Double report.

Started by Sala, Mar 09, 2010, 12:53 AM

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First off. I am not posting cause my name comes up on this forum board enough. Just thought I'd share the lovely report with everyone and give you all a heads up and possible Hall of Shame candidate.

Before I begin to write this long or mildly short report, just know this is from multiple sources, including MSN, in game, and flux control panel'd screenshots. If you need anything clarified or explained more please feel free to contact me and I will explain further.

Not more then a month ago I was hireing staff on our server and I came across the application
Im doing a Sample GM Application
-Name you are known by:
-Character name in game:
Goroh,Calibra main
-Age/Age Range:
16 turning 17
-GMT/Time Zone:
Finnish -24:00
-Real life Occupation [Student, unemployeed, or some job you have]:
I am a student from finland.
-How many hours do you plan on spending as an Active GM in game per week? [aka: How much time do you plan to devote to a GM account?]:
-Have you been a GM on this server or any other server before?:
Yes, HiddenRO. As supervisor.
--If you answered yes to the previous questions, how long were you a GM, and what were you're objectives. If you wish to say the name of the server this is up to you, though if application is found of interest, please be aware a reference may be asked of you, some one of the server's staff to confirm you were a GM there.:

-Have you ever been Banned from DreamerRO? Highrate or LowRate?
Yes i am been banned because, (Mistakely). But i got unbanned immadietly.
-Have you been banned from the forums? Highrate or LowRate?
-Do you read the forums actively?
Pretty often, I would like to help people every way i can.
-Are you currently a Support Player of the DreamerRO team?
Nope. But i would like to.
--Were you a Support Player in the past? Why are you not now?
Well i've been on other guild in WoE alot.
-Are you currently the leader or involved in any major WoE/PVP Guilds as an active member? Listed an a guild officer counts as active member.:
I am very active member from No Fear.
- Do you speak any other languages besides English fluently?:
Finnish, Albanian, Kosovo (I speak them pretty fine)
-Do you have any traits useful for server development? [Web Developing, Scripting, Source coding, GRF Editing, or Map Development?]:

-Why do you wish to be a GM Here on DreamerRO High Rate?:
Because i would host fair and great events, would like to solve other users problems, issues help dreamerRO community.
-If there is currently any GM's or active staff now who would vouch you're credibility and recommend you as staff here on DreamerRO, who would they be, you do NOT have to have this, but this is optional if a GM has recommended you to apply or not.
Well i've never been talking to a GM alot but i've noticed that this server needs good staff because its a good server.
-Why do you feel you should be hired as a Game Master to DreamerRO High Rate?
Simply because i would make it better by being active very often.
--Do you have any active suggestions to improve this server or the management of this server? Event Suggestions, Balancing, Staff, any of those things? helping balancing the new 3rd charcter jobs, Making better events and everything that is possible

-If you were a GM right now of our server, what would you're typical day be with players?
Pretty good
-If you were an Admin right now on our server, what would you do about the server's stand point, economy, and development ideas? How would you handle current issues going on within the server?:
(As ADMINISTRATOR) i would Disimplent the 3rd jobs myself. Get better staff
-Tell me about yourself, and your Ragnarok History. Private or official server play/management. How is you you have come to play on DreamerRO and found the passion to apply as staff here. Be as vague or expanded as you feel.
ive plaid RO pretty long 2-3 years of HiddenRO. And im not trying to play other games because my goal in DreamerRO (to be in top of the rest) i will have to do it
-Do you have anything you wish to add to catch my attention?: Well we have talked @forums, and i think you're really cool.
seeing as he had some experience. And he worked on HiddenRO as a lead staffer? I figure I'd give him the benefit of the doubt..

Ok so I hire him, and he misses the instruction meeting which all GM's were to attend. [Ok no biggie, time zone issue I understand.] Then he's inactive for some time. Comes back and does what he's told NOT to do. And that was to use clones involving the third classes. it crashes the server. --Anyone using the 3caem knows this without their own source edits. It's a bad idea. So I asked ryo to ban his account on the control panel. He was banned for a few days hoping  he'd hop onto MSN and talk to me.

