probably knew this thread would come up sooner or later. People find out these things easily (RMS contains server stalkers D<).
Also, I don't... get some of... what you said above. You do more and then more? I don't get it.

At zakwan: Yeah, best not to spam at them. You don't want to make it so that your side would seem bad as well. You can talk to them on their forum about taking designs and such (just don't spam useless things lol). Sad that your website is stolen ><. Many servers face this problem nowadays.
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