A corrupt GM? No wayyyy. O:

Started by Kurisu, Oct 12, 2009, 04:49 PM

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I'm not the one who had reported this GM in the forums, but seeing what was done, I thought it should be placed in the Hall of Shame.

I would like to redirect you to this very thread on the server where I'm a GM:

I assure you, this thread will NOT be deleted, which is the reason why I'm am posting it.

As you can see, this GM was exchanging cards for irl money.
He was banned, and the issue was handled, I'm posting this so someone else doesn't make the mistake of hiring this guy.
Hes the reason why the admin for this server made it so GMs under level 70 can't drop, trade, or store items.

In any case, here is the contact information that was used.
Exile (GM account name), [email protected] (GM account's email). Legit account names: creamy19, raymond, and lol11. All these were registered using _M, so theres no email.

I hope that posting a link to the report is enough to add him into the Hall of Shame. :<
Like I said, that thread isn't going to be deleted from the forums.


Jeeze, another corrupt GM? :(

Again, another fine report.  The forum link provided is pretty much all the evidence needed for him to also earn a place in the GM Hall of Shame.

Thanks again!


Its no problem. Just doing my part in eliminating corruption. ;]

And yeah, the incident was kinda old (Was from before I was hired.), but I felt it was still worth reporting.


Extinct Ro Hired me as a New Developer..
coz The admin of the server said that this 1 is a corrupt gm..
so they hired me..well, my experience is most of all positions..so i know whats the possible corrupting,hacking,anything that can ruin the server.

I will not let these Happen Again..

Extinct RO is Starting fresh again :D


Thank's Kurisu for posting,
just found out this thread and http://www.ratemyserver.net/forum/server-hall-of-shame/yet-another-corrupt-gm-yay-andlt_andlt/0/
already banned them because of corrupt
and i Pm'ed Exile about what he did and he replied to me "its only 30"
too bad i forgot to take the screenshot :<
anyway ExtinctRO doesn't tolerate any intent or acts of corruption


Too bad the Developer was banned, too. :<

I don't even feel like making a report on that one.
And unfortunately, I don't have enough evidence to post it. :<


Oh jeeze... he was corrupt too?

Hope you guys have better luck with hiring GMs in the future. :<


All of these people sound great. I hope you have the same luck in the future.