--Nope. He never came. he waited out the ban then went back on as normal. His friend messages me on MSN with this interesting convo saying he's a friend of the GM and such [convo in total will be posted]

Date      Time      From      To      Message     
2/18/2010      7:19:17 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ahaha     
2/18/2010      7:19:17 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      hey hey     
2/18/2010      7:19:49 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Haiii~     
2/18/2010      7:20:02 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      hehe     
2/18/2010      7:20:04 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      btw      
2/18/2010      7:20:05 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      im from     
2/18/2010      7:20:05 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      Mange     
2/18/2010      7:20:07 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      o.0?     
2/18/2010      7:20:15 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Ahh Hai Mange~     
2/18/2010      7:20:21 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      no no     
2/18/2010      7:20:23 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      im a friend of mange     
2/18/2010      7:20:25 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      clooose friend     
2/18/2010      7:20:26 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ;D     
2/18/2010      7:20:30 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      hahaa     
2/18/2010      7:20:38 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Ohh     
2/18/2010      7:20:41 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      well.. Hai     
2/18/2010      7:20:42 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      XD     
2/18/2010      7:20:45 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      xD     
2/18/2010      7:20:53 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      so umm     
2/18/2010      7:20:58 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      Mange is like     
2/18/2010      7:20:59 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      Add her     
2/18/2010      7:21:02 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      shell make u GM     
2/18/2010      7:21:02 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ;D     
2/18/2010      7:21:04 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ahaha     
2/18/2010      7:21:07 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      so i just added u to see     
2/18/2010      7:21:08 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ;)     
2/18/2010      7:21:49 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Ahhh Well, feel free to add me, I have no issues with that :3     
2/18/2010      7:21:54 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ;D     
2/18/2010      7:21:58 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      hmm     
2/18/2010      7:22:00 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      so i was gonna discuss     
2/18/2010      7:22:08 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      is it ok for me to be GM     
2/18/2010      7:22:15 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      i mean u can even as mange     
2/18/2010      7:22:20 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      I am not hireing GM's right now     
2/18/2010      7:22:23 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      really     
2/18/2010      7:22:24 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      o.0?     
2/18/2010      7:22:41 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Yeah.     
2/18/2010      7:22:47 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      I'm only hireing support players.     
2/18/2010      7:22:53 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      and I need an application for that.     
2/18/2010      7:22:55 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      ;0     
2/18/2010      7:22:57 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      O.O     
2/18/2010      7:22:59 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      BTW BTW     
2/18/2010      7:23:00 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      is mange     
2/18/2010      7:23:01 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      support     
2/18/2010      7:23:02 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      or MG     
2/18/2010      7:23:04 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      GM*     
2/18/2010      7:23:04 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      xD     
2/18/2010      7:23:12 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      GM.     
2/18/2010      7:23:18 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      o.0     
2/18/2010      7:23:24 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Though I have him banned till he talks to me about his account.     
2/18/2010      7:23:33 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      wasnt it     
2/18/2010      7:23:35 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      for the friday     
2/18/2010      7:23:37 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      that ban??     
2/18/2010      7:23:50 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      yeh it's a ban     
2/18/2010      7:23:54 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      OMG     
2/18/2010      7:23:55 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      He's supposed to talk to me     
2/18/2010      7:23:55 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      why is that     
2/18/2010      7:23:56 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      o.0     
2/18/2010      7:23:59 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      but he's not talking to me     
2/18/2010      7:24:03 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      =(     
2/18/2010      7:24:04 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      so he's about to get fired     
2/18/2010      7:24:10 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      O M G     
2/18/2010      7:24:11 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      btw     
2/18/2010      7:24:12 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      he told me     
2/18/2010      7:24:18 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      why hes gona wait till friday     
2/18/2010      7:24:25 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      cause him and     
2/18/2010      7:24:26 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ryo     
2/18/2010      7:24:27 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      i think     
2/18/2010      7:24:28 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      GM ryo     
2/18/2010      7:24:31 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      they had some argument     
2/18/2010      7:24:38 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      about allowing PVPs in jail or not     
2/18/2010      7:24:46 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      so like     
2/18/2010      7:24:49 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      Mange was switching on     
2/18/2010      7:24:53 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      and Ryo switched off     
2/18/2010      7:25:00 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      Mange cause PVP was allowed anyway     
2/18/2010      7:25:02 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      had a point     
2/18/2010      7:25:04 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      but like     
2/18/2010      7:25:04 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      yeah I told ryo to ban him     
2/18/2010      7:25:06 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      it all kiked off     
2/18/2010      7:25:15 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      O.O     
2/18/2010      7:25:33 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      should i     
2/18/2010      7:25:36 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      tell him to talk with u     
2/18/2010      7:25:37 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ??     
2/18/2010      7:25:45 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      would be wise.     
2/18/2010      7:25:50 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      but ill say it     
2/18/2010      7:25:52 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      I'm gunna replace him if not.     
2/18/2010      7:25:53 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      in quiet way     
2/18/2010      7:25:56 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      not to show i got it from u     
2/18/2010      7:26:02 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      k     
2/18/2010      7:26:03 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      no dude     
2/18/2010      7:26:05 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      i think hes a good GM     
2/18/2010      7:26:09 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      hes a gret guy     
2/18/2010      7:26:10 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      100%     
2/18/2010      7:27:05 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      xD     
2/18/2010      7:27:06 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      so anyway     
2/18/2010      7:27:08 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      hows things with u?     
2/18/2010      7:27:11 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      i dont know u much     
2/18/2010      7:27:15 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      but u seem cool     
2/18/2010      7:27:15 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      xD     

