The all knowing Guide posting guideline

Started by Rbread, May 21, 2007, 01:01 AM

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Before posting in this section, please remember that this section is NOT a discussion board.  Feel free to comment and give pointers but please do not discuss about anything off topic or flame others who are trying to make my life, your cats life, my aunt's niece's life and your life easier.

For anything to be deemed as a guide, it must actually guide the player through something.  It doesn't matter if it was about teaching first time players how to play or a solution to the meaning of life, it's still an useful guide (although the latter makes you a very very rich man).  All guides posted must be about globalized issues and not server specific.  Please don't post guides attempting to redirect players onto your server.

Lastly, please remember that any guide is better than no guide (following the above guidelines) so if you think you have something useful, please post it.  It will benefit the community and maybe get you a five star rating so you can feel good about yourself!

Any violators will be dealt with accordingly.