AtlasRO's Grudge

Started by Distraughted, Mar 19, 2010, 08:55 AM

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As many of you may know, AtlasRO was delisted from on the account of the admin creating multiple accounts on ratemyserver and using them to post false reviews. Multiple false reviews were posted on my server, MangoRO. Although that was sorted out, it seems the AtlasRO admin still holds a grudge (For reasons I am unsure of). Two days ago, the AtlasRO took it upon himself to "get back" at former players of his/her server, Akitomori and Froibet, with the help of a fellow member of AtlasRO, Tuan. I believe the admin obtained the passwords of Akitomori and Froibets accounts through their AtlasRO accounts. Yes, it may be a bit silly to use the same passwords on multiple servers, however it does not give anyone the right to hack other peoples accounts. Anyways, the admin instructed weww (aka Tuan) to log onto their accounts and create false screenshots between Tuan and OLOLHRSN (aka Froibet) [1]. As you may already know, Tuan was also an accomplice of posting false reviews about our server previously. (Funny how he decided to stay). The admin then decided to be "funny" and instructed Tuan to drop all their items and delete their characters. To take a step further, the admin even decided to hack Froibet's MSN account (Again, yes it may be silly to reuse the same passwords for other accounts, but many people do it. It's not that uncommon.) and decided to create these false MSN conversations [2]. The admin also decided to delete all of Froibet's contacts. Now I'm not here to start anything. I just want to show everyone what ACTUALLY happened. Not only has this admin destroyed some hard work of others, but they decided to take a step further and dive into another person's personal life. Now that's just rude. I don't understand what it is that this admin is holding such a huge grudge over. Most, if not all, of what was done was because of the poor choices the admin made. I'm not here to flame or start anything, what I want to summarize is that players from AtlasRO or from any other server for that matter, PLEASE create separate passwords for different accounts. There are many unfriendly people out there. Also, to the admin of AtlasRO, there's an old saying that goes something like..."It's just a game."




Ahh, Andrew "Lost~Dreams" Moore. You'd think that his douchebaggery would know no bounds, but I'm pleased to see that just when I thought he couldn't sink any lower, he does just that.

Good post, I think this should go in the Hall of Shame along with a GM entry for this scumbag.

Then again, if my server was full of AFK merchants because nobody would set foot on it, I'd probably have unresolved issues as well.


Lost Dreams owes me $50


I second Temjin's comments. Wow, he just brought a whole new meaning to the word "grudge." That's horrible. A very selfish Admin who can't even try to make things better. He seems to have the talent to make things worse than what they can possibly be o-o. GM Hall of Shame nomination please.

I hope things will be solved and fixed soon.
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The Rape

When making an account for RO or msn or any other application, best to do
new account > new alias > new password IMO

@topic +1 to HoS candidate


Quote from: The Rape on Mar 19, 2010, 04:24 PM@topic +1 to HoS candidate
Let's add some stuff to that!

AtlasRO control panel - Who's Online:
^ Ordered by job level:

Lots of merchants. Fake merchants, by the way. "45 wew", "50 players", etc... it's just so obvious :S
Just in case they kick the merchants, I took screenshots <3
^ Lololololololol.

Oh well.
Let's not forget what he did to MangoRO!
^ Fake review,13949.msg100174.html#msg100174
^ Self explanatory rofl.


And so you killed yourself,
but you killed everyone else around you too.


@Tom's post: Wth...? One of them is named Kodama o-o...I find that strange.


KodamaRO died.

And anyway, Kodama isn't just a name. Read the definition of the word "Kodama (spirit)" here.

And so you killed yourself,
but you killed everyone else around you too.


moving to HoS.  Actually I see merchant/smith up to the 4th of the 5 pages of "players online". That's almost 80% merchants?


Yeah. That's... a lot of merchants there. At least they got the punishment they deserve (proof provided and all).

Also, as Tom~ said, Kodama is a perfectly fine name to use XD. Tree/Forest spirit~ from Princess Mononoke =D (guessed at the spelling).
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Based on this thread (german, sorry):
AtlasRO will take their servers down (Last post by knullma, obviously the AtlasRO admin w/ another nickname).
(If you need a translation, PM me the part of text you want translated)

I think he will create a new server.
TotalRO - 10x/10x


my german skills paid off! (i think)
from what i read (if i even read it properly)
the player there was complaining because there is a champ who does 500k with instant to a unlexed MVP and also has unlimited +10 foods? (correction needed?)
also that pvp is horrible because everyone goes to berry pvp. berry asura -> berry asura and only 8 ppl go into the non-pot pvp?

am i correct on this?

as for creating a new server...
maybe it's this:


Not exactly, actually the poster seems to be the admin of AtlasRO, he made the advertisement thread for AtlasRO (Mostly admins of their servers do that there)

Let me translate:
Ich würde den Thread am liebsten löschen, da sich nach guter 2-3 Wochen Spielzeit herausgestellt hat, dass irgendwas auf dem Server nicht richtig läuft.
Champ mit Instant und 500k unlexed Asura an jedem MvP.
Perm am Stat Foods fressen und und und.
Mag ja alles mehr oder weniger machbar sein, aber nicht, dass nur EINE Gilde perm am Foods fressen ist, war einfach nur lächerlich mit der Zeit. Zudem PvP = NoFun, perm Asura/Berry/Asura/Berry. Oder no Pot PvP Room mit 8 Leuten rein kommen.
I would rather delete this thread, since after 2-3 weeks of good playtime we've seen, that something was wrong with the server.
Champ with instant and 500k un-lexed Asura on all MvPs.
Eating stat foods permanently and and and.
Could possibly be do-able, but not, if only ONE guild is eating stat foods perm, was totally ridiculus at this time.
More than that PvP = No-Fun, perm Asura-Berry-Asura-Bery or coming into no-pot PvP with 8 people.

Anyways, you've read the most stuff right as it seems.

To the new server: yea, it pretty much seems like that

TotalRO - 10x/10x


Lol, this guy again? >_>

Based mostly on the evidence presented in the MangoRO thread, and the few things put forward in this thread, he clearly deserves a spot in our HoS.