[Continued below]
Posted on: Mar 08, 2010, 04:50 pm
Continued from above
2/18/2010      7:27:41 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      I'm religiously getting spammed while I have 14 IM windows up trying to hire my support players I asked to MSN me      
2/18/2010      7:27:42 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      :P      
2/18/2010      7:27:51 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ahaha      
2/18/2010      7:27:52 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      OMG      
2/18/2010      7:27:59 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      :D      
2/18/2010      7:28:18 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ill be quiet for a bit then      
2/18/2010      7:28:19 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ;)      
2/18/2010      7:28:26 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      I'm a bit used to it      
2/18/2010      7:28:27 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      xD      
2/18/2010      7:28:30 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      OMG      
2/18/2010      7:28:34 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      computer woman      
2/18/2010      7:28:39 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      I'm head GM of the dRO server      
2/18/2010      7:28:40 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      XD      
2/18/2010      7:28:42 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      hahaha      
2/18/2010      7:28:43 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      and former co-admin      
2/18/2010      7:28:44 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      XD      
2/18/2010      7:28:47 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      WOW      
2/18/2010      7:28:49 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      nicee      
2/18/2010      7:28:50 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ;)      
2/18/2010      7:29:09 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      just dont kill ur self from the stress      
2/18/2010      7:29:11 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      =(      
2/18/2010      7:29:20 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nahh. @die is disabled.      
2/18/2010      7:29:40 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ahahahahahaa      
2/18/2010      7:29:44 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      :D      
2/18/2010      7:29:48 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      PLOX Zeny plox?      
2/18/2010      7:29:57 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      pwede po inglis kuya      
2/18/2010      7:30:01 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      OO      
2/18/2010      7:30:03 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      wrong chat ?      
2/18/2010      7:30:06 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      nope.      
2/18/2010      7:30:07 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      :P      
2/18/2010      7:30:10 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      o.0      
2/18/2010      7:30:13 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      lemme analyZe      
2/18/2010      7:30:14 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      o.0      
2/18/2010      7:30:16 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      btw btw      
2/18/2010      7:30:18 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      where are u from      
2/18/2010      7:30:18 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Aber, ist sprechen auf Deutsch gut?      
2/18/2010      7:30:19 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      O.O      
2/18/2010      7:30:23 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      OMG      
2/18/2010      7:30:29 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      (Confusion)      
2/18/2010      7:30:33 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      q.q      
2/18/2010      7:30:40 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      First was Tagalog, then I spoke German      
2/18/2010      7:30:40 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      :P      
2/18/2010      7:30:44 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      DAMN      
2/18/2010      7:30:48 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      So      
2/18/2010      7:30:49 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      u can      
2/18/2010      7:30:50 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      speak both?      
2/18/2010      7:30:53 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      a bit.      
2/18/2010      7:30:57 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ...      
2/18/2010      7:31:01 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      Impressiveee      
2/18/2010      7:31:11 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      so where are u from??      
2/18/2010      7:31:29 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      USA      
2/18/2010      7:31:31 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      >.>      
2/18/2010      7:31:35 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      :D      
2/18/2010      7:31:36 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      niceee      
2/18/2010      7:31:41 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      im from UK      
2/18/2010      7:31:42 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ;)      
2/18/2010      7:31:46 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Yeah, Lucky b****      
2/18/2010      7:31:50 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      aahahha      
2/18/2010      7:31:50 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      btw      
2/18/2010      7:31:53 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      its snowing here      
2/18/2010      7:31:54 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      :P      
2/18/2010      7:31:59 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      bet its not snowing there      
2/18/2010      7:31:59 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      k, I hate you more now.      
2/18/2010      7:32:09 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      xD      
2/18/2010      7:32:12 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      No.. it's Florida.      
2/18/2010      7:32:18 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      it hasn't snowed here in more then 10 years      
