Creative Editing: Troubleshooting

Started by bleu, Jun 25, 2009, 02:19 PM

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Quote from: Anthres on Mar 30, 2009, 09:45 PM
I tried to do this, created the folder you said to, and then created a folder inside my RO directory under Data. This has not worked for me. Could anyone possibly add anything I might check that I'm doing wrong?

1. Make sure you are working in the correct directory. Most servers suggest a default directory which differs from server to server.

TalonRO     C:\Program Files\Ragray\data
RebirthRO   C:\Program Files\RebirthRO\data
DarkRO      C:\Program Files\Gravity\RO\data
BurnRO      C:\Program Files\Gravity\RO\data

It's also possible to install RO in a directory of your own choosing.

2. Depending on how your server is setup, how you approach Creative Editing may differ.

Type I Servers (TalonRO)

If you download the Full Client (>1Gb), you will notice sdata.grf (kRO sakray client) and tdata.grf (custom TalonRO client; the name will differ for other servers). Having a data folder is a bonus. TalonRO something uses data folder to add new map texture such as Christmas decoration. If the data folder is not found, simply create one. Type I Servers do not have a file called data.ini  (see Type II Servers for more info). Any Creative Editing can be done in C:\Program Files\Ragray\data and it will overwrite tdata.grf and sdata.grf; which means your creative edits will supersede any custom edits made by the GM using tdata.grf and even Gravity's sakray client.

Type II Servers (DestinaRO)

If you download the Mini Installer (17Mb), you will notice desdata.grf (custom destinaRO client) and palettes.grf (custom color palettes). You would also notice a sdata.grf (if I had downloaded the Full Client instead of the Mini Installer). Type II Servers differs from Type I Server because of data.ini.

What is data.ini?
A file that tells the Ragnarok client which GRFs to read, in what priority. In the example, the client would look first in desdata.grf. If the file is not found there, it will look in palettes.grf next, then in sdata.grf, etc, down the list until it either finds the file, or if it does not find the file, the client may crash (depending on which file was missing) or just display a "Missing File" message.

What about the data folder?
Data folder is considered a client; identified by data.grf. Even though data.grf is not included in data.ini, by default it will read data folder first before any other .grf. In the example, any edit in data.grf or data folder will overwrite desdata.grf, palettes.grf and sdata.grf. It's possible that the default setup has been altered, try re-prioritizing the data.ini file to the following:


If this doesn't work, then the server is most likely Type III Servers.

Type III Servers (RebirthRO/ LegendRO)

If you download the Mini Installer, you will notice adata.grf and bdata.grf (custom RebirthRO clients). You would also notice a sdata.grf (if I had downloaded the Full Client instead of the Mini Installer). I managed to identify two .ini files on RebirthRO (GRF.ini and DATA.ini). Further investigation reveals that adata.grf and DATA.ini are no longer used; possibly an older version which had not been removed from the client. So, the true files are bdata.grf and GRF.ini. For Type III Servers, a simple Creative Edit to the data folder will not suffice. Even if you reprioritize the GRF.ini file, it will still not read data.grf. The GM have setup the client so that it will not read data.grf or data folder. To perform any Creative Editing, you will need to Extract the custom client (bdata.grf) and later repackage it or create a new .grf (yourname.grf) and re-order GRF.ini to the following:


Conclusion: If your server is either Type I or Type II, following the Creative Editing guides step-by-step should work. Unfortunately, if you are associated to a Type III Server, you will need to perform additional steps as mentioned above.

An easy way to identify which Type Server are you on is to simply ask your GM. Because some Creative Editing may be controversial, you might not want to alert them to your true intentions. Ask them for help regarding a standard client edit and less controversial. For example: "GM, how do I edit the Aura (99 characters)? Do I simply make the edit to data folder or do I have to perform any additional steps?"


Quote from: K586495 on Jun 25, 2009, 11:44 AM
Beacuse i canot see some names it shows a BOX names

i already try to use CP1252 or Korean But Nothings happen,

If you do not see Korean characters, then you will require some setup to be able to display the characters. For Windows Vista (it should already support Korean language by default). For Windows XP, check this. For other platforms, check this.

If for whatever reason, you have lost your Windows CD, you could try the followings:

For Windows XP
Quote from: Relics on Jun 27, 2009, 02:27 PM
East asian languages part 1

Tell them to extract this rar first.. and search for the map when windows promts you to.

East asian languages part 2
I messed up the filenames.. anyway

Extract this file somewhere else, has to have the same name.. and when windows promts you for

X:/I386/LANG tell them to navigate to the extracted map from this .rar.

I've tested it on a computer with XP and it works for me. Dunno about vista

Or this
Quote from: Poki on Jun 26, 2009, 05:42 PM
Download this first:

After that, just follow these steps:

p/s: Errr... honestly, I am not too sure what is what. I hope you could help test them out and let me know what works and what doesn't. Try Relic's two part download first. We are unable to advise at this point about Windows 2000.


Quote from: flood7722 on Jul 25, 2009, 02:16 AM
i have all the files installed, text and java se and ROunicode plus the grf builder

for some reason when i click the to cp1252 its not translating into unicodes, it still stays in the korean text
any ideas how to fix this?

1. Click on [...] and select the correct directory.
2. Click on CP1252 (ONLY ONCE) - this action will immediately initiate the conversion from Korean to CP1252. To check that ROUnicode is converting the files; the button CP1252 will be highlighted in a light blue shade as illustrated above.

3. Confirm that the conversion was completed. It should print a message along the lines "Processed 38,000+ files"

It's crucial to wait after step 2 (say a minute or so); after all the computer is converting over 38,000 files. And depending on your computer; it can be quicker or slower.


Quote from: Gankz on Oct 20, 2009, 10:30 AM
So I'm using windows XP, and I went through the tedious task of gathering the individual files off my laptop to get korean language on this computer, but I've been trying to get the unicode thing to change the files into ascii, but even following what you said, waiting didn't work, and the button was never highlighted. I waited at least 20 minutes and my computer isn't -that- slow. Is there any alternative program?

Try UnBollox by Ximusoft
- Converts Unicode filenames to ASCII and vice versa.


I have type III server. Please show me the step by step instructions to use this anti-blind programme. Thank you.


Quote from: kerokeroppi on Jun 22, 2024, 03:23 PMI have type III server. Please show me the step by step instructions to use this anti-blind programme. Thank you.

You are replying to a topic from 2009, the links in the post are mostly not working due to megaupload no longer exist.  Not sure if any of that still work for today's client with anti-cheat / game-guard features, you are better off finding a more updated and maintained solution.

You could try your luck with if you are only looking for anti-blind but do not try to get support on these as the original poster is no longer active in this forum.