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Started by AlfieCat, Feb 13, 2010, 08:40 AM

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Natsume is an original player of Pre-RO. Tearbleu's server. He's bound to be a retard. Mind you, GloomyRO isn't all innocent either. Constantly resetting and ripping off donators, irresponsible management who only care about money. Sounds like a typical RO server to me.

Anyways. Natsume used to be "Coleman" also Aliveowns and "Byakugan". Pinoy + Naruto + Tearbleu + Ragnarok = Hall of Shame.


To tell you the truth, those IP checkups are not very accurate. Then can be at sometimes, but not always.


Lol Computer shops.


Avalon? Why are you always on? I mean like seriously, go do the Firm. You might need it. For being on the computer alot, exercise is a importance in life. Trust me I would know. Girls are very umm, shy or timid about there weight, so if you are a girl, I would take care of that. ^_^


Look at my activity meter.


Well why is it, when I am here, mostly never, ur always on? Hmm. We r brothers. f*** Canadians man! Now go suck a ****!


Quote from: Pre102 on Mar 07, 2010, 11:27 PM
Well why is it, when I am here, mostly never, ur always on? Hmm. We r brothers. f*** Canadians man! Now go suck a d***!

Hi-Jack time!

Whaddap, Miss me?  I missed you!

So you want to talk about lives? tell others to get a life..but do you even have one?  Or are you one of those pathetic idiots who sit at there computer all day and night long playing RO, or coding, or anything like that?  And again, Are you sure you aren't gay?  I seem to have a feeling you are considering you want so many people to go suck ****?  Do you enjoy watching that?  Is it a turn on for you to see someone doing that?  You are a very peculiar person.

Oh and, I was sure it was obvious, But calling people names and trying to bash them or flame them or anything of that sorts, Only ends with you receiving the same.  You get what you give.


Ah, fun times on RMS~   (Added more~)
-- Signature too big again.  You were notified previously on the same issue.

- So? Stop b****.


Pink posts imminent.
Time to shut this topic down.
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Pink? Whatever could you mean?


This topic should've been locked awhile ago. Vatsume was added to the Hall of Shame. Thats what we wanted right? End of story, topic closed.