2/18/2010      7:32:19 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      :x      
2/18/2010      7:32:25 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      But dude      
2/18/2010      7:32:27 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      weather is awesome      
2/18/2010      7:32:29 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      =(      
2/18/2010      7:32:30 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Lol      
2/18/2010      7:32:33 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      heres its just snow      
2/18/2010      7:32:35 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      boring snow      
2/18/2010      7:32:35 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      sigh      
2/18/2010      7:32:37 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Haha      
2/18/2010      7:33:37 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      damn      
2/18/2010      7:33:40 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      so this DRO thing      
2/18/2010      7:33:42 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      quiet nice huh      
2/18/2010      7:34:14 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      it's fun      
2/18/2010      7:34:47 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ahaha      
2/18/2010      7:34:49 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ncie to hear      
2/18/2010      7:35:04 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ur      
2/18/2010      7:35:06 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      philipino      
2/18/2010      7:35:08 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      right? o.0      
2/18/2010      7:35:09 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      No.      
2/18/2010      7:35:14 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      American/German      
2/18/2010      7:35:23 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      OOO      
2/18/2010      7:35:24 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      Nicee      
2/18/2010      7:35:29 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      How old      
2/18/2010      7:35:30 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      0.0?      
2/18/2010      7:35:36 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      23.      
2/18/2010      7:35:53 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      o.0      
2/18/2010      7:35:57 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      xD      
2/18/2010      7:35:58 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      niceee      
2/18/2010      7:35:59 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      im 17      
2/18/2010      7:36:00 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ;D      
2/18/2010      7:36:03 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ur younger brother then   
2/18/2010      7:36:04 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      xD      
2/18/2010      7:36:16 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      My only brother is 14.      
2/18/2010      7:36:21 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ooooo      
2/18/2010      7:36:23 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      realllly??      
2/18/2010      7:36:24 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      o.0      
2/18/2010      7:36:47 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      xD      
2/18/2010      7:36:49 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      swt      
2/18/2010      7:37:12 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      i keep switching dro and bak      
2/18/2010      7:37:14 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      busy / online      
2/18/2010      7:37:15 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      xD      
2/18/2010      7:37:18 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ahaha      
2/18/2010      7:37:25 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Heh      
2/18/2010      7:37:59 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      so      
2/18/2010      7:38:01 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      tell me bout this      
2/18/2010      7:38:07 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      support players? whats that about?      
2/18/2010      7:38:13 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      what's what about?      
2/18/2010      7:38:38 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      support player      
2/18/2010      7:38:40 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      like what do they do?      
2/18/2010      7:38:51 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Answer questions      
2/18/2010      7:39:10 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      o.0      
2/18/2010      7:39:11 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ooo      
2/18/2010      7:39:13 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      that @request      
2/18/2010      7:39:17 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      yes      
2/18/2010      7:39:48 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      man      
2/18/2010      7:39:50 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      u seem soo busy      
2/18/2010      7:39:51 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      xD      
2/18/2010      7:40:15 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      I kinda am :P      
2/18/2010      7:40:25 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      :P      
2/18/2010      7:40:28 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ok then      
2/18/2010      7:40:29 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      tell u what      
2/18/2010      7:40:32 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ill catch u another time      
2/18/2010      7:40:33 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      ;)      
2/18/2010      7:40:36 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Sounds good.      
2/18/2010      7:40:36 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      im feeling tired too here      
2/18/2010      7:40:40 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      I'll chat with ya later.      
2/18/2010      7:40:41 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      :P      
2/18/2010      7:40:44 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      same ;)      
2/18/2010      7:40:48 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie      Take care ^^   

