WeissRO - Experience the Corruption

Started by phuman1992, Jul 08, 2011, 10:59 PM

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* Screenshots have been supplied by players of weissRO
**For future reference the Server admin Destiny name is Jerome.
***Edited some spelling mistakes X.x and added 1 more screenshot about Destiny telling one of his GM to make multiple accs on rms to write reviews.

Where to start...so much to say. Lets start from the beginning, about 2-3 years ago. Some people may remember the high rate server NoobFuryRO a few years ago.  NoobFury was run by Adhelle (Admin of LuminaRO) and Kitsune, and was closed down by Kitsune. Not long after the server was closed, the current admin of Weiss, Destiny decided to make a server exactly like NFRO, in fact when I joined about a year and a half ago, it was an exact copy. Same main town, same customs, even the same donate sprites and effects.

As a former player of NFRO i was excited to see a server just like it, hoping I would find all the friends I made on that server. So i joined it in hope that it would be like NFRO, which was the number 1 high rate server back in the day. Unfortunately, after playing the server for a while it turned out not to be everything i expected. The main reason for that is because of all the corruption.

Anyways, when i joined I was one of the first 10 players, and to be honest I enjoyed it back then. The admin was active and listened to players. After being on DreamerRO where the admin logs on once in a blue moon, seeing the admin everyday showed  me this admin might really care about the server and not the money he will make. So to help the server, I donated and to my suprise the admin actually used the money to buy some new features for the server such as an elcom shield and a few other interesting features. So i decided to keep donating on a regular basis. But as i kept donating the sever kept changing, and not in a good way.

Day by day, the server kept getting worse and the admin keeps getting more corrupt.

There have been numerous acts of corruption in this server over the past year and a half. For example, there was a player who was banned, and from talking to a few players, I later learned that he was unbanned since he paid the admin to unban him. Take note, that this will not be the only time he does this, it probably happened more than 5 times by now. Here are a few screenshots, I don;t have any screenshots that shows the deal between the player and the admin, but here are screenshots that show he does unban them.

- A player saying whats the point of banning someone if they can just get unbanned by donating.

- Here a player is asking why Tantrum was unbanned, after he was banned. (We will talk about this guy more)

As time goes on the server starts to favor the donators more and more. The admin stops caring about how to improve his server all he cares about is how he can make money. He keeps adding new donates that are completely unbalanced hoping they would rake in some money. He starts doing deals outside the server to people he knows that give him cash instead of paypal/credit card money. He gears all his friends and at one point even lead a WoE guild.

A few months pass and the server is losing players, it used to have about 100 active people, then it started going down to eventually less than 50 online. As of now, it has 100 characters online 80 of them are vendors, 10 of them are afk in the mian town with a chatroom up, and then the last 10 are actual players.

Destiny added a new hourly system where if you were ingame for 1 hour you would get poring coins. This even applied to vendors and people with @afk. This lead to an amazing population jump from 60 to an amazing 300. Where 280 of them were vendors. Fake population much?

Anyways, about 7 months ago the server got hacked really badly which caused the Admin Destiny to decide to close the server. Having been a long time player and donator did not want to see the server close in such a way, so I decided to buy the server from him for 300 dollars. I gave him this offer and he said he would think about it.  He later told me that he would find out what the server thinks and tell me what he decided. I finally got an answer and he has accepted my offer. Before i sent the money he sent me a few server files like his SVN and his SQL information. But a day or 2 later he comes back to me and raises the price to 600 and then later told me he wants to sell it for 800. I was totally confused about why he drastically changed the price and how he decided that this failing server was worth that much money. I obviously declined seeing he did not care about the server at all, only what he can manage to get before the server falls to pieces.

Here is the topic of him asking the server if he should sell the server to me.

So the admin later decided he will not close the server and keep it up a little longer to see if he can still make some money off of it. (By this time I started to set up my own server, which is now RegalRO).  He added some more new donates including the Weiss Set which costs a whooping 200 dollars, he also added some new ViP stuff and edited all the donates so they will be even better than they were before.

Here are some screenshots of the new weiss set. And how the players responded.

As you can see the new set is completely overpowered, compared to the other donates they dont even come close to this. However he did add the set to a quest, but the quest requirements aren't even possible. It would take almost a year of hunting and playing the server to get the set via quest. So basically the only way to get the set is to either donate, or befriend the admin to giving it to you.

