PhantasmRO, be dumbfounded; corruption at its finest!

Started by Phylla, Dec 14, 2014, 12:18 PM

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Hey guys,

I used to own PhantasmRO; yes I founded it and everything. But due to real life's calls; I was forced to transfer the ownership to someone else whom I trusted pretty much. But come to think of it, this is the internet. And such trust I believe wouldn't really matter to a lot of souls.

I won't be speaking much about this, but see the screenshots for yourselves.

[Credits to Vein for these screenshots]

[Here's another screenshot taken a week ago by one of the staffs; whom of course has been fired by now]
A 4 slotted shield, I wonder how much $ they've asked for it. Sniffs

Yup, that's all about it!

P;S- To those people playing PhantasmRO right now, and for those people who are planning to; take my advice:
Stop it- and don't even try. You'll simply be wasting your time.


[Apologies, please move this to the Rant&Rave Section if needed]


Could you use a different image host like imgur?  The last 2 wasn't loading and asking for download of a tool.  So I will remove those links.


I've edited the urls once again, both of them are fully working. They are not pictures though, but one liners taken from Skype.


GM Ice

This i got real pic.

They means who more donated, who win. They 10+ donated player donate around $3000. So them can get custom acce with weapon. One more things. I hear them use @allstat all 700 max stat. Cheator. PhantasmRO admin know above ^ this all. They ban all GM lower 60. To close they mouth. Now Donated all become GM. Super unbalanced. You can register PhantasmRO forum. Admin clear all Topic/Msg. Now no one know they cheat. And go Donate PhantasmRO $3000, You are god of Phantasm. I not Cursed this RO, i just want told you all. I HATE CHEATS !!!  /pif
Sorry Bad English !!  /heh

GM Ice





Yeah, this server had a pretty messy end.  I was a player during the earlier stages of the server's life, and even back then there were problems.  I suppose that's what happens when there are 3-4 Admins; 2 of which acted like 10 year olds.  I'd assume that nothing got done once Russ left, and that it just slowly died.


Corruption aside, the amount of money that was spent on those donations is borderline insane, actually it is insane. It's amazing at the amount of money people will spend to get the edge, and pretty sad considering the server went belly up and that $3,000 was pretty much wasted :|


wow I just saw this. it almost blew me away what the f*** f***


The reason why I never liked SHRs. Aside from the high chance of corrupted gms, the items are so stupid that all items are just meant for PVPing lol
My eyes has started bleeding when I saw grimtooth enchanted in a 4 SLOTTED MEGINGJARD OF JEZUZ CHRIST OF NAZARETH
solacero rip