Posted on: Mar 08, 2010, 04:51 pm
--Ok. Innocent. He gave his friend my MSN. No biggy. k. So he claims he's a friend. And he's like 17. Lololol. He asks to be a GM. I tell him I'm not hireing [I just finished hireing staff wasn't going to hire someone else just cause they asked.]

So, I get a nice report on our forums. Saying the GM account is giving tickets out VERY fast.

is this possible ? very fast win, and its inside a building :o
report posted by a member of our forums. [Showing the report itself.]

Alright so we looked at the accounts.

His GM Account. Image provided by one of the GM's on our staff.
The "winner" of the first 2 rounds. OH looky! same IP! hehe. --Banned both.

alright so I get a nice little report from one of the other GM's who talked with the kid before the report above happened.

[continued below]

--Interesting right? ;o

alright. So the day I fired sphyx. First he spammed the living hell out of my cellphone [Sorry I lack the text conversation. ><! I wish I knew how to get it off of my phone for enough proof. ><!]

But I climbed onto MSN and he invited me into the chatroom with him and his 'brother' as he called him.


3/7/2010      3:22:38 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      Hello this is my brother teton      
3/7/2010      3:22:42 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:22:48 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx      
3/7/2010      3:23:04 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      I see      
3/7/2010      3:23:19 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      gimme a sec      
3/7/2010      3:25:40 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:25:40 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      Thats all?      
3/7/2010      3:25:41 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      read it      
3/7/2010      3:25:42 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      LOL!?      
3/7/2010      3:25:46 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      it doesnt f*** matter      
3/7/2010      3:25:51 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      if the players are fast      
3/7/2010      3:25:56 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      to find the GM      
3/7/2010      3:25:59 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      And RYo      
3/7/2010      3:26:08 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      His been f*** messing with me all the time      
3/7/2010      3:26:19 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      ''Kinda weird''      
3/7/2010      3:26:20 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      when it's your f*** BROTHER or on the same f*** IP as your GM      
3/7/2010      3:26:24 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      means you're dual clienting.      
3/7/2010      3:26:27 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      No      
3/7/2010      3:26:29 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      IT ISNT      
3/7/2010      3:26:31 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      Don't f*** try to bull s*** a s***      
3/7/2010      3:26:37 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      WANT ME TO PROOVE IT?      
3/7/2010      3:27:01 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      So you dont believe we share ip-adress? LOL!?      
3/7/2010      3:27:09 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      Do you think the hardwork i put into goes to waste for free? Yeah make em GMs work for free as slaves huh?      
3/7/2010      3:27:18 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      She never were into my GM account      
3/7/2010      3:27:21 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      he*      
3/7/2010      3:27:22 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      lol      
3/7/2010      3:27:25 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:27:40 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      and nonie stop swearing..      
3/7/2010      3:27:50 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      Respect yourself.      
3/7/2010      3:27:54 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      she thinks it will help her      
3/7/2010      3:27:58 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      Not just you are the head of the GM      
3/7/2010      3:27:59 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      family members and people on the same IP can't actually play on the same events      
3/7/2010      3:28:02 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      DreamerRo blah blah      
3/7/2010      3:28:07 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      You can swear all you like..      
3/7/2010      3:28:22 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      Wow that is a new rule??       
3/7/2010      3:28:28 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      Thats common sense.      
3/7/2010      3:28:31 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      Either way      
3/7/2010      3:28:34 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      account stays blocked      
3/7/2010      3:28:37 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      Just like the new rule about items missing huh?      
3/7/2010      3:28:43 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      go f*** yourself then      
3/7/2010      3:28:44 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      Like i f*** Care xD      
3/7/2010      3:28:47 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      Yeah f*** off      
3/7/2010      3:28:54 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      f*** retard      
3/7/2010      3:28:54 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      Kick her out of convo      
3/7/2010      3:28:55 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      get a life      
3/7/2010      3:28:56 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      whore      
3/7/2010      3:28:58 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:28:59 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:29:00 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx -Egzon150      
3/7/2010      3:29:05 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      suck my ****      
3/7/2010      3:29:06 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      i will hack haze      
3/7/2010      3:29:09 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:29:12 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      that a threat?      
3/7/2010      3:29:16 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      nah      
3/7/2010      3:29:20 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      i will take your server honey      
3/7/2010      3:29:23 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      We arent bothered to hack a game xD      
3/7/2010      3:29:26 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      i will elimiminate everybody      
3/7/2010      3:29:29 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:29:39 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      ;)      
3/7/2010      3:29:42 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      Theres many servers in the sea      
3/7/2010      3:29:43 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:29:45 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:29:47 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      Hahahahah      
3/7/2010      3:29:49 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      n1 bro      