Speaking of befriending the admin, if you do manage to get the admin to like you, you may possibly get some new upgraded items. After hearing this numerous times from players as well as seeing in during pvp the admin gives the players who donate and who he likes 2 slotted armors, garments and other things. So you may remember from before i mentioned a player named Tantrum. This player is a GM and also a WoE guild leader. This incident happened a week or 2 ago. Another GM named Ignis caught Tantrum using a 3 slotted meginjard. A donate meg has a max of 2 slots, so I wonder how this player happened to get a 3 slotted one. I would post screenshots of the report GM Ignis made on forums, but the admin decided to hide it away or delete it. Basically, the admin tried to cover it up as a bug which i highly doubt. Being a server owner I know there is no way a bug can cause an item to gain an extra slot. The only way it can happen is if someone added a meg with 3 slots to the database or edited a meg and make it have a hidden slot. Here are some screenshots showing the 3 slotted megs:

*Got the screenshot from a friend after Destiny removed the forum topic*

Here is a player admitting they used to have a 2 slotted fire armor.

Even though Destiny said it was a bug, Tantrum didn't even get a punishment for abusing this "bug". And he is still allowed to keep his GM. As the rules clearly state:

10. Do not abuse bugs or glitches. They are to be reported as soon as possible to a gm/admin by using @request or on the forum.

I wonder why Tantrum didnt get punished while these guys did for exploiting a bug:

And there are a lot more. Seems like favoritism to me? idk. Here is a screenshot linking Tantrum and his GM together:

***added 7/9/2011

Ohh, another thing, instead of Tantrum getting punished. Knows who gets punished? The GM who caught Tantrum using the "bugged" item. Destiny decided that he will remove all possible ways of GM's checking players equips. Only he can view players equips. I wonder what good that will do since he is as active as a groundhog in the winter. Here is a SS of the forum topic someone brought up about why it was removed and how Destiny tried to cover it up by saying GM's were copying players builds.

Idk, to me it seems like he did this to hide the fact that now no one can catch the people who he gave illegit items to. Or maybe just maybe he is telling the truth and is "concerned" about GM's abusing this command. As an admin myself, I would never hire anyone that I suspect would abuse commands. But maybe thats why almost all his GM's are his friends instead of people who actually want to help the server.

Anyways, speaking of the admin not following the rules. Heres a conversation between Destiny and his Sub-administrator. The sub-administrator was kicking people form town because they were using chatrooms in town and blocking NPC's. I just lol'ed when i read this.

So, today there was a "war" between the admin plus the (not being racist) Pinoy GM's and a player named macho pooh. Macho pooh told the admin that he only cares about money and the server is just for the money. Destiny mutes him saying "that is disrespectful" after his mute, Destiny then mutes him again and then the player gets banned. There was a sinx calling macho and the people defending him fags while Destiny and the other GM's were just sitting there laughing. Here are some screenshots:

So I don't know if its me, but banning a player because they said the server is about money is corrupt as hell.

Here is the SS of a GM saying he wrote reviews for Destiny to improve the rank: (someone should check the latest reviews X.x)

Anyways, I think that is enough ranting from me, to me this server was dead when Destiny decided not to close it and keep it up to try and get more money out of it. I don't know if this is enough to get put into the Hall of Shame section, but to me I think Weiss, its Admin and its most of its GM's deserve to be put there. All in all play at your own risk.


I read this entire thing, and wow at the donation sets. I was wondering what happened when WeissRO was done for a while. But anyways, good thing you started your own server, and best of luck with it. It's looking great so far.
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@_@ donation set...

Thorough post, though.

On a different note,

that AFK system is retarded and a really sly and bad way to get the pop' "up"; new players will join and realize 85% of the "population" is AFK so why even bother with it... it's like when admins #hide vendors in towns to boost the population on the website display. People will realize it sooner or later when every town and field is a ghostville. All in due time, indeed.

Chemical Crush

The Admin just seems retarded in general.

Has rules and doesn't even know how to follow them himself.

The chat log between the two GMs talking about kicking people from town/crowding npcs was hilarious.  This is why I hate a lot of pservers now a days, GMs dunno what the heck they're doing.


I though WeissRO is a cool server :( But the Admin is very corrupt.. Blinded by $$$


Things need to be cleared up majorly this server had potential, some things need to change or it will close just like NFRO unfortunately.


Hey Im GM Ignis and in the last screenshot where it says a GM has been writing reviews that is a lie, when I said i have been increasing the RMS rank it means that I have been asking players to write reviews, i did not write multiple reviews myself.......


2 slotted armor hah?

like this one? LoL

yeah i was think this server is cool.... but i found the main GM is only thinking about $$$
and this double slotted armor i got from someone, who have a GM account.


wow that was a lot to take in..
I especially liked the weiss set and the post where you had this rather long discussion about crowding in brasilis.


This is a long post, but it is good to read it all.

Now about the GMs using donates to bring in money, it happens. However those items are waaay to overpowered, though it is the players job to determine if thats the server they would want to play in.

The sad thing is, GMs should be held at a high standard when it comes to punishment. Even if you hired your friend to become a GM at your server, you should never play favoritism. Players make the server, not GMs.

I was going to join this server, because yea I saw it was new and I thought it had a "good population number," but obviously they're all @afk bots and vendors. So no thanks to that.

And removing a GM's powers because he found an exploit? Thats just bizarre.