Try 4th jobs, 17.2 episode yourself locally on your own server

Started by anacondaqq, Dec 28, 2021, 10:15 AM

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This is a huge upgrade of the RO offline pack. Exclusive.
Why? Simply because there is a lot of work, and thanks to all people who contributed to this project.
First of all, you can try just right now ALL 4th jobs, their skills, mechanics, and commands developed for 4th jobs.
Second: you can try to test 17.1, 17.2 episodes, instances, or even improve it. (it's pretty unstable but usable).
Third: this content NOT exist yet in official emulators, as far as I know.

Important note:
Dear friends, I have been volunteering for more than a decade for *Athena.
I've never asked for donations or any help, and for many years did support newbies, and not only around the RO community.
But this time is critical for me, and I need your help, and you're my last hope.
If you can donate, please do it. I've never asked for that before, but this time I'm asking directly: dear friends, please help me.
Long story short: covid + depression + other problems = extremely critical condition that can be solved with your help.
I apologize for that. I have almost no hope anymore.

Changelog for v2022:
1. Added extra emulator with 4th jobs (complete translation, skill mechanics, etc.).
2. Added 16.2, 17.1, 17.2 episodes (quests, instances, mobs, drops, etc.)
3. Upgraded Hercules & rAthena to latest versions
4. New game client just for 4th job client. Compatible only with 4th job emulator.
5. Known issues with 4th jobs: the game window can free when you create a new character. Just close the window and try to log in again. This is a known bug.
Also: I did not test content well here. It's raw but at least good fundament for doing your projects.
6. OpenServer replaced by Laragon because laragon is less problematic, total size less, works faster, and better.
7. All emulators upgraded to the latest versions. Clients for Hercules & rAthena pretty stable (2019 ones).
8. The game client for the 4th job (20211111) is not stable but playable.

Download Links (4.5GB)

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