3/7/2010      3:29:57 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:30:00 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      hmmm well find dont worry      
3/7/2010      3:30:05 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      but 100% itll be better ppl than this      
3/7/2010      3:30:06 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:30:11 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      Nonie      
3/7/2010      3:30:18 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      Your IP's are being reported to the DNS as well as local authorities.      
3/7/2010      3:30:22 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      ASK what happened to hiddenRO and HyoRO      
3/7/2010      3:30:22 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      Have a great day.      
3/7/2010      3:30:24 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      i took thejm      
3/7/2010      3:30:38 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      YOUR NEXT HONEYYY      
3/7/2010      3:30:47 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      Hyoro hiddenro now DreamerRO      
3/7/2010      3:30:48 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      weee      
3/7/2010      3:30:54 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      the main secret      
3/7/2010      3:30:55 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      LOL      
3/7/2010      3:30:58 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:31:08 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      Bye Nonie      
3/7/2010      3:31:09 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      have a great day      
3/7/2010      3:31:10 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:31:41 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      Dont go      
3/7/2010      3:31:43 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      lol      
3/7/2010      3:32:17 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx      
3/7/2010      3:32:18 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:32:23 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      Have a great day ;D      
3/7/2010      3:32:29 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      whats that to?      
3/7/2010      3:32:52 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:32:59 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      United States      
3/7/2010      3:33:04 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      New York      
3/7/2010      3:33:08 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:33:14 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      Latitude: 40.6525      
3/7/2010      3:33:18 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      Longitude: -73.9554      
3/7/2010      3:33:23 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      Area Code: 718      
3/7/2010      3:33:25 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      who the f*** lives up there?      
3/7/2010      3:33:47 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      your server      
3/7/2010      3:33:48 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      :9      
3/7/2010      3:33:51 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      :)      
3/7/2010      3:33:54 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      wrong area noob      
3/7/2010      3:33:55 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:33:58 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      I love bananas xD      
3/7/2010      3:34:08 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      Lol      
3/7/2010      3:34:09 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      thats      
3/7/2010      3:34:10 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      where      
3/7/2010      3:34:12 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      Haze is      
3/7/2010      3:34:14 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      Lets see      
3/7/2010      3:34:15 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:34:15 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      now      
3/7/2010      3:34:20 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      I've been to HaZe's house fag      
3/7/2010      3:34:29 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      Dont call him fag idiot      
3/7/2010      3:34:33 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      fag?       
3/7/2010      3:34:34 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      hahahahah      
3/7/2010      3:34:38 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      ugly b****      
3/7/2010      3:34:38 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:34:43 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      As far as I knew you were from england      
3/7/2010      3:34:45 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
      that's a cig      
3/7/2010      3:34:46 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:34:51 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:34:53 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:34:55 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      u get that joke?      
3/7/2010      3:34:58 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      HAHAHAHAHAHPlaye      
3/7/2010      3:34:58 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:34:59 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:35:01 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH      
3/7/2010      3:35:03 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
3/7/2010      3:35:08 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, GM Sphyx
      Im asking egzon noob      
3/7/2010      3:36:32 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      Local autorities.      
3/7/2010      3:36:35 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      Let me      
3/7/2010      3:36:38 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      Tell you something      
3/7/2010      3:36:39 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      sis      
3/7/2010      3:36:51 PM      GM Sphyx
      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      Your hosting a private server      
3/7/2010      3:37:14 PM      eeeeeeegzon      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      And you're cussing, that gives me all rights to do this what im doing now.      
3/7/2010      3:37:25 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, eeeeeeegzon      Exactly      
3/7/2010      3:37:31 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), eeeeeeegzon      Bawwww. Swearing. As far as I knew, swearing holds no grounds in any country.      
3/7/2010      3:37:37 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, eeeeeeegzon      Who said f***" first huh      
3/7/2010      3:37:45 PM      eeeeeeegzon      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      No listen      
3/7/2010      3:37:47 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, eeeeeeegzon      It shows disrespect      
3/7/2010      3:37:48 PM      eeeeeeegzon      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      Private server      
3/7/2010      3:37:53 PM      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;))      Nonie, eeeeeeegzon      Listen..      
3/7/2010      3:37:53 PM      eeeeeeegzon      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      And normal ragnarok online is      
3/7/2010      3:38:02 PM      eeeeeeegzon      Ahmed (Soldiers for life ;)), Nonie      With payment   

