Video Capturing tutorial for those who want to make videos out of woes and such

Started by Kaid, Dec 22, 2007, 11:35 AM

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xD lol
i usually only go where my friends go XD
^^;;; i get lonely a lot Dx so i need em to talk to!


*Commences JJJ Conversion to Pizza-ism*

Well Everyone talks to everyone on Pizza... Alternative just drag your friends here xD

Anyways, i use Camtasia Studio to do my Recording shiz.


Just to add a couple things to your guide.

-Sony has recently released Sony Vegas 8.0 Pro ( but won't seem to render any videos over 4.2 gigs ) [ if you want to keep up to date // try downloading the trial version ]

-Adobe Premiere CS3 Pro was recently released and is less user friendly than Sony Vegas 8.0, and more for the hardcore users, but has integration built-in for both Photophop CS3 as well as After Effects CS3 [ both help a bunch with graphics].

-After you're finished editing with WMM / Premiere / Vegas / Avid / Pinacle / etc. I recommend using encode either the Xvid codec or VirtualDub, both which are free of charge.

-I've found one of the best places to upload is Filefront, they allow uploads up to 3 gigs or 10 hours of upload time (or something like that) and generally have better quality than YouTube.

I wish you luck with your videos~ :D
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Quote from: JJJ on Jan 14, 2008, 06:58 PM
lol... ya that is the easiest way but its not as simple as saying "i wana record woe make me a GM" XD
but it would be nice to be a GM again XD
I'd give you the @hide comment so you can do it there isn't really much you can do with it :/...