FilthyRO or KaosRO?

Started by InuyashaPlush, May 11, 2010, 06:25 AM

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Take a look at FilthyRO's website...

if you want to look at KaosRO's forum, there is an announcement that their webhost is the one who designed their website, which is revbytes.
KaosRO Forum Announcement LINK:

KaosRO's Website


This is more helpful:

Not sure who's at fault, someone might want to let the involved parties know.

Moving to Hall of Shame for now.


FILTHY RO Creation Date : 07-may-2010

KAOS RO Creation Date : 21-mar-2010

To me its looks like KAOS RO is the original.

Click the links for a detailed view.


I think FilthyRO stoled KaosRO's site because on KaosRO they have the flash animation logo thing compared to FilthyRO non-flash thing.

Creation date doesn't necessarily prove anything here because neither of their sites were like that until recently.  As mentioned in the announcement.


That's what I was thinking, too.

KaosRO has flash and when you hover over their buttons, it's a mouse and not a text cursor. It seems the HTML coding on kRO is better than that of fRO, pointing that it's probably the original.

S'what I think anyway. I don't know how to backcheck creations and stuff xD


The FilthyRO admin was openly admitting he was stealing sprites from other servers anyway, so that makes the choice rather easy.


Then again...FilthyRO is populated compared to KaosRO 0 population...I know it's wrong, but maybe we should just let them fight it out and wait for whichever one to close first O_o...


We all know that population on RO servers has nothing to do with the quality of the server :) Just quickly peeking at the higher populated servers tells that.


Haha I was just gonna post the same thing. KaosRO has been in development for awhile, and it seems that their servers are down due to that they're still not ready.

Common sense says FilthyRO stole it quite obviously. Filthy's main page is missing the image for the title bar (in KaosRO it says Welcome to Kaos Ragnarok Online). Obviously without the original PSD file FilthyRO cannot replicate it. (although it isn't THAT difficult to guess the font and make it yourself... but if he could do that then he wouldn't have had to copy someone else's work in the first place).

edit: also FilthyRO's page is actually coded with the big swf file that Kaos uses, he simply didn't put the flash file on his server so it doesn't load.

and all of his online players are vendors, whoo~


Cash For Review - fRO
Cash For Review - fRO

Seems to me the admin behind FilthyRO is, well, filthy.

PhileasRO? Any beef on that? :<


I wouldn't put it past'em.



Im the Admin of KAOS RO
I bought the website about $150
Last time i ask Filthy Admin for some help and he access my ftp.
So..he took my design eh?

Edit :
Btw KaosRO forum Down..Reinstalling SMF


*off topic*

I LOVE SMF...Too bad not many people use it.  Most people are on vBulletin and IPB because of the mods and stuff...


About the stealing case..
I just about to report it to eathena..
But eathena is down right now?

Ill be using IPB on my main KAOS website
We still developing KAOSRO , KAOS RYL server , KAOS maple server

for now RO using SMF forum only


If you will take a look at FilthyRO's website now, the stolen website is gone. I guess they knew they were reported. Its really a shame.