--I let you read on. Nothing has been edited out, removed unless in the screenshots which you can CLEARLY see my editings.

This member has made his mark of stupidity on our sever, Don't let him mark on yours. Thank you for reading.

To any staff reading this and my screenshots/pictures posted are too big I'm sorry :x I wanted them to be legible. And sorry for the 2 other posts I had to use. I exceeded the maximum of the posting limit ><!  Please remove 2 of my posts from post count. This was intended to be 1 post.
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Quote[02:20] <null> asl ?!!
[03:02] <Nagi> 13/F/Jamaica
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Wow. Talk about fail. :x

I love how the other person goes from being his "friend" to being his brother and living together. xD


Protip: If they cant speak english, and it's an english server, don't hire them.


Nice report, however I wouldn't have hired him from his application in the first place.

Nonie, your german is pretty weird.
TotalRO - 10x/10x


Quote from: Metafalica on Mar 09, 2010, 07:47 AM

Protip: If they cant speak english, and it's an english server, don't hire them.


I would have made that ban "perm", so he would have been forced to chat, and would have fired him after a little bit of talking to his "friend."'

Obviously he lied on his app when he said he didn't like to play games. =P

Some people (.a.k.a.) this guy really, really lack what we good people would call IQ.


IQ has nothing to do with common sense. Common sense hardly takes up any space in your brain. IQ just marks how much s*** you can cram in it.

The Rape

Players like that deserve to be gag and tied and drowned in boiling tunnel of salt water
I agree, 2 fails, but at least there out of your server now (?)

I feel sorry for you having to go at another server problem,
Hope your doing better now


Thanks for the well detailed report.  GM Sphyx added to the GM HoS.


Quote-Have you been a GM on this server or any other server before?:
Yes, HiddenRO. As supervisor.
--If you answered yes to the previous questions, how long were you a GM, and what were you're objectives. If you wish to say the name of the server this is up to you, though if application is found of interest, please be aware a reference may be asked of you, some one of the server's staff to confirm you were a GM there.:
And he worked on HiddenRO as a lead staffer?
QuoteAhmed (Soldiers for life Wink), Nonie      ASK what happened to hiddenRO and HyoRO     
3/7/2010      3:30:22 PM      Nonie      Ahmed (Soldiers for life Wink), GM Sphyx       Have a great day.     
3/7/2010      3:30:24 PM      GM Sphyx       Ahmed (Soldiers for life Wink), Nonie      i took thejm     
This is all news to me, bro. Also note the lack of an answer to the second question.

Quote-If you were a GM right now of our server, what would you're typical day be with players?
Pretty good
Feels good man.